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Gig Grips help Phil Collins drum again!

Always looking for new products to introduce to our CSM Members we've ran across this neat item.

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Gig Grips help Phil Collins drum again!
Gig Grips were on the sticks of Phil Collins as he drummed for Eric Clapton and Queen at the Royal Albert Hall. The first time he had been able to drum in public for years after his injury problems.


From gig Grips Website:

Gig Grips - Developed by Drummers for Drummers
Gig Grips were developed with the help of professional drummers. They have been used at gigs over several years for heavy metal drumming, rock and jazz drum styles.
Looser means faster and harder! The looser grip enables your sticks to rebound from the drum in a natural way that lets you play more freely, yet controlled. As you loosen your grip you can hit the drum with more stick momentum, pivoting on the Gig Grip, meaning more power.

As seen on TV - as seen at Gigs - as seen on Sticks
Since their launch these Patent-Applied-For drumstick grips have been bought by drummers in over 30 countries. They've been on TV at the Grammys and The Princes Royal Trust Rock event. They have been played at major gigs on the sticks of Beyonce's drummers and Phil Collins.

Over-gripping and vibration can lead to wrist and arm problems such as RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. A looser grip not only gives a better performance but can help to avoid these career limiting conditions. Gig Grips help you to play with a looser grip.

Article Credits: http://www.giggrips.com


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