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    • I have to admit you paint a pretty bleak picture all around. The suits don't care. The fans don't care. The musicians don't care. People just want to make fast money or save money. Nobody wants to really spend anything for the sake of making serious music anymore. Everything is watered down. I'm glad I lived through the 60s and 70s and experienced it. On the other hand you believe the music industry is stronger than ever because of technological freedom. So, people are free to produce nothing very interesting or innovative?  That is a sad, if not an enigma.  
    • Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to get some info on Mapex Pro M series SE drum set that I recently purchased.  Approx. year of mfg., shell details, etc.  Drums are in perfect condition and I'm just trying to learn all I can about them.  I currently own Sonor Designer kit (circa 99), Sonor Fusion kit (`2009), Pearl Export (late 90s), and Roland TD 30KV kit.  Various cymbals, pedals, hardware.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    • The file sharing problem is easier to solve if all sales are digital files and not physical CDs (or whatever).  There are actually several different software solutions to that.  Some files are locked for use by a particular app/player.  Files that can "float" to any player are tracked at the very minimum, and can be locked out or corrupted.  Honestly, I don't know anyone who pirates music anymore.  They buy/download singles, stream or use some other service.  I know a few people who pirate TV shows and movies.  You really have to fully jump into it and leave lots of digital trails to pick up pirated files.  The risk of viruses and hacking is too large from most sources.  On top of that, most people don't know how to do it or are too lazy.  Or the music isn't even worth pirating to begin with.  A lot of this stems from the recording industry itself.  They want physical record sales.  They make more money selling 12 songs on a disc than from a digital download of one track.  Problems: The music is so watered down that downloading a single isn't worth it since nobody wants to hear that song when it's off the radio in 6 weeks.  Also, people don't want to buy a full album when all but one track is filler crap, or won't be pushed as a hit, and nobody wants to be caught listening to some lame non-hit. Anyways, file sharing is different from pirating.  You can pirate by file sharing, but file sharing isn't necessarily piracy.  And "good" technology has caught up with the "bad" technology.  It actually happened years ago.  Probably over a decade ago.  Piracy was never really the biggest problem to begin with.  Garbage product is the problem.  The industry pushes crap.  It's been declining for decades.  Could Colaiuta build his career now the same way he did back then?  Hell no.  Why?  You only have to be a great drummer to get the recording gig now.  What you end up playing could be done by most people who've only had a kit for 8 months and practice 2 hours every other weekend.  It's like having Chip Foose, Christian von Koenigsegg and Steve Saleen compete to design and build you a pinewood derby car for cub scouts.  Sure, you'll get the best guy in the world with limitless potential, but it's still a stupid wood block with nails for axles and desk feet for wheels, and the special education kid down the street will still probably build a car that beats yours and everyone thinks it looks better too.  You know this going into the deal, so you're absolutely not going to pay them $100+K for your custom block of scrap wood.  (Admittedly, the analogy isn't great.  Those guys don't need to build you a pinewood derby car to get money in real life.  If this was the music industry, they would.)  There is a massive gap in skill required to get a gig vs skill needed to perform a gig in the modern music industry.  Either the industry needs to start giving up some of their extra cash to good musicians and put out quality music, or fans/consumers need to start demanding a better product on a large scale.  Neither of those will happen. That problem isn't entirely unique to the music industry.  I run into people who are overqualified for what they do in all sorts of industries, compared to how things were decades ago.  Gaining wealth and a dedicated, lifelong career from a singular task doesn't happen anymore... unless you make a sex tape or something else that's outrageously stupid and entertains the masses who are bored in their cubicles at their underwhelming jobs.  Working for money isn't how to make money anymore.  You can make some, but not the levels that people used to, and you're going to work harder for it. Ah, gotcha.
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