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  2. Help Identify Mapex

    @SpeedNinjaJust got an email from a guy at Mapex and he said the drum is from the mid 90s but other than that he said he couldn't be any help. I have attached the screen shot of our conversation below. Do you know of any catalogs from the mid 90s I could look at? Also, these pictures seem to cover most of the identifying stuff is there anything I should be posting to help? Asking as a noob.
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  4. Drum Playthrough - The Black Horse by KZedan Drums

    I don't know how I missed this post, but good stuff man. Other than finding something more stable to mount your cameras on, I've got no criticisms. Sick break at the end.
  5. my cover band

    Haha! That makes two of us. Better to play mellow than not play at all.
  6. my cover band

    Cool. Make Me Wanna has a nice lope to it. I wasn't expecting you to be playing so mellow!
  7. Last week
  8. my cover band

    A while back my friend, Dave, asked me to play drums for a cover band he was starting. It was supposed to be Top 40 and R&B. I've mentioned it a few times. Dave is actually a guitarist, but playing bass in this band. The first signer didn't work out, so we had another friend step in. We recorded a few songs at Demetrios's parents' house in October. One is Demetri's original, and he does vocals. The others are covers of Thomas Rhett and Portugal The Man, and Ed does the vocals on those. I think we recorded 5 songs on drums, and then they recorded everything else while I was at a friend's wedding, and getting my brother to and from the airport. It was a blitzkrieg of a weekend for me. I ended up not recording with a click. I don't remember why. We started off with a click for reference, and then Mike turned it off in the first measure. I used the Meridian kit and my vintage Zildjian cymbals. Anyway, I finally have something to share, so I figured I'd post it up.
  9. Slipknot - Pychosocial

    Kick ass man!
  10. Slipknot - Pychosocial

    Slipknot - Psychosocial drum coverlink https://youtu.be/LQWLEl7TyyM
  11. Oops, I did it again... another refresh!

    Ah, gotcha. I read your signature and wondered where the 8" ran off to. I forgot you had a red kit. I'm really tempted to buy a couple Stealth Rack kits. I'll have to measure the back of the Jeep and see how they'll fit. The idea is to never really tear down or set up. Just plop the bass in place, plop the stealth racks in place and hook up the bass pedal. I'd rather carry 3-4 heavier large chunks than lots of little stuff and make tons of adjustments.
  12. TOOL 46 and 2 drum drum :)

    Rock on! Sounds great and also the kit is gorgeous Sonor kit as well. Birds eye maple?
  13. Oops, I did it again... another refresh!

    No, the refresh was buying the same kit (cause I'm just so impressed with these Chinese DW's) in a new color combo. Went from Red to Black Fade with Chrome hardware to Pearlescent Black with Black hardware... but... yes, I went with a 2 Up/2 Down instead of the 3 Up/2 Down. I found out that PDP has discontinued this color/hardware option when there were 3 kits left in the DW warehouse... BUT... the drum shop where I got this one actually has an individual 22" kick in this color as well... so... this may turn into the " II " kit: 2 up/2 down/2 kick lol Now, the Stealth Rack... not only does it make setup easier, it makes it more compact than ever. This entire rack comes apart so that all the rack bars separate at main junctions, and all my hardware (rack, boom arms, Tom legs, hi hat stand, and throne) fit into a 38" rolling hardware bag. It's heavy, but it fits. The longest rack bars are only 30", and those are the two horizontal bars. The legs are only 18" high. Top is the new, bottom is the old...
  14. Mapex Falcon single Pedal

    Mine is the best pedal I have ever played...by far. Peace and goodwill.
  15. Falcon single pedal clamp

    I have not has any problem with that excellent pedal. Peace and goodwill.
  16. Need help with a beat!

    Thanks for the help, I arranged the base loop the he is probably improvising on
  17. Need help with a beat!

    A good way, of course, is to break it down into its parts. For the most part, it seems that the ride and bass drum are playing an ostinato (set repeat rhythm) phrase. The snare drum is more involved but I think it would be good to work on adding in accents and ghost notes as you feel it with the music. If you are new (or even not so new) this snare requires a bit more limb independence than many of us are used to playing on a daily basis. So, my advice is to break it down and play just the ride cymbal, then add in the bass drum, and finally work in your snare. Or break it down however you like and work on each voice independently until you can get the ostinato swing groove happening and then comp with your snare. Dig it?! Cool man! Ha-chacha and other jazz cat-type lingo. Regards, Mike H
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  19. Need help with a beat!

    I am terrible at this stuff... The ride seems pretty straight forward. The snare sounds like it's a 1/16th before the 2. Bass sounds like it's on 1, and the 1/16th before the 3. There are better and more educated people here to answer the question, but hopefully that's not entirely wrong and gets you started.
  20. Oops, I did it again... another refresh!

    Is part of the refresh removing a tom, or am I just missing it? How do you like the Stealth Rack? I've been interested in checking those out, but nobody has them in stock to look at. It makes a lot of sense to me, as far as minimizing hardware and making setup quicker.
  21. My current kit, with the new Stealth Rack and DW boom arms PDP Concept Maple Pearlescent Black with Black Hardware 22x18 Bass 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14 Toms DW Collector's Edition Black Nickel Over Brass Snare 14x5.5 Aquarian Heads Reflector heads on Tom's, Hi-Energy head on Snare, Super Kick 3 head on Bass Sabian Cymbals 14" AAX X-Plosion Hats 14" AAX Metal-X Diablo Splash 16" AA Metal Crash 16" AA X-Plosion Crash 18" AA Metal-X Crash 20" AA Metal Ride 20" HHX Zen China DW 8002 Longboards
  22. Need help with a beat!

    Hi! So I'm new to drumming, and there's this one beat loop on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzm4zqayqe4) that I just can't figure out how to play myself. I can do most of it from hearing, but I just can't play the same exact beat. I'd -really- appreciate if someone could help me arrange this loop.
  23. Help Identify Mapex

    Thanks man, we would appreciate having the information. I know @kustomdkhas collected quite a few older catalogs and would be interested in anything you can find out. I will go ahead and upload the pictures from the Reverb ad here, in case anyone stumbles upon this thread in the future. Any pictures you can add when you receive the drum would be great.
  24. Help Identify Mapex

    @SpeedNinjathat's what I was digging up as well. I am a little sad that I couldn't find any more. I'm hoping to see if mapex themselves can't place it. If I find anythings else I'll post it in here.
  25. TOOL 46 and 2 drum drum :)

    Well done, dude.
  26. Help Identify Mapex

    Well... that looks older than everything in the 1990 catalog (I still need to upload .jpeg files for that), and I have no rumors or hints of Mapex existing before 1987 and that is their first lug design. Contrary to the ad, Mapex did have series names, but the badges didn't always carry them. I am absolutely useless for identifying wood, but I'm guessing it's either maple or birch. It could be Orion, or a stand alone snare drum. There's potential for it to be a Saturn. Other than that, you're going to have to call the Smithsonian, because that thing is a dinosaur.
  27. Help Identify Mapex

    I just bought a red Mapex snare 14x8 and I can't tell what it is. https://reverb.com/item/11174744-mapex-8x14-red-lacquer-maple-snare-drum I can post more photos if need be. I they have the same lugs and badge as this kit but no serial number.
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