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  2. You are killing it in drum deals right now man. How long have you been waiting on Yamaha? I heard some comments at my local shop within the past year or so about them not selling any Yamaha stuff until they get themselves organized. I was thinking the company should be sorted out by now.
  3. When you give a reputation by pressing the up arrow, it adds a number next to the heart. You only get one rep per post, so the only other option you have is to take the rep away by pushing the down arrow. It's set up so that you can only give non-negative reps, so positive or no rep only. If a post has say a 5 next to the heart and you see an up arrow, that means you can add a rep and make it 6. If the 5 has a down arrow next to it, then you have already given it a positive rep. You can either leave it that way, or remove your rep by hitting the down arrow and the count will change to 4 next to the heart. The arrow will then switch to an up arrow, allowing you to give it a positive rep again.
  4. And do a 24 hour live feed so we can observe these beasts in their natural habitat.
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  6. Maybe I should just permanently mount a go pro above each kit.
  7. I was going to mention carbon fiber shells as an alternative might be more weight friendly for you also. Realized that I forgot to inject my suggestions for Cymbals and hardware. for lightweight hardware you have two options in my opinion 1) Yamaha 700 series (really any of their stuff is typically lightweight compared to others) 2) dw ultra light series (these are super cool not just for retro/flatbasw style) my favorite kick pedal is the yamaha 9500 direct drive perfect balance of power and accuracy without a crazy price tag. Hi hat is the Yamaha HS1200T it has a really nice feel and is very rugged and reliable. cymbals i I almost always suggest sabian and I'd at least invest in their XSR line if not higher. Best customer service, value and product mix in the industry in my opinion. I favor their HHX lines but any of them are good depending on your preference for timbre. Other brands are good from a certain point forward but sabian has been great to me every step of the way. Drum thrones: 1) roc n soc 2) tama first chair hydraulix 3) pork pie hope that helps!
  8. This is just crazy luck cuz I also found a brilliant finish 19" hhx legacy crash. That saves me a special order from sabian. My friend feels guilty keeping the saturns he just picked up because he's going to be getting a free sonor sq2 (unlike me downsizing he has quite a few kits and snares in the collection) which is a whole other discussion on jealousy and drum envy. To be fair he is doing a lot of work for it. I'm only considering that Saturn III cuz it's such a good deal maybe gonna cost $500. If I were to do a Mapex armory or small sonor kit for gigging I'd easily spend more on a lesser quality kit. Not that the armory or small sonors are bad they just aren't in the same league as Saturn iii. if I do it I'm thinking of doing walnut bass drum hoops and a bumwrap like a matte forest green or possibly mint green/light blue and maybe incorporating a stripe of maple and walnut in the center or something. Kinda a cool modern take on vintage colors. I'd be outfitting it with aquarian vintage series heads and going for a warm retro vibe. i just really need my Yamaha hardware to finish showing up so I can reheat and get everything proudly displayed.
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  10. A little bit of a rant. I might have mentioned I'm doing the band thing again, and most of the time I'm on an electric kit. We did actually play at my new place recently to test everything out, but I don't often play with the band much anymore. Schedules weren't lining up and they need more time for guitar parts, vocals, harmonies and all that vs me playing essentially the same drum beat for every song. Anyways, I've remembered another band related pet peeve of mine: tuning. I've been in bands who tune one of two ways: 1) Everyone plugs into their tuner, or has a pedal/rack tuner already hooked up, and are all done in less than a minute. 2) They hit a piano key or arbitrarily pick the most in tune guitar, and each guy separately tunes by ear and then has to go over each string several times because it wasn't done properly the first or second time, then the next guy tunes and so on. This can take a few minutes per dude, at best. Then we start playing and realize a few strings are still wrong here and there. Personally, I can't play guitar. I have one. I also have a nice foot pedal tuner so that I can tune quickly and hit the pedal to bypass when I'm done, when I finally learn. I'd buy these guys tuners, but they already have them. It's not just this particular group of dudes either. I can't think of anything other than extreme laziness to not use a tuner, and then they end up spending more time and effort doing it the other way. I know there's a few people here who play other instruments. Help me understand the thinking behind this.
  11. You have probably already looked at craig's list. You can come upon some good deals in there, and may happen upon some acrylics, if you are going to go that way. As far as hardware, I use stuff from almost everybody. I have seen Pearl, over the years, to offer the best bang for your buck, as far as cymbal hardware. Their isolation system and tom arms work well but, some find them ugly and too bulky for cosmetic's sake. I've gotten different Mapex items which I like a lot. Tama and Yamaha are always good but are generally more expensive. Everybody makes good hardware today compared to decades ago. More features than you know what tpo do with. Given your physical situation I suspect weight is a factor. The flat based hardware from DW is cool. Tama, as well, and Gibraltar. Cymbals are so personal. UFIP Class series, and Paiste Signatures are gorgeous musical instruments. Pricey, though. They are my favorites, though I have cymbals from just about everybody but, Meinl. In the last six or so months I have gotten some Stagg cymbals that have really impressed me. Can't beat their prices. I have shied away from Zildjian over the years because of all the dead clunkers I have gotten. Plus other quality control issues. That said, I recently tried an S series 13" h-h top which is really nice sounding. That S series is going to make Zildjian a lot of money if they can keep the quality consistent. Sabians are always a good deal in every line. Great company. They made some custom cymbals for me years ago. Very nice people there. Cymbal packs are okay, if they have what you want. I tend to go to youtube, hear things and check video to video for consistent sound, then hit ebay.
  12. Thanks Diehard, I've been there. I actually traded a Yamaha Dragonfly bass pedal and a PDP side snare for a double bass pedal. Great guy that owns that place! You're right! Small place but he fits a lot of gear in that small place! He has some new and used drums but no Crush Drums. I'll just have to keep looking. Thanks Man!
  13. Speedninja, thanks for the NFUSD system opinion and your right, they are expensive! I watched a Sweetwater review on it and it "looks" great but I know they just tell you all the great things about the product. They leave out any software problems and other quality problems they might have. After all, they're out to make money! I think that you can expand with this product and I'm pretty sure the ECO BFD program is not included with Rock bundle purchase but I could be wrong. As far as the Acrylic kits go, just about all the big companies are made in China. Ludwig, I think is US made. I could be wrong. I know the Maple line is made here. I think down in the Carolinas. The composites are interesting. I've seen them in catalogs but I think I can forget about hearing one in person. I'm having trouble finding Acrylics around here to test out. I'll keep looking! I'm in no hurry to buy. I also would like to play an all Steel Kit not wrapped but finding one of those also seems impossible! Custom Drums are more than likely going to be out of my price range. I emailed Q Drum Co. they're really responsive but I browsed their web page and they only list snares and they are listed at $799. So, a whole kit? I don't know but I'll send them some particulars and see what they say. What about cymbals and hardware? Cymbal packs or individual? Hardware packs or individual? Thanks for your opinion!
  14. Dieharder and Spitfire, thanks for your input. You both sound very knowledgeable on the Acrylics Drums. Thanks for the head recommendations and review of the hardware. I know the questions I asked are strictly taste. You've both given me a lot to consider on my direction. I was leaning towards the Pearl Crystal Beats only because I've own Pearl Kits in the past. But now, I'm not so sure about that decision. After I wrote this post I traveled to Guitar Center and they didn't have any Acrylic Kits set up but they had a Tama and a DW Kit up on a shelf. I asked the guy to climb up and grab one tom of each and a snare of each. Upon striking them I was able to hear what they sound like. I had the kid hold the drum so I could compare the sound to a DW Maple kit that was set up on the floor. You are both right! They definitely have a drier sound than the maple. I liked both of their sound over all. Even though, I know I could get them to sound even better with some tuning. I wish I would have gotten them to take down the bass of each but the kid wasn't to pumped about it (I could tell by his face) and they had a dept full of customers and I felt bad. But, I got the just of their over all tone and what I could do with them. I thought both sounded good. I did think the Tama sounded better than the DW and was almost 500 dollars cheaper. I know that DW likes to ramp up the price on their gear. I think the Tama was just tuned closer to my liking than the DW was. I should have asked for a key to try and tune them the same but I didn't think of it. Do you guys have any experience with the NFUSD product or have an opinion? I'm hitting the reputation button for you both. I'm not sure what it means? But, it looks positive even though the arrow points down. thank again!
  15. One of the local Guitar Center stores has an NFUZD kit. I didn't sit down to try it out, but it's interesting. I was looking at combining it with the Zildjian e-cymbal stuff for a practice kit that's easy to record with my friend's setup, but that stuff gets massively expensive quick. If I were to do it, that would still be the way I go with it. I haven't checked out the acrylic kits much. They're pretty big money and I'd say it's more for the looks. I have seen acrylic shell packs being sold on eBay. They're from China, but if you see sizes you like then you could go custom. If I was getting a non-wood kit, I'd go with carbon fiber. I think it looks nicer, thinner shells, light weight and probably a similar sound to acrylic given it's half resin, but the shells should resonate more since they're thinner.
  16. Two kits? Damn. Look at you, getting all Saturny and stuff.
  17. I think it's time to invest in a camera drone for those overhead shots man. At this point, I'd agree on the auxiliary hats.
  18. Most of the newer acrylic kits are essentially sourced from the same shells so the only differences will be choice in hardware and purely cosmetics in the event they are anything but clear. The vintage acrylic shells leave a bit to be desired and can have a lot of issues. Even though the newer acrylics are usually seamless they still need to be treated with care i have received damaged shells straight from the manufacturer and seen some pretty bad cracks/damage over the years on kits that get gigged. expect loud, bright and punchier than a typical plywood shell. With most acrylic bass drums I've used (crush, dw, pearl, and tama) I'd suggest an aquarian superkick ten batter and a clear resonant with some tone control (like a force I) to control the tone and give you a great punch and attack but control some of the low end mud. Most acrylic kicks need to be controlled as by nature they tend to be all rumble and no defined attack. I also tend to prefer two ply tom batter heads (performance II, response 2, pinstripes, emperors, etc) they'll warm up the tone and mellow some of the overbearing aspects of the acrylic design. If it were me I'd probably suggest the dw design series acrylic kit based on the hardware alone. They use smaller lugs but the stm mounting system and overall hardware quality and look in my opinion blow away everyone else's especially crush and pearl (neither of their hardware is impressive in function or form both aesthetically are very bulky and cumbersome and I've had a lot of durability/reliability issues with those two brands hardware wise). DWs hardware on the other hand is rock solid and trouble free. On the design kits the lugs are smaller which I prefer to the larger collectors turret lugs.
  19. Thanks yeah I'm very excited but in a way almost afraid to do anything but admire them. I may be picking up another maple/walnut Saturn 3 10-12-14-20 configuration from a friend whose about to get another kit. If we end up doing that deal that kit will probably be bumwrapped and turned into my gigging/traveling kit so I can ensure the limited edition saturns stay pristine.
  20. I use either a classic clear or hi performance (that's just a classic clear with protective material on both ends where the wire plates contact the heads) snare side all the time with the jack dejohnette batter on a myriad of different snares. Steel, brass, copper, aluminum, maple, and now Birch/walnut. as stated in your other thread that's one of my personal favorite head combinations. as for the puresounds do yourself a favor and check out the Canopus snare wires instead will be much better and should be less expensive. As for using a 30 strand it will depend on how the snare beds were cut typically on a supraphonic/black beauty I find that 16-20 strands is about the most I'd suggest for best performance as that's what the snare beds were cut/designed to accommodate. Most snare beds weren't built for 30+ strands of wires so it can have negative impacts like not working properly as the wires may not all make complete contact with the snare side head or because there are so many more wires they end up dampening the resonant head and choking some of the response. If you do the Canopus wires the vintage series will be best if you like more dynamic range and sensitivity from the drum. The backbeat series will still improve those aspects over the stock wires but will give you a bit more cut and volume potential as the name implies they are best for more solid backbeat playing. Plated versions will work best in my experience with your black beauty the non plated are a little drier sounding and tend to work best with wood shells and I like those on my copper snare. I only own one snare drum that has puresounds on it and that's only because Canopus doesn't make a supersensitive set. Any other puresounds I've owned have been replaced with some type of Canopus vintage or backbeat wires.
  21. The easiest thing to do is go to youtube and compare drums as they are auditioned by the various drum shops posting there. My particular favorite is Drum Center CZ, because they keep things very consistent as far as the room and mics, and the drummer uses the same procedure most of the time. I have never owned acrylics but, in the past, up close and personal, I have found acrylics "plastic" sounding, simply because they are. The tone is not bright, as one might expect because of the hard material. I find them "thuddy" sounding because acrylic is not a material that is musical itself, like wood or metal. They are not as "musical" to me but, more percussive sounding in nature. The sound is totally heads. Sound waves cannot really excite the shell. That said, the subtly drier sound makes for a good recording palette. Acrylic snare drums have been popular with many players for decades because of that. Watch some youtube videos of Billy Cobham, back in the 70's. You get a good idea from his large Fibes kit.
  22. Outside Pawtucket, The Village Drum shop. Not big. In a house. New and used. Other instruments, too. I looked up drum shops in RI some years back. I have relatives there. That's the only place I found. I'm surprised Providence doesn't have anything.
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  24. Could any one tell me if they have ever combined together a Aquarian Classic Clear Reso,a Aquarian Jack DeJohnette Batter and 30 Strand Pure Sound Snare Wire on a 14"x5" Ludwig Supraphonic Black Beauty,I would be interested to hear about there thoughts
  25. Are there any dealers of the drums in the Rhode Island area? Thanks, Rob
  26. I am a disabled drummer. My range of motion, hand strength and speed has been severely impacted by a near fatal motorcycle accident. I have been playing on a used Roland TD 6 KW that I love. The reason for my post is, I am thinking about purchasing an acoustic kit to try an make the transition back to the acoustic world! The electronic world is Great but I still crave that feeling that can only be achieved in the acoustic world! I just can't get that feeling and sound out of my system! I went to a Ludwig dealer hoping play a Vistalite kit but they didn't have one in stock. The owner told me he doesn't stock them because they are pricey and don't move. I am still looking for a Pearl Crystal Beats kit to try.Oh! I forgot to mention, I'm looking for a drum kit made from an alternate material! All I've ever owned has been kits made from different types of wood. Back to my question to the experts! Keeping my limitations in mind. What is the preference of this group on these drums? How do they sound? How do they resonate? How's the projection of sound! How much adjustability in the tuning on these drums? How do they sound when recorded? The type of music I like to play is basically Rock ( old + new ) and dabble a bit in Dance, Jazz , Big Band and some country. I'm looking for a higher end kit, not an entry level kit. I value this communities opinion! I will need the whole shebang! Cymbals, Stands and Hardware. I am also thinking of selling my Roland kit and adopting the NFUSD system for this kit to have the best of both worlds! Any thoughts on that will also be appreciated! Thanks and keep the beat strong!
  27. Picked up four more coloursound cymbals today. 17" crash, 19" crash, 12" splash, 18" china, to go with my 14" regular hats, 10" splash, 18" crash, and Danny Carey signature ride. I am still waiting on the 20" crash to come in. I also might get the 15" hats for the auxiliary location to keep it all purple. I also have the 15" x 13" floor with the kit now, placing the 16" on the left side.
  28. You sure you want to spoil that beautiful kit on a Yamaha Hexrack? I have two of the Limited edition Saturn kits, and they are great. Congratulations.
  29. Yeah! I saw that drumeo streaming. That was a great lesson. Watch the entire thing. Is like 2 hours and a half
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