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  1. Yesterday
  2. What are your thoughts?

    Hello. I was just wondering, what are your thoughts on the Crush Alpha kit? I just picked one up for almost nothing. I have not set it up yet, but I've heard they sound amazing for entry level drums. The shells are basswood/birch similar to much more expensive kits like the Pearl Vision and the Tama Rockstar/Superstar kits. Thoughts?
  3. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    Wow. I haven't been to the walopus site in a long time. They've added a lot of stuff. Some of those wood grains, actually all of them are really nice.
  4. Last week
  5. Stumbled across these today. Dude knows what he's talking about from an anatomy standpoint. Could be helpful to some people. Excuse me while I go jack my throne back up to where I used to play it.
  6. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    I sent him a message and I am to call him to book an appointment, and bring one of the toms in, so he can make a copy of it. He is only 35 minutes away.
  7. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    They have some different stuff. I picked a wood grain I liked and priced it out. They don't have the exact sizes, but it'll be about $270 for the size kit I priced out above. It's a little higher than the other one, but I'm assuming that could go higher or lower if I changed the "color" of the wrap. They have better wood grain patterns though. I wouldn't rule them out on that price difference.
  8. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    My buddy used these guys and was happy. They have some very nice stuff. I need them to come up with a sienna fade wrap for an 18" arctic white tom I have put with my Sienna fade kit. http://walopus.com/
  9. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    I think it's a burl or sorts. Fades look cool, especially with black hardware, but that's not what I want for my kit. Their wood grains are really repetitive. I'm not sure that matters too much since you can only see so much of the drums at a time. That being said, I'm sure someone could design a continuous graphic to print for each size. Alpi does it for their "wood" veneers. It's a 21mil matierial. I don't know if it's laminated or not. I supposed buying a few samples would answer that question. I assume it's printed on a large format printer, probably on a roll. There are a lot of really durable materials out there. Laminate them to the back of a high gloss clear and they'll have some depth to them. I'm sure there are other materials with depth to them at this point. I haven't worked in the printing industry in 10 years. Lots of cool stuff out there.
  10. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    Is that a burl? Can't tell. I actually like that fade. Looks striking with the black hoops and stuff. Black lugs would look even nicer. The only thing you notice with the wood grain wraps is the repetitive nature of the prints. Not enough natural looking variation in many of them. I have seen and used bookend veneer but, those look a little too unnatural. I agree, the green they have is not one I would go with. But, yeah, making one darker should be pretty simple for them. I may use these guys in the future for some ideas I have. I didn't look at every page at the site. This new wrap. May I assume it can be made to any length so extra pieces and seams are not necessary on floor toms and kicks?
  11. Yamaha EAD10

    This is... interesting. https://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/drums/ea_drums/ead/ead10/index.html
  12. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    They've been mentioned here and there. Looks like they've added a few since the last time I looked. Still not exactly what I'm looking for, but it's about $230 for my jelly bean kit if I find a snare and second floor tom for it. That's actually not that bad, considering material and time costs for other options. I like this wood grain pattern, but I don't want a fade. The only green they have listed is too bright. I'm sure they can make changes and print another variation of their existing files pretty easily.
  13. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    I don't recall seeing anything about this outfit on here. Looks like the same kind of computer generated wraps as others but, the prices are nice. They have some really interesting looking wraps for wood look categories, if you're into that. No sparkles. No satin flames. Custom stuff, of course. Sounds kind of corny but, being into the ether, I like the look of their nebulae-type stuff. Each drum with a different nebulae would be pretty cool. Hubble has produced some incredible shots of what's out there. I tend to get bored with wraps, unless they 'move,' like satin flames or abalone-types that have seemingly endless patterns to them. But, wraps are fun. The crazy thing is, depending on how you angle your drums, the only thing you see sitting behind the set is the bass drum. You get to enjoy the kit as you walk by. Anyway - http://www.bumwrapdrumco.com/
  14. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    For me I like the look of the lugs on a drum, as long as they are classy and the right finish to match the shell.
  15. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    Yes, Drum Tech, Rotek, others have come up with across the circumference tuning. They work. The Arbiter gig also kept things clean, though. With the newest stuff there's extra hardware, rings, cords, cages, and such. I just loved the idea of seeing the wood grain, or any finish, totally free of clutter and practically speaking, the associated weight.
  16. Earlier
  17. I like this version better than the original. Well done to you and George.
  18. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    Drum Tech made something that provides even tension. There's a thread on it here somewhere. In the videos I watched, you can hear pitch bends here and there. I think this comes from the small inconsistencies in the heads themselves, and possibly the bearing edges. Overall, it makes tuning quicker, but you need to have some fine tuning capabilities to make it work perfectly.
  19. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    I don't know how expansive the patent wording is for Arbiter drums but, I would like to see a company produce another lugless drum altogether. To me, tuning a drum by spinning the head and providing exact tension all around the circumference is a brilliant idea. They couldn't quite pull it off successfully but, I imagine someone could. The patent might be very tricky to deal with, though. Drummers were put off by the look (and the price which, logically, should have been very competitive for obvious reasons). Does anyone remember the company that used lion's heads for lugs? Man, those were incredible looking. They were heavy. Brass, if I recall correctly. If you could make a super strong but light composite lug formed into detailed shapes, you would change the drumming world. Sticks, you own the Gretsch Motor City drums. Imagine lugs in the form of some classic car for those. Lugs in the form of animals, moving craft/vehicles, drums and cymbals and other musical instruments, anything you can imagine produced in some 3d printing way. Some space age composite hardware would be cool. Something that does not produce sympathetic vibrations. Cymbal stands and mounts add aggravating sound to cymbals because of the vibration exponential. Creating hardware with no sound potential would be great. At some point, new technologies will add to, if not replace chrome plating, too. Powder coating has been around for a long time but, can chip. There's new stuff developed and used and more on the way. When they bring the cost down below chrome on an industry-wide scale, it will become common. I met a guy on Bandmix that was able to put some kind of psychedelic rainbow effect on metal. At the time, I was using my rainbow stained kit and thought what a cool look lugs plated that way would be. He said he could do it. I lost touch with him, though. Peripheries are what can be changed at this point. Aside from isolation mounting, sound hasn't really changed since the inception of modern plywood drums.
  20. Here's a cool treat. My good friend and long collaborator George Marios, worked on a series of covers and he asked me to play drums on these tracks. This is the first track: his version of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. George's arrangement is pretty sick. His usual use of syncopated stabs and odd-time signatures, puts a smile on my face It's fun to play and it was even more fun to create the drum track for the song. ENJOY!!!
  21. Should I order my drum shell with veneer or do it myself?

    I'll ask about the video, I think is possible.
  22. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    Maybe not going as far as full eDrums, but I've always wondered why putting microphones on a drum set have never become more integrated. It's always a clunky afterthought that gets in the way. We should have more options for integrated mics, preferably internally mounted. Maybe the existing patents are a barrier to entry for competitors right now. Maybe some drum manufacturers need to co-op with a sound equipment company and find a way to integrate a mic and XLR jack into hardware/holes already present in a typical drum shell. Maybe they add one more minimally invasive hole. Cymbals would still be tricky, but that's usually 4 mics (2 overheads, hi-hat, ride) at most anyway, and they're usually out of the way. Maybe more people using triggers and samples is the answer to getting around this problem. I do. There is a lot of untapped potential here. As far as I know, Axis is the only company with aluminum hardware. Composite tubes could be used as well. That's just for weight reduction. With some imagination, I'm sure there are lots of potential improvements available. Drummers just have to be convinced that the new ideas are solid and reliable. As for hardware on the drums themselves... I've wondered why we're still using stamped or cast steel and brass. Sometimes that steel is... not really steel. I know composite material and tooling is expensive, but you could remove a lot of mass from a drum shell with using something like carbon fiber/kevlar lugs and hoops. That would help with resonance and transport.
  23. What are they worth?

    I've struggled with used drum purchases on eBay the past few years. Shipping is a deal breaker on everything. I've found better deals locally on Craigslist. Something else that factors in is quality had gone up in a lot of lower end kits, and almost all mid range kits. You're competing with those as well. It's a weird market. I used to pay no more than half of what drums were new. Now, I wouldn't pay that much unless it had the hardware and cymbals to go with it, and they were something I wanted. I also don't have a need to buy anything. Selling drums is weird. You can have something nice and in great shape, but to most buyers, it's just a drum set and they're looking for the best deal on a drum set. Any drum set. Brand/level almost means nothing. I keep forgetting about https://reverb.com/ . Maybe you can get an idea there, or sell it there. At any rate, you'll probably lose a good amount of money on the set. Look around a little, pick a number and list them. If you get a lot of hits, your number might be too low. Relist them for more. If you don't get any bites, then wait it out and slowly lower the price over time until you reach your bottom dollar. There's probably a Genista fan out there who would be interested. They just have to find your set for sale.
  24. Should I order my drum shell with veneer or do it myself?

    I'm of the DIY mindest myself and have a thread on wanting to attempt this when house projects slow down. I'm going to *potentially* mangle some cheap drums first to give it a try before I veneer the drums that I really want to look nice. I'm also waiting to pick up another orphan drum or two for that set and do it all at the same time. I'm not looking to do ebony, but I'm sure the general process would be similar for any wood type. I'd like to see CNC video of that drum being drilled out, if you can manage to record it. That would be cool to watch.
  25. Sabian Sound Kit

    Mikey, did you ever get one? I may have found a purpose for one of these if the recording features are decent.
  26. Should I order my drum shell with veneer or do it myself?

    Ebony is pretty expensive as veneer goes. You have to decide after watching some of it done and if you can do it. I have a dvd, Guerilla Drum Making, or something like that. Got it years ago. I didn't learn much but, I was curious when I saw it in a magazine. It might be on youtube now, I don't know. ********************* I just checked and it is. Type in install veneer on drum shell and there's plenty that will keep you busy and help you decide. Some makers use a vacuum press to adhere veneer to shells. I don't. I've been successful with contact cement and a J roller. But, that is always using Oakwood BFV (bubble free veneer). You can't use contact cement with natural veneers. It'll bleed through. Makes a splotchy mess and finishing makes it look worse. I'm guessing you can do the whole gig. Do your research and you'll know what to do.
  27. What are they worth?

    Hey official drummer staff, naw the kit would be "all in" drums, hardware, cymbals. Thanks DiehardDIYer The kits on eBay are giving them away - sad. I remember paying dearly for them at the time. Go's to show the mark up on "everything" these days. I will keep them till the arthritis kicks in!!
  28. Should I order my drum shell with veneer or do it myself?

    Thank so for your reply! That doesn't sound complex at all. Maybe I should indeed do it myself.... foe the holes and such, I am putting the shell straight to a multi-axis CNC. This machine is super precise and will make all holes exactly where they should be, all equal and nicely finished. I also think the same as you. That's why I am doubting. As there is risk always something goes wrong, am I taking an overdone risk on thinking to add my own veneer? I am just doubting...
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