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  2. Times come my friends

    It's going to be sad not being able to click this link anymore. We've had some great conversations on here. I'll really miss this place. By the way guys, I'm always real easy to find. I'm SpinaDude everywhere I go, including g-mail and YouTube.
  3. Times come my friends

    sigh. end of an awesome era. What a ride. From Mapex to anything about drums and drumming. Thanks for all the memories Augie. Thanks to all of you, awesome members, for being a part of the forum!
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  5. Times come my friends

    Hi Everybody, The site will close next Thursday or Friday, more than likely on Thursday of next week. So we've officially entered our last week at OD and our last weekend. I wanted to remind everyone again get any information from other users you need to stay in contact with them. I also restricted guest viewing this last week. Our last week is for our members. Kindest Regards my Friends, lotta love for you all Augie
  6. Fall 2018

    Really good points, Speedy. My favorite and most flexible tom mounting system was the Yamaha system. Ridiculous flexibility, although part of that was the extension you got by the tom arm going INTO the shell. That allowed for great extension away from the ball and socket joint. L-bend arms can't do that, unless the short bar of the L can extend in and out of the ball and socket joint. I remember starting a thread about that topic years ago...sadly none of the major drum manufacturers were willing to tap into my bubbling fount of genius. LOL I really like that last point you made, Speedy. Now that you've said it, it makes A LOT of sense. Now beyond simply having my curiosity piqued I'm really intrigued. I truly hope they come out with something as the original RIMS mounting system turned out to be in the late 80's/early 90's. I remember my cronies and I mocking them when they came out, as you are prone to do as an ignorant 19 year old. Wait a minute...I just did the same thing again. Damn! And now I have grey hair too.
  7. Times come my friends

    Thank you Augie and Speedy.
  8. Last week
  9. Times come my friends

    I don't want to be a downer here SpinaDude but I believe those whose wanted and cared to say good-bye more than likely already have. We only have about 1 week left before Official Drummer closes, times about up and with that little bit of time left, it just doesn't seem probable. I haven't checked anyone's email notifications settings either, with that in mind, you could send DieHard a pm and maybe he will get sent an email. Worth a shot if you want to reach him. Kindest Regards Augie
  10. Times come my friends

    He hasn't been here since January 30th, last posting in that thread.
  11. Fall 2018

    Yes, that rod (or tube) is fixed (stationary, relative to the ground/rack). I think the part at the top of it that has the drum key screws is also fixed, but adjustable. It looks like all the other parts can move, relative to the rack. Something else to think about: Our options for tom arms are a Pearl style or a ball-and-socket. That goes directly to a mount. That bolts to the shell/suspension. That's not a lot of options considering the number of drum and hardware companies out there. This looks to be integrating the arm , mount and suspension into one part, which is why it is large and clunky in these early development stages. It could eventually become smaller and use less space/material than the three individual parts put together in a traditional manner. It's a logical evolution if you think about it. The tom mount itself has become a redundant feature. If that's the case, this is more genius than it is weird.
  12. Times come my friends

    Hey guys. I'm not trying to stir anything up here, just asking. Has DieHard been on since Augie announced the impending sign off? I know his recent posts on shell composition caused some divisive discussions, but he seems like a really nice guy and imparted a lot of knowledge. I hope he's well and checks in to say good-bye.
  13. Fall 2018

    The vertical rod with the black cap is straddled by the vertical slide with the notch settings. If you look at the top pic you'll see them on wither side. I was hoping that would clear things up but it just makes me more confused. To quote Speedy, "This thing is wierd."
  14. Fall 2018

    I have no idea what it would accomplish. It looks like there's an adjustment knob with about 10 notches for vertical settings on the back half of it. It doesn't look like the linkage below that would allow for that much movement, unless there's another joint I'm not seeing. There's a black cap on the back. I'm not sure if that's a spring housing, or fluid reservoir or just a plug for when you don't have a cymbal arm inserted. There are drum key screws on the back, so I'm assuming it's something that would potentially have a moderate amount of use. There could be a spring/dampener in there since it looks like that "tube" goes all the way up. Maybe it's a height adjustment. The part that connects to the lugs also has two drum key screws where it connects on the mount. The top one has a radius slot, so it looks like a tilt adjustment for the drum. That part is "permanently" fixed to the forward tube with set screws, as is the part above it. I can't work out why they're separate pieces and how they interact with each other, but the tube they're mounted to stops at the upper block. Hmmm... I think that larger upper part might be two pieces. I was seeing it as one. That large aluminum knob looking piece is probably a hinge/joint. I'm starting to see it... this thing is weird... I'll have to sketch some things out later since I should probably get some things done at work today.
  15. Fall 2018

    Thank you Speedy. So it's a prototype for another mounting system to increase resonance and attack I guess? Is it about increased placement and mobility? I wish they would give just a hint of what they say it accomplishes? I get they want to make buzz and have people talking about it. Which is great. But they should give us a little sumthin' sumthin' so we're not focused on how fugly it is. LOL
  16. Fall 2018

    I don't disagree with you. It does look a lot like the new Mapex "M" logo machined in those mounts. The pictures aren't great, and at bad angles, so it's hard to get my head wrapped around what's going on with those mounts. In the video you can see that the high tom is suspended by the resonant side lugs and the second tom is suspended by the batter side lugs. We all know what tom suspension is, or what it's supposed to do. We're all familiar with car suspension as well... maybe... double wishbone, torque arm ladder bar, torsion bar, MacPherson strut and several more. This tom arm looks like a pushrod suspension from what I can work out, or maybe just a double wishbone... The size and weight of the mount wouldn't matter, especially in prototype form, since they're probably trying to dissipate any vibrations before they get to whatever hold the arms up. Aluminum was probably used because it's easier to machine. Weight would probably only matter for having to carry them around, or reducing the moment on the rack clamp (keeping it from spinning on the rack). The final design could be close to this size. Usually new designs start off clunky before people figure out how to simplify and minimize material usage. It's a whole different mindset from coming up with the idea to begin with. I wish I went to that clinic.
  17. Fall 2018

    The greyish metal monstrosities..those have a Mapex logo on them,. The newer M. Or am I just seeing things. Coming back for another look and it's not as distinct as I first thought. Whatever they are they are fuh-huh-hugly. Does anyone have a clue as to what the engineering thought is behind them? What they're supposed to do and what any part of the design is? Damn. I'm gonna miss this place.
  18. Fall 2018

    The tom holders / rack are DW.
  19. Fall 2018

    WTF? I thought the whole point of hardware attaching to a drum was to make it light. Those are monstrous. Aluminum possibly to be light weight? I dunno, but they are huge, bulky and ugly. Unfortunate to have on another beautiful Mapex kit.
  20. Fall 2018

    Yes, that's what it seems it is...
  21. Fall 2018

    Anyone have a clue what that is? Some kind of tom mounts?
  22. Fall 2018

    Yeah, I just don't have anywhere else to share it. A few people here are interested so just a heads up for anyone who was curious, for a week or so.
  23. Owner's Manual for Yoki DD608 drum kit

    Hi David, Your email was removed from the post and reference was made to your username. Normally we wouldn't allow that but hey, were at the end of our road here in less than 2 weeks. Good to hear from you and good luck. Kind Regards
  24. Owner's Manual for Yoki DD608 drum kit

    I'm looking to sell my Yoki DD608 electronic drum kit, but no longer have the owner's manual...I've looked all over the Internet, but haven't been able to locate a copy...Does anyone have a copy you could email me at "My Username"? I'm looking to buy a new drum kit soon, so I'd appreciate a quick response...
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  26. Black Panther Black Widow 5 pc

    Thank you. Sold these today. Have to admit it was tough seeing them walk out the door.
  27. Fall 2018

    Till the end of the month Mike As promised..
  28. Fall 2018

    Since we're still here...
  29. Times come my friends

    I am waiting on approval from their admin. Joining a forum in another language... It would force me to relearn all the Spanish I've forgotten. Let's see if I can sign up without cheating and using a translator.
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