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    • New Interactive Site Index   08/21/2015

      Hello OfficialDrummers, Today we are releasing the new Interactive site index. From our new site index you can get everything  you need you need upon entry into our site plus some. A new feature on our site index is Status Updates for one. Here you can update your status right on our site index instantly. Along with this, anything recent you post whether it be in our our community forum,,, galleries, blogs, classifieds, events .... it hits the front page first and foremost, bright and center for maximum exposure.

      Give it a try and let me know what you think https://www.officialdrummer.com Discussion topic here
    • NEW! Events - Clinics Calendar   08/10/2015

      OfficialDrummer.com has updated our new Events/clinics calendar. Check it out by clicking the right sidebar link near the bottom of our forum index page or click below. Did we miss a event / clinic? Let us know so we can get it added. Members may also submit calendar events and rsvp events. Our cool new calendar allows you to add event images, Google map and more. https://www.officialdrummer.com/forum/calendar/  
    • OD's HOT new features...   08/09/2015

      Along with this outstanding new design OfficialDrummer.com has gotten we've ha d a little time top start adding all the features with our new software.

      Check out the new sidebar in the forum. Easily get updated on what's recent without leaving the site index.
      New kit Of The Month sidebar feature. The return of KOTM has finally returned!
      Classifieds have been updated. All classifieds are now entered right here at the forum. Custom fields coming to the classifieds btw.
      New site footer connecting up socially to Facebook and twitter that runs through every page of our site now for easy access.
      New upgraded version of our software. The latest new features and code updates / Theme updates.

      More to come soon...
      Official Drummer
    • Kit Of The Month   08/09/2015

      Kit Of The Month for August 2015. Congrats emonzon. Read more and see more...  


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    • New interactive site index
      By OfficialDrummer · Posted
        I'm only the forum headmaster We have some news coming after the beginning of the month on our Group Buy Store and situation. I left a email asking them to look into your post. Not sure what happened. Getting a group buy store involved more with our site interacting and being part of the community is in the future plans. When stores participate it means sales. Having a group buy store that participates in the community gives our community a huuuuge boost. Not only that, it keeps people coming back when they know new deals are always on the horizon. Regards..
      By DiehardDIYer · Posted
      I'd be seriously bummed out if I missed Chris Coleman, too. I'd go see him just to watch him smile. He makes everything look so easy. 
    • Trilok Gurtu
      By DiehardDIYer · Posted
      When people ask who my influences are I always name the five but, if there were a sixth it would be Trilok Gurtu, the wonder stickman from India. His work with John McLaughlin is what placed him on the map but, since then he has carved out a real place for himself in all kinds of music situations and genres. His use of Indian tabla notation and musical structures within the context of his "set" playing is unique. His drum set, of course, is very unique. In his younger years he knelt on one knee and played his mini set within a landscape of percussion from around the world. No bass drum. His time signatures and playing within the beat using a small 10" dry tom as his kick is a marvel to behold. He also uses a kick pedal with the beater throwing up into a head of either an ethnic drum of some sort or floor tom. These days, older now, he employs a kick in his set-up. His stretch from world music to straight jazz to funk, within measures sometimes, is mesmerizing. He is a master tabla player. That alone sets him apart from any drummer in western music history. He is a literal encyclopedia of ideas and concepts. He is just a joy to watch and listen to. If you haven't heard of him, check him out. From his Zildjian Day performance.   With the John McLaughlin Trio   This music, in and of itself, is some of my favorite I have ever heard, and world music is not really something I listen to. Gurtu's trio of himself, keyboardist, and vocalist mixes rhythms from Africa, India, East and West in an incredible performance which has the crowd moving from the first beat. Nord Sea Jazz Festival.  
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