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    • Hard Hitters vs. Smashing?
      "The thing that people need to be educated on is that Neil is not a Shampoo but a Pea." I have to admit I have come up empty trying to figure out what that means. My first exposure to Peart was back when the band came out. Back then there was no video, of course, and if it weren't for Lee's voice I would have been a fan of the band. I had a couple early albums. I seem to recall something off their first live album, Bastille Day, or something, that I really liked. The first times I actually saw Neil play it was strange. He did seem to look quite uncomfortable, to me anyway. I know he has joint problems now which just compounds it.  Interesting you see a modification of my tone in the last posts. I sat here typing telling my wife they will probably be seen as even worse but ... . For me, it is often the case that my first impression of a post, that changes the position of my eyebrows, generally changes again when I read it a couple more times. I see myself as a newbie here, and a guest. I have no desire to start any problems. That said, even though I could sit back and just read whatever shows up on the forum like most members do, I will ask questions or take positions regardless of possible misunderstandings or backlash. Issues can always be ironed out and settled with further communication. The Pearl hardware thread a case in point. I am a firm believer in honest communication. I also admit my thinking and questions morphed from the Devon thread to here, as well. Genre of any kind was not part of my original thinking on the matter when going from that thread to this. And truly, genre of music cannot be too closely connected because drumming styles vary within genres, because drummers vary in character and personality. I honestly do see an alarming trend, though.  Time will tell where it all goes. And, hey, I actually appreciate the mod work. One of the reasons I am here is because other forums I have been to just get brutal before or if anyone steps in to call a cease fire. Life is just too short for that stuff.       
    • Hard Hitters vs. Smashing?
      lol. growing older gracefully on us? Funny comment about people not liking Neil. I suppose as many people don't like Neil, I imagine there are even more that do! The thing that people need to be educated on is that Neil is not a Shampoo but a Pea. Anyway, great points! Listening to R40 on XM, Neil still kills it. As a 60 year old dude, all drummers can learn a lot about his powerful drumming at any age.
    • Hard Hitters vs. Smashing?
      Well, that isn't what you posited at first which is the source of my annoyance. You have changed your tone somewhat and have rephrased things to be more of a sociological/psychological/historical question: which is awesome. If you are simply curious: "Although I don't like it, why do you like this type of music?"  would have sufficed and would have brought about a potentially interesting discussion rather than an opening salvo alienating folks that enjoy music that you do not agree with. I take issue with this sort of stuff and believe it has no business in this forum. If you think that it's cool to do so, take it elsewhere. We don't necessarily believe in a polite society but we also take into account that we try to be respectful. With that said, there are many reasons why I like hard hitting drummers/ing. Some of it could certainly be what you reasoned as a de-sensitization of what one would consider "out there." I think that's part of the evolution of things. Part of it is also the tools that people now have access to which enables sounds that couldn't be conceived of 20+ years ago. Metal and its ilk have certainly used those tools to great effect I think. I like that anger and it resonates with me. Not that I am an angry person... when I get drunk, I just fall asleep, not get belligerent so I think that's my true state. Sleepy.  I liked the rage and aggression in mosh pits but I also liked the fact that (for the most part) mosher's had a code of ethics.  As I mentioned, athleticism has evolved and the edginess of performance has changed along with it. Why? Does it look cool? Does it give the impression that the drummer is hitting harder than they are? Expectations of performance change? Probably a little bit of everything. Are we headed towards a modern day "fall of Rome" scenario? I don't know. It's an interesting question that I have pondered here and there but it's too heady for me.  At the end of day, if we are talking about music... Respect all, Enjoy all, and Learn from all of it. If it speaks to you great. If not, that's equally great.  
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