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    • How satisfied are you with your home practise kit?
      Back in '98 I had some neighbors call the police on me. When the cops came in and saw everything I did to try and dampen the volume (I basically put the drums in their own wrap around, insulated sound enclosure), they said they had to answer the call and said I had a cool set. Just the same, I have feared bothering neighbors ever since and have lost hundreds, if not thousands of hours of practice time because of it. I got a TrapKat set-up, and that is fun but, not the same as acoustics. I have made several types of my own practice pad sets over the years to try and stay in shape. I have exclusively used brushes just to have movement around the set and not bother any neighbors. That gets old, though. The only real solution is placing the drums in a sound proof enclosure ($$$), or living with enough distance between you and neighbors where it won't bother them. Everything else is sacrificing the experience to one degree or another.  
    • Hard Hitters vs. Smashing?
      Bonham, the legend, was not Bonham, the drummer in reality. That's for sure. The one thing I really like about the solo posted is that he chose to ignore his cymbals, save for his hats. It is true, Bonham took what came before him and placed it within his own personality and the music around him. Basically, isn't that what all musicians do? Or should attempt to do. Moon and the Who, like I mentioned in the other thread, never made sense to me. Breaking instruments? Well, rock and roll, rebellion, and all. That was the reason/excuse. Blowing up sets, lighting them on fire, etc. Theatrics designed to shock. Always was nonsense to me. 50 years later what is the excuse for the darkness and anger and aggression? I just wonder, what is next? In the blogs I wrote about the limits being reached. I still believe it is true. If the limits of this smashing have not been reached, what next?
    • What Can You Do With a Pringles Can?
      Well, there are a number of reasons I really dislike, if not hate, Texas, so, leaving would be fine with me. On the other hand, I came to Texas because my wife is from here and her children and grand children are here so ... I have tried to adjust. After six plus years I am not going to adjust. If we end up staying ... I'll just keep trucking along, and learn to enjoy the more mild winters, slicing as the damp air can be here, at the expense of feeling dead the rest of the year in the abysmal heat and humidity, listening to the intoxicating blare of tornado sirens, the enjoyable sting of scorpions, the definitive territorial thumb-sized wasps, ever surprising copperheads, hordes of various spiders I've been bitten by, epidemic Oak Wilt attacking the trees, and overall flat, dry, boring landscape. (meaning no offense to any north eastern Texans here)
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