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    • How satisfied are you with your home practise kit?
      I know your frustration all too well Shawn!  Remo does make a head that is a mesh material that can be tuned like an actual head and is all but silent!  If I can find the link I'll post it!!!  Granted it doesn't solve the cymbal part of the equation but I'm sure someone will post an idea!
    • Hard Hitters vs. Smashing?
      I should mention about Bonham and promoters and setting oneself apart and all. Don't forget Baker was already out with Cream. Moon was out there. Appice was out there with Vanilla Fudge using his 28" kicks. Ian Paice was out with Purple.  Bonham was not in an isolated context. Bonham was just being Bonham, as were all the others just being themselves. It's interesting looking at album covers of the day and mag photos of the bands. No mean, attitude, don't run into me in a dark alley faces at the beginning of the Hard Rock/Heavy era. That tended to come a little later, and was certainly part of the promotion aspect of the era, even for some of those early bands.  But thinking of the Spinal Tap gig. Take away the over the top nature of the parody, yes, early 60s bands using electronics for the first time, were obviously not angry. The lyrics were not angry. Like I said, the whole "rebellion," sociological aspect of early rock, and the political atmosphere and all. Townsend smashing guitars. The books have been written. Townsend has done his interviews. What is the reason five decades years later? Where did the whole satanic/occult thing come from? Death metal. Yeah, I would say the last 50 years has gotten dark by comparison in many ways. Sure, you can say, what about Boy bands? That is a continuation of Motown, really. Where did the dark stuff come from? The 60s and 70s were about drugs and free sex, not the darkness and anger seen and heard today. To this day I have record companies contacting me, most from Europe, asking to reissue the Legend album. I go to their sites and see and hear some of the most ... it is blatantly, overtly satanic. It is dark by design. Legend had nothing to do with such stuff and I always wonder how we ended up getting linked to this sound. Things have changed, radically. You can't just say I don't understand. I admit I do not understand. Enlighten me.  
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