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    • Mapex... ugh...
      I get that part, but they let me order something that was apparently never going to be made to begin with.  I can see a drum taking a while, but a hi-hat stand should be waiting around ready to be sent off on the next truck/boat/plane, unless they make those to order now too.
    • Mapex... ugh...
      Not trying to protect Mapex Mike, but they took over a wack of product, when they took over distribution for Sonor/Horner.  My contact couldn't believe how many harmonicas are sold each year, just to give you an idea of home much extra product they have to take care of all of a sudden.  They are 1 month behind on all shipping at the moment.  That is why my kit is sitting in the KHS factory in Kentucky at the moment.  It is just waiting in Q.   They also have the new Sonor kits in the warehouse, like the new classic series that I want very much.  Unfortunately Mapex is in over their head at the moment, and it will be a while before they get things running smoothly again.  Hopefully they won't completely undo the customer base they built up through this busy time.  
    • Mapex... ugh...
      I just got off the phone with my local shop, who coincidentally was calling Mapex at the same exact time, for the same reason I was calling the shop.  But let's go back to the beginning... It all starts on June 22, 2015.  I decided I wanted an 18x14 Meridian Maple bass drum in transparent midnight black to match my set.  I figure they're out of production, but it can't hurt to ask.  I shoot Mapex and email.  They respond right back saying it's all good, 120-180 days and ask what color.  I tell them the color and ask if I need to provide serial numbers for color matching.  They say it's all good since the color is still in production. The next day, June 23, I walk into my shop and order the bass drum.  They also call up Mapex to make sure it can be ordered, and it can, so they place the order.  They're pumped, because they like 18" bass drums, and I'm pumped to get it. Roughly 4 months (120 days) later I stop by the shop to see if they've heard anything, and to hang out a little.  I didn't expect it to be there right away, but I was excited to get it.  They said they'd check on it and called me back the next week.  Mapex cancelled the order when it got to the factory, and didn't tell us.  The factory said they weren't making those any longer.  Well... shit.  So the shop scrambles to find OEM lugs and hardware and offers to custom build me a matching shell.  At that point, I kind of didn't care anymore.  I had them poke around for a matching bass that might be lying around in anything other than 22x18 with no luck.  So my next hard date (without looking up old phone call data or gas receipts because the drive takes a decent amount out of my tank) is October 25 where I put my deposit towards some other things.  One of those things was a Falcon hi-hat stand.  I know they didn't order it that Sunday, but they did order it that week.  I also ordered a specific bag for my 14x8 snare drum, which they didn't order right away but they told me about that and the reasoning behind it. So three months go by and still no hi-hat stand.  As I mentioned, I called today and when the guy at the front asked the owner, he was already on the phone with Mapex, and we all had a big laugh.  The shop offered to loan me a hi-hat stand if I needed one.  The owner even offered to loan me his personal gear.  Fortunately I have another stand and don't play much so it's no big deal.  The shop is putting pressure on Mapex, and Mapex said they'll try to put a rush on it since it was ordered a while ago.  I had considered ordering a Falcon double pedal at some point, but I won't now.  Sure, I could probably find one already floating around on the web, but I don't want to buy their gear any longer.  I like what I have, and I'll wait for the Falcon to complete what I set out to build, but that's it.  If you want to walk into a store and buy what's sitting there, you should be alright.   Other thoughts: - I had emailed Mapex on July 4, 2015 about a typo on this page of their website.  It's been 7 months and the typo is still there. - Mapex bought Sonor, right?  Well, some of it... Okay, just the name?  Kind of...  Looks more like they just distribute Mapex drums with Sonor's name on them to North America (and maybe other places).  You have to call up Sonor to buy a real Sonor here.
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