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      Give it a try and let me know what you think https://www.officialdrummer.com Discussion topic here
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      Along with this outstanding new design OfficialDrummer.com has gotten we've ha d a little time top start adding all the features with our new software.

      Check out the new sidebar in the forum. Easily get updated on what's recent without leaving the site index.
      New kit Of The Month sidebar feature. The return of KOTM has finally returned!
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      More to come soon...
      Official Drummer
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      Kit Of The Month for August 2015. Congrats emonzon. Read more and see more...  


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    • No kit for 2 years-Not now...
      By Mikey · Posted
    • Finally taking Private Lessons
      By emonzon · Posted
      Thanks for the words of encouragement! I think it was just about time and I feel it's the right time. I don't plan on making this a career but I've gotten pretty serious about my playing. There is a certain pride that I have with drumming and life in general. I'm passionate about things that interest me and I never want to feel like I'm lacking in skill or I can't keep up, I'm always looking for ways to improve....there is just so much to learn to have a teacher/mentor will prove to be invaluable.   So, I'm happy to report I had such a blast with my first lesson. Morgan and I were in constant communication prior to my lesson. I had sent her a link to my YouTube channel so that she could get a feel of where I was in my drumming. When I got there we chatted and got familiar with each other for a few minutes...to be honest I was kinda nervous and star struck considering she's somewhat of a celebrity in the music scene here in Toronto, she's played alongside with some big name musicians. Anyway we worked out of a page from John Riley's book the Art of Bop Drumming but we used the reading text not for jazz just yet but instead different systems and concepts. Now it's nothing new to me but I haven't really sat down with these concepts and applied them. For example the page we worked out of was comping exercises so we went over the patterns as hi-hat accents, created grooves and fills by accenting what was noted, filing in spaces with ghost notes etc. Then after that she helped me with an original tune I'm working on that requires a solo in 7/8 with some crazy "hits" that was giving me some trouble. She gave me some great advice and sticking to get comfortable soloing in that time signature. Like I said, it really wasn't anything new that I haven't heard before but her approach was refreshing, her advice and being able to talk and discuss one on one and what we worked on was exactly what I needed. We went about 10 min over the hour lesson and it was no big deal, I didn't feel like she was monitoring the clock as some instructors do. In fact I was so excited I walked out of there, headed home and on the highway I realized I didn't even pay her! (shame) hahahaha! Thanks goodness for e-transfers.  After I got home, ate some lunch, rested for a couple hours but then I was back on the kit going over the stuff we covered, I think this is the first time in awhile that I was excited to practice, lately I've been just going through the motions, although productive I think the motivation was lacking. All in all I was glad that I had decided to do this and even more satisfied that I took my time looking for the right instructor, I feel as though this will be a long lasting relationship.   
    • RotodruMs
      By SpeedNinja · Posted
      I really like the drums.  I freaking love what they did with the cymbal mounts.  That is great.
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