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    • Hard Hitters vs. Smashing?
      Just to hit a separate point right off the bat...YouTube may be the best thing to happen to computers since the advent of the internet, but DAMN if videos playing out of sync is not the bane of any drummer's existence.  Awesome lick how'd he...wait did he hit the...no it was the....great the video doesn't line up to the sound and now I'm getting a migraine putting it together.  LOL  Enough whining about goofy stuff. Great post as always DieHard.  I know I should be embarrassed to say this, but this is actually the first time I have ever heard or seen the Bonzo Moby Dick solo.  I'm glad to say I was really impressed by his abilities.  But like so much of Zeppelin, wasn't he really copping what others had been doing for a long time in either jazz or blues and taking it to the masses (really the teens and twenty-somethings of his era) and gaining fame from it?  I don't mean that in a way to diminish his talents, I just mean that the band and its promoters could use that in the marketing.  "He plays so hard he doesn't need sticks."  Or something like that, it's not a direct quote, just one for an example.  Did half of the reefer head kids buying into this ever hear of Elvin Jones to know he did it before Bonham?  You have Led Zep up against a huge band like the Stones right?  Both are striving to be giants (and both already were) but look at Bonham compared to Charlie Watts.  Bonham's playing is big, wide, expressive, emotional and technical.  You see a ton of personality in his musicianship.  Watts is a great groove guy amd perfect for his gig, but I'm pretty sure he has the same expression whether he's playing Jumpin' Jack Flash and Respectable or making a PB and J.  So playing off Bonham's abilities and personality gives them an extra edge in gaining popularity, something to market.  On top of that, they were up against bands who were seen as hardcore bad boys: The Who trashed their instruments on stage;  Black Sabbath who were "scary" into the occult; The Sex Pistols who went out of their way to speak their minds, create controversy and be the living embodiments of sex, drugs and rock and roll; you even had the costumes and theatrical shenanigans of Kiss.   Let's not forget the Beatles, though I don't think Ringo was ever considered a powerhouse contributor to the band.  All respect to Ringo, just trying to make my point.  (Ringo if you're reading this, I loved Caveman, written and directed by Carl Gottlieb, screenwriter of one of my all time favorite movies, Jaws.) So how do you set yourself apart from the pack?  Simple: any way you can.  This is rock and roll after all, coming out of a decade that was based on a LOT of one hit wonders.  There were a lot of groovy little toe-tappers, but I feel you'd be hard pressed to show that as far as rock goes it was a time for exemplary musicianship.  Its just one reason why this is so damn funny...the ring of truth is absolutely pure:   If you come out playing like Bonham does during an era where a lot of dudes were doing this type of thing, you ARE going to sound like a monster.  So when everyone is crowing about Jimmy Page being this master guitarist (Look, man, he plays with a bow.) and Robert Plant having such an incredible voice (at least recorded), if you have more musicianship you can sell, you do it.  Bonham was a perfect conduit for that.  His playing ability and style (lets be honest, they are different entities) lent itself to it naturally.  My God, the promotions people were probably salivating when they heard him referred to as the Bricklayer.  So was he playing hard for the time?  Sure, but he had great control and a firm sense of dynamics.  Shit, I just realized this post got away from me...again.  Anyway, I'm agreeing with DieHard, I'm sure he hit hard for the time, but it's all a matter of perspective.  Time tends to eradicate everything or intensify it.  In this case, it was intensify, because the guy was already a legend.  Legends don't die, they only build as apocryphal stories gain weight in the public consciousness.  So people hear about how hard he hit, particularly kids, and they just buy into it, without bothering to do the research themselves. Our number two guy, even though he's got the big wide and arcing arm movements (like he's in a light saber duel by himself) he doesn't seem to be hitting over the top hard.  To me it seems like he's playing with his passion for the aggressive music, a tune which I like actually.  What was that?  I'd like to hear more.  Anyway it's hard to judge because we're not actually hearing HIS drums until the very end, it's almost like a pantomime.  But I don't think he's choking them by laying in too hard. Barker, sounds like a drum corps. guy, which I believe he is.  But for all his precision and speed, which I would never argue, his feel, to me, is terrible.  The disappointing part is, for how much talent hes got, I find him uninteresting, boring and, most telling, uninspiring.  He seems to get off on burying the stick with every stroke, but I don't get a sense of musical passion fro it.  To me that's when you're hitting hard just to do it.  I don't see the point in that.  Also I hate Blink-182.  LOL    Grohl I like as a person and musician, and while his slamming straight ahead style was perfect for Nirvana and the next step after a decade of heavy metal dominance, I agree, just ease back a little, it's a detriment to the instrument. Godsmack.  I really like Godsmack, in fact building myself up to playing The Enemy when I got back into playing was one of the goals I set for myself.  Then I saw a live version of the same track and I thought the same thing.  Enough with the show, play your friggin' instrument.  The groove and feel for the song was lost completely and I avoid the live versions of their tracks at all cost.  They bore me instead of inspiring me to play. I think that intelligence, as with most things, plays a great part in how a musician shapes themselves.  Kids may get influenced by these slammers, but if they really get their instrument, they know when to say when, and play what's right not just for the music but for the instrument as well.  Too soft and the drum doesn't sing.  Too hard and you may as well be clubbing the side of an unstuffed turkey (Thanksgiving reference , thank you very much) for all the resonance and tone you'll get.  Each player has to learn for themselves how best to hone their technique. I'd love to hear from Spooky on this one, she's the youngest of us I've seen on the forum, and could offer a good perspective.   (Geez, I talk too much.)
    • What Can You Do With a Pringles Can?
      Cool work with the cans.  Lots of great drummers kicking around.     Sorry to hear about the job situation DieHard.  I am sure something will come up.  
    • What Can You Do With a Pringles Can?
      DieHard, I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you guys are facing.   We're all friends here, please let us know if we can help in any way.  Are you thinking of leaving Texas?
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