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Rare DW 9000 Double pedal

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DW 9000 double pedal with titanium foot boards. 
This pedal is in incredible condition. See the picture's! 
I am aware or the 30th anniversary limited to 500 world wide Titanium pedal's DW put out, but this is not one of those.
I spent a couple hour's on the internet and only found one other! [Take a look] That really make's this pedal far rarer than those 500 numbered Titanium floor board one's.
Check out the condition. Look how clean the felt on the beater's are.The Velcro is even clean on the bottom! 
I read online the Titanium floor boards weigh only 130 gram's! (Cast is 300 grams)
I can only assume this pedal is a prototype? Or some one at DW took a couple Titanium floor board's left over (And NOT numbered) and put them on this beautiful pedal.
Do not let this opportunity pass you by. You most likely will never find another!
I have it on ebay @ $799.99 + shipping.

dw 1.jpg





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