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Vintage Mapex with cool history - What Year/Model?

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Hi Official Drummer Crew,

My first kit is a vintage Mapex with a really cool history.  Its missing badges and has been refinished (original was black) so I'm looking for help confirming the year range, model and materials.  With the catalogs here I believe it could be a Mars Pro from 93/94 which I think would make it maple/mahogany.  I was told the original finish was black.

Now for the cool history…the 4 piece kit, high hats and hardware belonged to Danny Schuler, the drummer for Biohazard.  It was used on the band’s Mataleo album and supporting world tour.  I bought them directly from Billy Graziadei, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Biohazard – and a super nice guy.  His ad called them a "Mapex Pro Custom" which also makes me wonder if they are a Mars Pro set.

I got super lucky and a mint Saturn Pro snare appeared on my local Craigslist at the same time.  Added in some righteous second hand Sabians and I’m ready to go.







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Hard to tell for sure, but it does look like either a 1992 Mars from the international catalog, or a Mars Pro from the 1993-1994 Japan catalog.  The bass spurs look the same, so a picture of that wouldn't help.  Really, all we have to go from is the badges.  Fortunately, you have that awesome bit of history to hunt down pictures with.  No disrespect to Billy, but unless we can find a set called "Mapex Pro Custom", I'm going to assume he got a few different drum sets mixed up in his head while shopping, or they were able to order a Mars set a little differently than the standard catalog offerings.

I'd say you have the year range right, from 1992-1994.  The older badges, like in 1992, are possible to take off the old wrap and salvage.  The 1993 and newer badge was more of a decal.  I'm sure there are some skilled surgeons out there who could slice it off the wrap.  I probably would've cut the wrap around the badge to salvage them.

As for the wood... 9-ply cross laminated hardwood shells with choice wood grain interiors... could be anything really.


Definitely a cool set, especially if you are a fan of Biohazard.  I have one of their albums.  It's cool to know he had a Mapex kit.


- Mike on YouTube
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Thanks, SpeedNInja - I figured it would be tough to know for certain without the badges.  I think you're right about the mix of drums - I've looked at a bunch of YouTube clips and Danny seems to have played a few different sets over the years.  Regardless, they sound great - even with silent strokes on.

I saw Biohazard live way back in the day when they opened for my ATF band, Fishbone.  Great show.

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