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    • Thanks! I appreciate that. I actually made a major modification to the whole design. With all these units I have made in the last couple years whether single or the now double headed, I have always found the 10" tom, in front of me, difficult to tune. I experimented with taking the snare off the table and sure enough the 10" tuned up much easier. The weight of the snare placed enough stress on the table that it choked the 10" tom. Just to be certain I tapped the 10" while gently applying pressure to the frame where the snare drum sits and I could hear the change.
      So, it undercuts the whole concept but, I cut out the snare drum and now just have the curvature of toms. The snare goes on it's own stand.
      The original design called for the snare to sit in a stand, with two other points to rest the table on. But, even then the 10" tom was tough to tune right with the others. In a way I don't mind. I can now interchange snare drums as I like.
    • Absolutely Beautiful!!! I've studied the pics & just love them, awesome idea / execution 
    • Thank You, Iogogogue! The kit is amazing to play! I've been adding an updated PA system, too! A QSC Touchmix 16 channel mixer. Audix D6, 2 i5's, 3 D2's , 3 F9 mic's w/ DVice rim clips.
    • That's a shiny set of cymbals! Looks awesome! I bet it's tons of fun to play.
    • It sounds much better than I thought it would. Perhaps among the best sounding drums I have made in the 25 years. Totally blows away all the hype in the drum industry as to what is a must for great sounding instruments.
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