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  2. Pantera Walk

    Good stuff man. I've always loved playing this one with friends.
  3. Getting Back Behind the Kit

    Yeah, it takes a while to rebuild nerve endings for fine motor control. With an older band, I got to the point where I could play the set straight through without needing to hear anyone. They were originals, and I counted in for every song. I don't know my current band's (cover) songs that well (they don't either), and we're all new at playing with each other, so I can't be that rigid yet. Ideally, I'd like to get back to that level. I hate relying on having to hear everyone perfectly all the time. If I get to a gig and I can't hear them, I'll tell them after the first song and then it's on them to keep up. Not ideal, but neither is losing one of your senses. I have a similar problem. I discovered, accidentally, that using lighter sticks allows me to lay into the kit. The downside is finding lighter sticks which maintain a similar balance to my normal sticks. They usually end up being shorter in length, which changes some things.
  4. Getting Back Behind the Kit

    So we went on last night. It was far from perfect. I had to adjust my technique a lot (READ: ease up on how hard I hit) to accommodate the sound system weaknesses. One of my own shortcomings is being able to find a groove when I'm not really laying into the kit. In the end it came together and I overcame the issues. Even the couple of mistakes didn't hang me up and I pushed through pretty solidly. We had at least three hundred people there, and a lot of them sought me out afterwords to pay a compliment which is nice. You forget how easy it is to impress people who know nothing about drums! LOL The sound from my kit is what really sold it though. I mean it REALLY filled the room. Rich, thunderous sound. I was so impressed with how it sounded. And the Sledgehammer? Oh my God. It cut through everything...and I mean everything, ripping across the room like a voracious tiger. What a beautiful instrument.
  5. Pantera Walk

    Pantera Walk drum cover please like and subscribe
  6. Getting Back Behind the Kit

    This post rings a few bell's for me. In 93 I got a job that injured my hands pretty good.[Industrial sandblasting for hours...A hard to operate hand control that injured both my hand's. Ok here is what helps me. 1.Always stretch the wrist's like in illustration. 2.Learn to 'Guide' your stick's and use natural rebound instead of a 'death grip'. I barely hold them! You can also wrap your stick's, which will isolate the shock transferred to your hand's. Drummer's glove's further isolate shock. 3.A lighter stick will help also.Along with 'thin' cymbal's. 4.My hand's respond very well to ibuprofen.[But be care full how much and how often. 5.And finally. If your hands are sore, here is a pre-play pain reducer that feels great. Put Mineral oil all over your hands, then put them in the warmest water that is comfortable. Let them stay in the water at least 5 minute's. It washes off easily. TRY THIS! Doin all this really helped me.At the time of the injury I was in a trio playing out, doin pretty good. [Starting to slowly get over 'NPS' lol] I up and sold my drum's without even tellin my band mate's......They were not too happy. At 58 I just do drum covers on youtube [martin vaccaro] now, and I just got a new digital 8 track recorder for hopefully some cool originals.[I record all the tracks] You did the right thing and did not sell your kit.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Getting Back Behind the Kit

    Thank you Speedy. It's been slowly improving to the point where I barely have the issue anymore. Tonight's the gig, we'll see how it goes. The songs are easy enough, and I've got them down well and with a good feel. So that's at least a good thing. My foot is still inconsistent, which is to be expected after such a hiatus. It knows what it wants to do and some of the muscle memory is there...and then it spazzes out. LOL What can you do other than keep it simple at that point. I'm hoping the sound system is working properly now. It was a cluster at the rehearsal the other day. No functioning monitors. That pissed me off. And I'm simply not good enough to move through without that. Any advice there?
  9. Mapex Mars Series identification

    You have the latest lugs and badges, but the older L-arm/mounts from the upper end Mapex lines. Bass spurs are the older original style. Floor tom leg brackets are also the older original style. The 1992 drums still had the newer lugs, but still had the Pearl style 7/8" tom arms, spurs, floor tom brackets and badges. The 1997 drums had updates on everything except the badges and lugs that you have. We don't have literature to pinpoint, but 1993-1996 would be the year range. I'd estimate on the older end of that. You might get lucky with sending the serial numbers to Mapex and asking them. If you do that, please let us know so we can update our information. Tell us even if they don't have information for you, that way we can pin down how far back their records go.
  10. Mapex Mars Series identification

    That's in really great shape and looks sharp. A local Mapex guru should be able to assist you. Welcome to OD
  11. Last week
  12. Learn How to Play a Trap Beat

    HAHA! It's definitely motivation to get better, especially since I don't believe the configuration should limit you as a player, outside of using multiple toms to play a scale or melody. I can't touch him at this point. The dude is sick, and he plays everything. Yes, even short blast beats... and vocals at the same time. There's an older drummer who's gotten back into playing recently. He complained to the guy and there's been a rack tom back on the kit ever since. I think he just didn't feel like setting up the full kit. He actually sought me out this week and thanked me for coming out again (I haven't played every week. Sometimes the band goes to watch and support), so I don't think he's super malicious or anything. But yeah, if I got good enough to hang with him, I'd totally shred the kit while staring right at him. It could make for a fun back and forth with the guy.
  13. You can make a really big yogurt container.
  14. Mapex Mars Series identification

    Hello, can someone help me to identify what year was this mapex mars set made?
  15. Learn How to Play a Trap Beat

    Dude...You should totally go in there and blow his doors down! hahaha
  16. Hello. I have a 14x6.5 snare shell what I can do with them

    Welcome! That's a good question. What can you do with it?
  17. Welcome! What kind of she’ll do you have? What are you looking to do?
  18. Hello. I have a 14x6.5 snare shell what I can do with them
  19. Tama superstar aquamarine

    Are those finished on the inside? And are those pinstripe heads on the resonant sides?
  20. max roach drums also waltzes

    Good stuff man. Welcome to the forum!
  21. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    My gap is his ideal of a good drum sound. After watching his Vid’s I get the impression a good drum sound is loosely one that has a tone; since he mimics the tone or pitch and is satisfied with it and calls it a good drum sound. Sound is relative. He may not care of the nuances because he states that all that is lost in the noise of drums anyway. So probably a good strong fundamental tone is what he’s after. Of course this is just based off his video comments. I havent been able to get him to define it despite my best efforts. But maybe a video blog is in the process?
  22. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Dude is in denial, or needs his hearing checked. I hear differences. Also, I do hear resonance differences in full set play. I did notice that there was less of a sound difference when the toms were tuned higher and more of a difference when he loosened the heads. Then he went on to explain that the opposite is true.
  23. hi some variations i did from max roach's drums also waltzes. the kit is a tama superstar aquamarine in jazzette 18 12 15 . regards Davuljul
  24. max roach drums also waltzes

    hi here is a variation from the drums also waltzes played on my tama superstar aquamarine bop kit 18 12 15 thanks for watching Davuljul
  25. Tama superstar aquamarine

    Hi Trying to fight against the extinction of rhese clear melodic drums i made a sample of this beauty below in the studio with the 24 12 16 kit thanks for watching. regards davuljul
  26. KBRAKES - Stop the Creep!

    So you should make and sell em for whatever you think is fair and help your fellow drummers out! You are the DIY guy! But if your cost is 15, if you are going to make money on it and make it a business, you will need to sell it for 21 bucks or so. But it needs to look like a well constructed and thought out product. If it looks too DIY, you won't have too many people buying it and have no sustainability. So most likely you will have to spend money and time prototyping and then have the injection molding done... ooops, better add another a couple of thousand just to get that going. Of course, you will need some packaging printed and made. Ooooops, better add more money to that. don't forget your favorite topic of marketing and budget for that. Oh and all the money you have invested, you are going to have recoup those costs. Guess you are probably going to have to charge 40 bucks. It's not easy or cheap to make things on a production scale. While I am sure making each part isn't that expensive - if he has the volume - but I am sure it cost a decent amount of money to get to that point. I deal with manufacturing and it costs a lot of money to start up and get to production. Everyone dreams of economy of scale and I am sure the cost could go down if D'Addario were making the product or if the company could sell tens of thousands of it. But the reality is, he probably won't so has to price accordingly to some pricing model that will make the guy money to recoup his initial investment and then make a couple of bucks. Just a thought but I am sure you considered of all of this before making your comment. What would be awesome is if you would make a video about that. Flex your DYI muscles as it were and give drummers ideas on how to save some cash and make something cool for themselves. While a lot of folks like the factory made parts I am sure there are many that are lookin for good drum hacks too!
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  28. Bon Jovi - It's my Life (drum cover)
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