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  2. Got this in an email the other day, from Kevin Philbin at KHS, so some of you may have gotten it too. Here's the link.
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  4. My first school was an interesting place. I don't talk about it much for several reasons. I may have mentioned it here before, but for now I'll just say it's hard to get into and it's government run. We haven't found any foods which cause problems for me. We have found several that alleviate certain issues better than others. I seem to be fairly lucky to be a full omnivore. I also didn't eat or drink anything differently than normal. Like I mentioned, I sit a lot for work now. I also spent a few days before the hurricane constantly on my feet, lifting and carrying heavy objects in weird positions. And I did it all over again right after the hurricane. I did start to feel some of the tension or swelling in that time, but not much. It usually goes away within a day. Why it took several days to hurt like that... Maybe I was too dehydrated for it to swell during that time. I spend the second half of last week trying to catch up on hydration and was at my best on Friday night. I do need to go to the chiropractor/nutritionist soon for several other issues. I'm going to bring it up. It might be a good idea to do a test, or have my PCP do a wide spectrum test and bring the results to my nutritionist.
  5. It's still up and read-only, but he's disabled posting. Sounds like a permanent move. He said he's been thinking about it for a while, but the recent negativity towards the Sons of Apollo album seems to have pushed him over the edge. He also said social media sites have helped negate the need for a forum. I know of a few I used to post on that are now just Facebook groups (although one is only because they had a massive server error and lost everything). I'm personally not active on Facebook and am breaking the rules by using a fake name. It's only there so my other accounts can forward content to the Facebook page, and you have to have a personal account linked to a page. It's a crap system really. I have pages because people view them, but I don't view them myself on Facebook. I was a very early user of the site. It's grown into an unmanageable abomination, and is essentially spyware. Anyway, that's where you'll have to go for your Portnoy info now. I didn't really keep up before, and I'm definitely not going to now. Blabbermouth article
  6. You lost me on your first school. What is that? I have big feet. My feet will hurt a lot if I sleep on my back and the sheets are tucked in. The stress on my feet, the sheets pulling them at my toes, seems little but, by the middle of the night I will wake up in pain. My wife doesn't bother tucking in the sheets. It's incredible the things that can bring pain to the body. The littlest things we hardly notice. A lot of stuff is diet related. I used to get bursitis in my shoulders. It hurt so much I could hardly pick up my mallet to strike my gong. The same person I mentioned before told me to try doing away with dairy. I didn't drink milk but, on cereal, and eating cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. I got rid of all of it. The bursitis went away, and never comes back unless I consume dairy products. Same with arthritis. I've been a vegetarian for almost 40 years so, animal meats, especially red meat, are not an issue. On the other hand, wheat, that's another story. Same person told me to get rid of the wheat. !!!! Seriously? Well, I did, and all the pains in my finger joints went away. Amazing. Red meat, white stuff like sugar, salt, rice, flour, etc, and the common wheat grown in our culture today account for all kinds of body aches and pains. Maybe something you are eating causes the inflammation. Did the nutritionist do any food testing on you?
  7. One of the people I worked with to fix it initially is a chiropractor/nutritionist. He even had me drinking horse salts to draw the inflammation out. It was that bad. I know about and have seen the different pressure points that can be used to release tensions, and I have been using them on myself in other areas. They are good temporary fixes that can help you along to a permanent fix, but I can't find a permanent fix. Tendonitis is usually due to a muscular imbalance, over repetition of a certain motion, or a combination of the two. For me, my ankles were built to swim. That requires a lot of flexibility, which is easier to accomplish with less muscle mass. Since I never needed to run, that wasn't a problem for me, until my first school. I did the minimum work needed to meet the running requirements and maintain flexibility, theoretically. Unfortunately, we didn't account for suddenly having to walk uphill (changes ankle operating angle) and carrying and extra 100lbs while doing so. Also, I only strengthened them enough to pass the tests, not to do the amount of extra running that was required. Within a week and a half, I was in a walking boot cast thing. I also had bursitis in addition to the tendonitis. Extra fun. Therapy initially was some ultrasound stuff, which I administered to myself. Great medical care there. There were also some stretches. Those were admittedly just guesses as to whether they would help or not. (Side note: It's a terrible idea to stretch inflamed connective tissue. Wait until that goes down.) Then I was given a walk-to-run program, and I kept doing the other stuff through the beginning of those. I think I was taken off the ultrasound because lots of other newly injured people needed to use it. I kept doing the (maybe useless) stretches after the walk-to-run stuff. I was also given two calf exercises. One was a calf raise, which made it worse, so we stopped that, and the other was essentially the inverse of it. That one didn't cause more pain or inflammation, but I'm not sure it helped at all. They made me keep doing it since it didn't make things worse. I was pushed through the walk-to-run program too quickly several times and the tendinitis would come back. Eventually I figured out that I could get more rest for my leg if lied and said it didn't hurt anymore to get out of therapy and only ran during the tests. My test sucked, but I passed. I still did the "calf drops" because they didn't hurt and I was hoping that they were somehow working. Theoretically the idea made sense, so I told myself it was just the slowest rehab exercise ever instead of "This doesn't work." I have talked to countless therapists and doctors since and they're either completely baffled, or they recommend things which made it worse when I tried them. So I've somewhat given up on a permanent fix to this, not that there truly is one with tendinitis. (My shoulders can get it again very easily, I just know how to avoid it.) At any rate, my leg hurt a lot less Sunday when I woke up. Maybe I was kicking my foot in my sleep the previous night, or I somehow stretched or pulled it in the bedding. Maybe not moving it all day helped it. I have no idea on that one, but it was weird. I was expecting at least a week of pain.
  8. I don't know what advice to give about playing techniques but, seems to me a chiropractor or kinesiologist could release tensions and stress that bring about the condition. When my carpel tunnel acts up, there is a tendon behind/inside the elbow, that if pressed, though it hurts, instantly releases the tunnel from stress and strain so blood can flow. Someone that worked for a kinesiologist/naturopath told me that. Works every time. I believe there are points in your body that, if manipulated correctly, would relieve your pain. There's a reason why you have the inflammation. Find the source and address that and you should find relief.
  9. Thanks, all. I'm really happy with the kit. Mike, I already had the Black Panther Machete which is also a 1mm steel snare, although 6.5 deep instead of 5.5 like the Tomahawk. Didn't want one that similar to what I already had and I love the Machete. Really liked the idea of a Maple/Walnut snare kind of like a Saturn. I also liked the look of it. I barely played the Tomahawk, but enough to hear the expected steel ring. The Sabre has a bit of a deeper tone, even when tuned somewhat tight. Really like it and the tube lugs are nice as well. I want to get the Armory matching snare at some point, which would give me a wider variety to choose from. So then I would have the Meridian (Maple 5.5 x 14), Machete (Steel 6.5 x 14), Sabre (Maple/Walnut 5.5 x 14) and Armory (Maple/Birch 6.5 x 14). But then there are some other BP snares that need me to buy them... It never ends.
  10. Sonofabitch...
  11. I woke up this morning and my Achilles tendinitis decided to return to a substantial level. I was beginning to feel it slightly during the hurricane prep and cleanup, but it was minimal and seemingly went away. I've been at work the past couple days, sitting at the desk, so I figured it would go away like usual. Nope. It's at a level that I should not ignore and push through like I usually do. I cancelled with the band for tonight. Definitely not a good idea to push it now. It flares up on occasion. Sometimes it is caused by playing drums. Since that's once a week at most, I can usually ignore it. I try to alter my bass drum technique if I feel it when playing, or if it doesn't feel great before I play. I've been toying with the idea of switching to left handed for years now, and giving up on double bass. It might be time to start working on that, or maybe an open handed lefty setup so I don't have to rewire my hand coordination too. I don't want to give up drums entirely. I'm just trying to find some alternative solutions. I don't think I'll ever be able to do rehab and therapy so it returns to being somewhat normal. The government run therapy I initially had to do made it much, much worse than it was. And that was after a wrong diagnosis and treatment which was the worst possible thing to do for tendinitis. (You can probably tell where I stand on the government being even slightly involved in health care from this injury.) I wasn't allowed to refuse the treatments or therapy routine either, unless I lied and said it felt better. I eventually did that and created my own therapy routine with the help of other doctors, but I had to continue doing normal activities, which still hurt my progress, but less than the original doctor's treatment. (I've had severe tendinitis in both shoulders, which was pretty much cured, so I had a decent knowledge base on the problem in general.) Years later some weird shoes (Vibram Fivefingers) were invented. I bought them and was scared to use them because of my leg. They sat for months while I asked the company, doctors and anyone I could if they would be beneficial or detrimental. I found no answers, so I tried them. I think they helped slightly, maybe. They didn't hurt. I might pull those back out of the closet, and buy some more toe socks. I'm not expecting too many medical suggestions on a drum forum, but if you guys have any other ideas for modifying my gear, set-up or playing habits, then I'd love to hear them.
  12. What are your thoughts on the Sabre vs Tomahawk?
  13. Congrats the armory series is fantastic and the sabre snare drum is essentially a Saturn shell with classy tube lugs. You definitely got one of my favorite finishes I also really liked the exotic aquamarine
  14. that's true. bad shit happened all around for sure. but good to know of buds that got through it relatively unscathed!
  15. No, it wasn't as bad here as it could've been. It's still annoying to see people on the internet saying nothing happened at all. My particular city had more damage than the surrounding areas in the last two storms, and it goes ignored. The islands were absolutely hammered, and there are areas in Florida that had it much worse than we did here. I feel bad for them, and I'm also thankful we didn't get what they got.
  16. Glad to hear it wasn't that bad as it could be. Best regards!
  17. Thanks man. It really came down to a direct hit or not. Storms have jumped off course randomly before, and this one was pretty wobbly and none of the models followed it well.
  18. I agree on the fade. Should be at the reso side like the rest of the drums. That would drive me crazy. Nice kit, though.
  19. Glad to hear you made out ok, all things considered.
  20. Real nice kit. And I had the chance to try some armory and hey have a really killer sound, and as Mapex states they felt crazy easy to tune! Congrats.
  21. Yeah, I felt the same about the fade on the bass. Those shallow toms are awesome. They sound great and take up less space. Win, win. Also, I traded in the Tomahawk snare that came with the kit and got the Sabre instead. Really like it.
  22. That is a nice finish, although I feel like the bass drum should fade in the other direction. I understand why it doesn't, but I feel like blue towards the player would give it better feng shui. Either way, that's a really nice shade of blue. How awesome are shallow toms though? Best thing ever.
  23. Thanks man! I just checked in here if you want to read my scrambled thoughts. On top of that, different people will use each term differently. It's all highly subjective and nonsensical. I have some K Custom Dark cymbals. Most people would say they sound dark or dry. When I first heard one, I had never heard most of these terms and described them as icy. While I think icy is a stupid word to describe them, I still think it's more accurate. Maybe some of the drumhead terms come from the old animal skin days? What does a wet calf skin sound like compared to a dried out calf skin or an optimally hydrated calf skin? And then some of those terms made their way over to cymbals, which can also be called trashy, whereas drumheads don't get that term.
  24. Changed my mind. No more free gear. If you want it, then prepare to pay. I got power back at my house around 10:30 yesterday. A crew from Chicago was on my street for a little over 12 hours in total from inspection to finish. But the place is gutted out for renovation and I do not have internet service set up there, so it's mostly a fancy phone charger at this point. I had a tree branch hit a portion of my roof. Looks like minor fascia damage. Other than that I spent about 4 days and $400-500 trying to find plywood for shutters, and on a few tools. I had a little help with that, none from family after helping them, of course. The storm changed course so we didn't get a direct hit, which eased the storm surge. That worked out because we didn't have to relocate the cats to my house after my mom fell and broke her arm. My mom lost a lot of tree limbs, a fence panel and most of the gazebo roof. I'm not sure if her roof had damage. I haven't had time to get up there and look at it. There are three businesses down the street from me who had their roofs torn off. A power pole in my mom's neighborhood (concrete I think) is oblitterated, so they're without power or communications for a while. A friend in Edgewood had a tree fall on their roof. Their landlord also had a tree fall on his house, over his daughter's room, so their patched their own so he could be a little less stressed out. My brother's friend (in/near Okeechobee) also had a tree fall on his roof, and he removed it during the storm because he's insane. Another friend in Ft. Myers evacuated to a hotel, but said his property is alright. Lots of trees, power lines and stop lights are down or damaged. I haven't looked at what the measured wind speeds were nearby, because this is the first I've been on the internet since. And I'm only on the internet because I stopped by the office to see if it survived. Turns out there's power and internet. So I paid my power bill and decided to check in here. I'll probably be getting back to work tomorrow, because getting paid is good and I lost a full week putting up shutters. There's a feral cat in the neighborhood who is pretty friendly. He walked into my garage while I was building a shutter for the door out of whatever scraps and rotted out wood I could find after the stores closed. I left him tons of food and water, along with the litter box. We need to work on his litter box skills, but he's safe and happy. I've seen 5 of 7 feral cats that are usually around my house, and I haven't seen any of the raccoons yet. I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but that's it for now. We're lucky the storm took the path that it did. I think that minimized the damages all around. The east coast would've been under water with a direct hit. It made landfall about 130 miles from my house and still did some decent damage, even after Cuba kicked its ass.
  25. Do you still have the lugs?
  26. Good looking kit. Congratulations!
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