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  1. Today
  2. Hello from AZ

    i was wanting to upgrade lugs and hoops and with the butt plate and throw off. If it wasn’t some Vintage brass piccolo. So looks like it’s a go. Thx guys
  3. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    this kit continues to spawn new drums! how does it do it??? mine doesn't have that capabilities. hahaha.
  4. Mapex Christmas Tree.

    lol. pretty awesome and one of a kind!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Mapex Christmas Tree.

    I threw together a Mapex Christmas tree. I was going to put lights on it, but wasn't very happy with how tall and unstable it was. I even put a wood bass inside the bass drum, so that the drum wasn't doing the supporting. It was just there for show. Took a pic before I took it down.
  7. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Luckily these will never be set up in a bar. I do have everything memory locked though, so the carrying everything in would be a pain, but the setup should go pretty smoothly. Probably not. It needs a 12' x 10' foot print. OK, I had a little space that was bothering me, so I made a 10" timbale to go with the 12 and 13" timbales. Think I am good now.
  8. Brandon Burkhalter

    I got seasick. Way over-produced for me. Nice composition, though. Very Italian classical/opera-sounding, like 70s Italian prog. What was the name of that band? PFM; was/is probably the most well known. Great band. (*looked it up - Premiata Forneria Marconi). Still out playing with some original members. I haven't them in 40 years. Brings back memories. Anyway, this kid has super-chops, for sure.
  9. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Would that fit on a typical bar stage? People don't realize the time. Only drummers get it. I think the biggest set I played out with had 23 drums, 30 cymbals. You take it down, pack it up, unpack, set-up, play, take it down, pack it up, get home, unpack, set-up again, next day or whenever. If I drove to a concert location my day began at around 3 a.m. and ended at 1 a.m., not including setting back up at some point so, well over 24 hours. Plus PA, keyboards and stuff. I loved playing live but, never again.
  10. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    i can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to setup and tear that done for a bar gig!
  11. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Dude. you really have to start making your own drums.
  12. Last week
  13. Who has animals?

    I have to cats.. they are super weird, love them as if they would be my children. One is an European short hair and the other one... well I don't know. I rescued them from somebody that didn't want them anymore. They are often in my videos as sneaky criminals and many times i have to re record some parts b3cause they miauw in between. LoL Besides, I rescued my dog, a mix between a german shepperd and probably a dalgo.. but she is now living with my mother.
  14. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    OK. Everything is lined up and tuned. I added a 12" timbale today. Thought the 13" looked lonely. It is now 25 pieces of Mapex Saturn awesomeness.
  15. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Thanks Logo! Thanks Mike! I spent the day moving all the toms one position to the right, so I could drop that one 8" in line with the others. It also allowed me to loser all the toms about an inch, making the kit more playable. I had to loosen all the heads so that I could rotate them to get the labels at 12 and 6 o'clock again. Then I had to tune all the drums again.
  16. Brandon Burkhalter

    Looks like Brandon has been doing well with his own project:
  17. I'am a drummer not a sound guy

    Ran across this video today. He gives some more sound libraries and tips for adjusting everything. I'm sure it's not your ideal approach, but it might help. You might be able to contact him, or someone similar, to see if they have sounds you could directly buy and load into your TD-10. (I know he mentions metal in the title, but I'm sure the procedure is similar for any style.)
  18. STYX

    Very cool to have seen Sucherman. I'm jealous.
  19. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Glen, you're a maniac. Don't ever change. This kit keeps getting bigger, but it's done so thoughtfully that the newest version looks like the kit was always configured that way.
  20. STYX

    50 bucks? Sounds like a very reasonably priced concert. Todd is a pretty awesome drummer. I have both of his videos and he's got chops and grooves galore. So it was too bad that the drums mix wasn't dialed in.
  21. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    really classy! love the timp toms/concert toms idea.
  22. STYX

    Went and saw Styx last night at Casino Rama in Orillia. The Equinox album was a huge part of my youth. They only have two remaining original members, and the original bass player did a few cameos last night. The venue holds about 5000 people, and it was full. They played all their great stuff, and three from their new album. They even did Gowan's Criminal mind which was cool. He sings and plays keys for the band. Good Canadian boy Eh! My buddy that I went to the show with is also a drummer. We were excited to see the great Todd Sucherman, who is the drummer now for Styx. Unfortuntely everything about the sound last night was great except for the drum mix. It was way too muddy, and you couldn't tell what he was doing half of the time. Really a shame. It might of been because we were sitting pretty far back, or the sound guys messed up. Spoiled the night a bit, but all in all it was a great show. The harmonies were still spot on after all these years, and the band is very tight. Well worth the $50.
  23. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    So I decided to cut three spare 8" arctic white toms, and make them concert toms. I also took a spare 13" tom and made it into a timbale.
  24. Hello from AZ

    I haven't seen those lugs in awhile now. Most of the parts suppliers had them. The throw off is generic, as well. If there's no identifying tag on the drum, I'd say you have a drum someone made from component parts.
  25. Mapex Black Panther Black Widow Lose Throw-off

    That sounds like a fluke I’d contact the shop you got the drum from or maybe even KHS America directly (the Mapex distributor). One of those avenues should get you squared away. I work in a drum shop and haven’t come across that issue before.
  26. Hello from AZ

    ah, I’ve always had issues will steering wheel covers they are ether too tight or loose but saw some wraps that looked like it would be alittle nicer just to put on. Well lugs look like a match, just more lugs and different throw off, the butt plate looks similar also, all I know when it’s cranked up, it will kick ass and take names. Thx speedninja.
  27. Sons of Appollo -Psychotic Symphony

    Sorry this is a bit late. I went to see Dream Theater in Detroit a couple of weeks ago. Everything was great, except for LaBrie. He just can't hit the notes anymore. I felt bad for him. Musically, the band sounded amazing! Mangini was on fire.
  28. Earlier
  29. 26" - Unbelievable

    That thing is a lot more articulate than I was expecting. Those plywood drums are still my favorite thing ever.
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