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    Your video auto-played for me. I had to stop working to look at it and see what was up with the snare drum, then I saw the title and got what you were doing. Trap is weird to play. One of the local open mic places has a drummer who sets up a trap style kit, and then he complains that nobody else plays it well. I guess I'll have to learn this stuff to shut him up.
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    Yes, just like the images in the catalog, the old logo. So this could be one of the last voyager (before they started makin' them again) or a Q. In fact I think it was only a change of name, If you look at both catalogs I'd swear the image is the same. They only changed the name of the drumset. So you can choose whatever you prefer.
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    As usual, with Mapex you can't be 100% sure of anything. I've been looking at all those old catalogs and found what I told you, al models are identified in the badge Mapex V was used for all the lower line which was V series, Vx Series and the lower of all Voyager. At the beginning the Voyagers used different lugs and tom holders, but ended using the same that use your drums, this was around 2005 and the image in the catalog doesn't allow me to see clearly if it still wear the V on the badge, I'm pretty sure it doesn't. But... the thing that bothers me is that the logo on your bass drum stopped being used at 2002-2003. Yours should have that one similar to the badge's logo. In fact the snare wears too the same old style logo. Take a look at the bottom heads in toms and snare and tell us what logo appears, the same that appears on the bass drum and snare batter drum head, or one closer to the badges one. There's one thing else that didn't match. As you can see in the specs, both Voyager and Q Series, came along with a wood matching snare. mapexusacatalog_2007 Q series.pdf Here we can expand more the image and it seems That Mapex was using this serie to exhaust their stock of old logos drumheads (look at the tom resonant heads) Maybe they just put the new logo on the bassdrum for the catalog. So my final guessing is that you have here a q series from 2005-2007.
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    That's pretty close, I'll take a look at my catalogs tonite. But yes, it should be a Q or QR as long as above models like V or VX and so on used to be identified in the badge. I'll take a look and post here captures to identify them.
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    I really need to figure out which computer I saved all the digital catalogs on... Off the top of my head I'd guess 2007-2012ish Q or QR (or similar) series with basswood shells. Judging by the configuration and wrap, it's probably the "lowest" line they offered at the time. The shells and mounts were used in pretty much all of their entry level series back then.
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    Hey Mike and Mike! Thanks for checking out the video!! I know everyone always says.."Practice it Slow"...But it's the truth with this one. It took me a while to get it smooth. I really found that locking on to the accents allowed it to flow more for me. the doubles should be very ghosted. You want your arms to kind of go in a wave motion. Like the kind of wave where you would see an audience at a baseball game. Your left goes up and the right follows in that wave like motion. Really exaggerate that motion even if it looks ridiculous. As one hand comes down for the accent, the other follows shortly after. I would also suggest using a metronome app that clicks off 16th note triplets. If you can accent certain clicks...even better. That will be a good guide to follow. Again do it slow and just focus on feeling what you hear.
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    Don’t miss this lesson on how to turn a 6 Stroke Roll into a killer lick! Make sure to subscribe to my channel for tons of lessons, and more!
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    Hello Guys I am a new member here and I want to share with you some of my drumming work such us : my covers and my bands songs here is a little taste of it !!! My Best Covers: Avenged Sevenfold Project (Covers Playlist) My Bands first song : No Escape - Inevitavle(Official Music Video) My Newest cover: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Companies I use : Dixon Drums, Sonor, Evans, Remo,Paiste,Sabian,Balbex Sticks,Rsticks,VicFirth,Wuhan
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    Welcome to OD, Bill! Your band is pretty cool. I dig the violin.
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    welcome Bill! Nice grooving! Thanks for sharing your vids and giving us some intel on who you are. I like that you aren't afraid to hold time. I hope you keep posting and be an active member on the board. Is the studio space in your house or are you at a rehearsal space?
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    I took a cell phone video at an open mic gig last night. I made a mistake that caught me off guard, and it snowballed to a larger one, but I got back on track. This was after watching your video saying not to do this. It was more funny than anything to watch myself say "oops" to another drummer just off stage. I don't think the guys in the band noticed. It seemed more obvious in the moment than passively watching the video afterwards.
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    Nice video. Nice production value. Great content. Mistakes are a great point. People are afraid to make mistakes. Victor Wooten brought up a great point. Athletes train to deal with mistakes. Basketball players don't expect to make every basket but they work on rebounds as example. Musicians don't necessarily do that and freak out for a moment. It is was awesome as Victor was playing the wrong note but was playing it in such a groovy manner, people were still bopping their heads. We are the rhythm section, not the notes section.
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    Well yes I have done it for home use.
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    That's a cool fill man. I can see myself using that one. Good stuff.
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    Before I get into any replies, I think we're all splitting hairs and getting well past the point of diminishing returns. I think that might be the point of the whole topic, to be honest. Everyone has said that there are noticeable sound differences with different woods and materials and whatnot. I think the a-drum-is-a-drum term means you hit it and it makes noise. That's not incorrect. I have a set of Percussion Plus drums with tons of felt under the heads, and some small holes in the heads here and there. Do they sound like drums? Yes. Do they sound like my Meridian kit? No. Do they sound like my Meridian kit in a band setting? I don't really even want to bother trying, to be honest. I need to save up for new heads on the kit. That will probably cost six times what I bought the drums for, so you can imagine my hesitation. I don't have anything nice to record with (a cell phone) but I can give it a try if everyone is interested. I really need some recording gear for all the tests this thread is inspiring. Anyway, my point is that we've all said there's a difference in sound with all these variables. I think the main idea is that those differences are lost when playing a full set, or even more so in a live band setting. So if a company claims that one drum sounds better than another, and it does, then that's fair. Is the extra $2,000 worth it for the difference in sound? I guess that's up to who has the money. You see this in cars all the time, particularly in racing. People will spend $10,000 to go a tenth of a second quicker in the quarter mile. Now, if you're going from 13.2 to 13.1 seconds... buy a better car. If you're going from 4.2 to 4.1 seconds, that's probably the best deal anyone has ever gotten. To put it all in perspective, which car is better (for drag racing): the 13.1 second car or the 4.1 second car? So for drums, which is nicer: a Noble and Cooley or a Sound Percussion Lab? A bit of an unfair comparison. The cars have a quantitative value and drums do not. Drums are very subjective in nature. As with everything else that's subjective, people will always claim that one is better or worse with no stated metrics for how to evaluate those claims. Come up with metrics and data or this entire discussion is essentially a bunch of dick wagging nonsense. Otherwise one person can be content with a drum, any drum, and another can only be content with a very specific drum, and nobody is wrong. All advertising in drums could use this format: "[insert claim or slogan here], to me." They just leave off the "to me" part, because it's implied and looks sloppy in print. About the Tubie videos... The first one was a pretty clever and creative story of Tubie the bastard drum who just wants to play with all the other drums. That was great. I had a good laugh. You should find someone to animate it. If I had to make a decision to buy or make one of those from that video, I absolutely would not. Yes, it makes the general sound that a drum makes, but not a sound that's particularly pleasant. The video of all the drums is obviously taken with your Zoom across the room. It's a fair approach. The drums are tuned to odd notes, like sharps or something. It sounded almost like a traditional Asian scale or melody. Not entirely important, but it threw me off a little. Admittedly, I'm not in the best environment for listening, but everything really sounded dead in that video. I remember those same drums sounding better before. All that being said, I couldn't tell a difference between it and the stacked plywood shells. By that I mean it sounded like it belongs. I'll have to try again later in a better room with better headphones. I struggle to see where older advertising isn't as hyped up as modern advertising. Hell, we have laws now because of how false older generations of advertising were. If anything there's more use of qualitative verbiage to avoid being pinned down as dishonest. Well, it's a meme. A very old meme, back from when times were simpler and memes usually weren't made to be looked at with a 12 dimensional chess mindset. So the bold "Marketing done fucking right" is really just more of a caption printed on a picture of a clever billboard. You could leave it there, I suppose. It was a half throw away comment since I stumbled upon a clever shit talking ad while we were discussing marketing. You could look deeper into it, I suppose. Volvo is basically stating that all the fancy technology that German companies use do make nice cars, but they're fragile unreliable. If you're looking for a solid, reliable, safe car, then try a lowly, more pedestrian Volvo. It's also a dig at their musical cultural differences, yes. As far as outlandish marketing hype... I did mention marketing hype, because we were talking about it, but I meant marketing in general. Sure, Volvo is swinging pretty hard at Germany as a whole with this ad. They just did it in a subtle way. It basically reads, "Your 'advanced' cars are as vacuous as your terrible music. Try something more substantial." Side note: You're not the first to call me "speedy", but it's funny to me that it's kinda become my nickname. Years ago a friend had me join up on a Supra forum to check things out. I didn't know anything about them, and still don't, but it was easier to follow his sick build there. I wasn't using my old "quikstang" moniker anymore and had nothing planned so I took his name (SpeedDodici) and altered it to SpeedNinja, mostly so people knew I was just tagging along in that community. I've played with a couple others since, but I keep using this one for the heck of it. I don't think he uses his name anymore. It's just funny from my perspective that the most meaningless part of any name I've ever used is what gets picked up on the most. It doesn't bother me or anything, just an observation of general human behavior. They address it a whole lot more arrogantly. At the same time, some of the woods drummers look down on can be completely acceptable or even desired in a guitar. I'm referencing more electric guitar talk, where the pickups are the driving force behind the sound, but you can hear differences in other variables. Alright. I've been on here too much this week. I need to get some work done.
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    Welcome to OD, Chris! I've already subscribed and will work your content into my workday listening entertainment. I'll find you on IG when I remember my password.
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    Welcome aboard, Chris. Looking forward to your participation. Fill #5? Sweet.
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    Welcome, Chris! It's great to have you. Regards, Frodis (Mike H)
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    Congrats on 200 subs! (Again. I had watched your video before opening this window.)

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