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    Sweetwater has good bundles. Musicians Friend. Of course, Ebay. Shop around. As far as manufacturers, everybody has good features now, even on lower levels. For me generally comes down to a la carte and prices. Except for my teens, early 20s, when I had Ludwig, and even then I had scattered equipment from others, I have never owned hardware from just one company. I look for features/price, and go that way. Some want everything to match, which is fine, and I'd say, find bundles if you go that path. Used hardware is fine if you can make sure to get a refund if things are not what you expect. I don't generally get used hardware, unless it's vintage stuff. I expect things to be so-so and if I have to modify, that's okay. Otherwise, you never really know how tight people twist wing nuts and T bolts, etc., so, you never really know if something is about to strip out. I stick with new and get pieces that meet the need. That might be heavy duty or light duty, just depends. I recently got some Tama flush base cymbal stands and love them. Got a Gibraltar, too. Ludwig has them. DW, as well. Takes me back to my younger days before tripod stands. The Tama are cool because I can mount two cymbals on one stand, a la Ginger Baker, back in the day. The early stands had 3/8" solid upper rods which allowed it. Lots of fun. You just have to put something around the rod to protect it, and the cymbal. I'm a pretty big guy, play with enough force, and these stands go nowhere. I've been re-positioning the new 26" ride I got, and wondered how it would do on one of these stands and it did just fine. They don't go as high as tripods though. I always liked Pearl cymbal stands for features for the price. I don't know if Ludwig still makes telescopic boom stands but, I have had those for many years and they are great for the price. As far as h-h stands, I can use just about anything there. Some may be smoother than others but, they all work. Aside from my Drumnetics, I have a Mapex, sold a nice Yamaha I should have kept, have owned stands by Ludwig, Slingerland, Pearl, Tama, and others and they all worked fine. Snare stands, same thing, though features come into play for me there. I can live without universal tilt for cymbals, though I'd much rather have that but, snare stands, uni-tilt all the way. Toothed gears always seem to be an angle I don't like. Get something with universal tilt on that. That goes for your tom stand, as well. Unless you play with everything flat. Doesn't really matter then. Although, it is very possible to get a toothed gear tilt and their 'level' is not truly level. Just depends on how that gear assembly is manufactured and mounted on the tube. Go universal, if you can. Even secondary models have that now. It's pretty standard for everybody. Right now I have stands by DW, Gib, Tama, Yamaha, even some no-name, much less expensive snare stands off ebay that really surprised me for quality. So, yeah, man, enjoy the hardware hunt. The drums, too. Bill Cardwell is top notch. None better.
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    Congrats on the new kit. C&C is a great company. If you hear a Dream you like and can get THAT exact cymbal, feel free. Unfortunately, the hand hammering and lathing they go through is just not very consistent so, you may be very disappointed to hear one on youtube, order that model and it sounds much lower or higher in pitch than you expect. I was warned. It is the same with Wuhan traditional cymbals. They are nice jazzier sounding cymbals for the money but, I have too often gotten models that sound quite a bit different than models I have seen played on yoube or elsewhere but, for the price, you just cannot complain. I stopped purchasing Zildjians years ago because of quality control issues. Too many dead instruments. I don't know why but, I began to get too many with cracks right from the factory, or dead units in various lines that just had no life to them. I'd rather get Sabians, and I just think they are a nicer company of people. That said, UFIP Class series are my favorites, followed by Paiste Signatures. UFIP's rotocasting process does make a difference. Their cymbals have a life to their sound and an ease of speaking with the lightest touch that is incredible. Paiste Sigs speak for themselves. It's a unique alloy, sounds magnificent, and Paiste makes very consistent cymbals model to model, regardless of alloy. Personally, owing to the difference in price, I would get Sabian CuSn8 (B8) alloy before Paiste use of it in 2002s or Alphas, etc but, that's my wallet. I have some Paiste B8 alloy cymbals and they don't sound any better than Sabians. Of course, this new 26" Giant Beat I got is B8 and it's just a marvelous cymbal, so Paiste does cool things with the alloy. I will say the new S series from Zildjian (B12 alloy) is pretty cool. I bought some hi-hat tops and was pretty pleased with them. I have not tried the Sabian XSR models (B20 but machined with less detail) but, they seem like a great deal. If money is an issue, consider Stagg cymbals. I've been really impressed with them, especially for the price. They are all B20 bronze and those I have purchased have not disappointed, both rides and crashes. Aside from all the Turkish companies, save for Istanbul, about the only companies I have not owned or heard up close and personal are Soultone and Meinl but, they have their fans, to be sure.
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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting the vid! I will watch the vid in a moment but I am a fan of Anika so I will be lookin forward to hearing you you approach her music.
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    I say Saturn 5. And I totally agree with the matching snare drum. In fact I ordered one with my Saturn IV. Saturn IV already used these lugs and SoniClear suspension system in 2013 (when they came out), but not the tom holders with the gap. They still used the regular tom holder and clamp. They neither had the SoniClear Edges.
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    I got a Mapex 18x24 bass drum back in the 90s. I still have the shell in my big set. I don't remember what series its from. I want to say Saturn but ... Someone here would know. I have saved the lugs all these years, and the base mount. I don't remember but, I'm pretty sure the two black pieces are involved somehow. I don't remember anything else. If something is missing let me know what it looks like. I may have it somewhere. I don't generally throw stuff away. I really don't have an accurate idea what the stuff is worth. If anyone is interested make me an offer and we'll see. Thanks for looking.
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    Hello! It's been sometime since I had the chance to stop in and say hello! I am an Endorsee and the Artist Relations Director for RCI drums. You can find me on Facebook and myspace. Do a search in Google for RCI JohnnyC. Here's a kit that I created a few months back for your enjoyment. Bets regards, JohnnyC RCI Drums Artist Relations Director USA