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    Wow, Augie. I'm so sorry to read this. I would love to try to convince you to stay, but I'd rather respect your privacy in this decision. This is a part of your home, and you invited us all in to share it with you. So when you decide to close off this particular room, I'll abide by your decision knowing you chose what is best for you and your family. I apologize for not being more active on the site. Please understand this was never a matter of disinterest on my part or dissatisfaction with the site. You always ran this as a first class joint, and I was always proud to be a part of it. I'll miss not checking in every day. Please know that I did (every day and often more than once) even if I wasn't as frequent a poster as I should have been. But it's been a rough few years for me and I endeavoured to stay quiet if I had nothing of worth or humor (at least my sense of humor) to say. On another note (and I'm writing this here because it's the most likely spot for everyone to see it) Speedy started a thread a few weeks ago titled "Fuck Cancer". I was absent from this discussion and I felt terrible for not lending my support. However, after watching my wife bravely fight cancer for three years and ultimately lose her battle with it last summer at only 49 years old, it hit too close to home and wasn't something I could read. It definitely wasn't a thread I could contribute to without being a downer. But now knowing the forum will close up shop, I feel terrible and worry my silence could be construed as rude or disrespectful. I know you guys aren't sitting there saying, "Where the hell's Spina?" but I still feel bad now for not wishing Mike's friend my best. I hope all goes well for her and her family. I apologize for not showing my support earlier. You guys have all been great and I thank you all for your friendship, advice and free sharing of knowledge. Augie, best to you and thank you for providing such a great place for us to share ideas, have some laughs and get the latest drum info. We've all reaped the benefits of your hard work. Grazi.
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    I am waiting on approval from their admin. Joining a forum in another language... It would force me to relearn all the Spanish I've forgotten. Let's see if I can sign up without cheating and using a translator.
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    Haha!! Drinks are always on me boys!
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    Oh! C'mon!!! I don't trust ya'!!! This is a little game you're playing, cause when you told me last week you won't shut down the site for the EU guys you were lying to me! You're sayin' that so when I'll come to OD and don't find the web I wouldn't think: Oh! Augie kicked me out, I would think: Sad, OD is over... NO, I don't believe you!!! That's me, a little crazy, don't I? So sad to hear that Augie. I'm not that old here as much as most of you, and don't remember how I found you, for sure I was diggin' for some Mapex info and meet with @SpeedNinja, that's why I entered today, to talk to him and tell him a guy gave me today a complete line of 2002 Mapex mini-catalogs (Venus, M, M-Pro, Saturn and Orion), a page about Janus, a double paged BP catalogue from 1997, and something more. Well it seems I'm not sharing them through the vintage forum of OD (now that I learned where to put them...). I'll scan them and share to whoever wants them. I'll leave my e-mail at the bottom of the post, write me if you want, just tell me hey I'm whoever from OD, I'll love to hear about you. @SpinaDudeI'm very sorry about your loss, my thoughts are with you. I gotta say I arrived here and I had never been part of any forum before. You all made me feel at home immediately, I'm sure I'll bring you all with me in my heart. To anyone who wants a forum to talk about drums, I invite you all to conquer an spanish forum named Batacas (something like drummas´) where we have very crazy arguments, and spend lotta laughs, BUT there are lotta Mapex haters in-there, I'm fighting them for a long time and they are changing their minds a bit, but wow, with an army like you... As I said ( @OfficialDrummer) Augie, I feel sad about thinking to hit the button to come visit OD and find it's not there anymore, but in the other hand... if I gotta find something positive is that I won't have to see @Sticks4drumsbuying another impressive kit making me jealous again, please shut down this before he could be able to buy one of these new Black Panther Design Lab drum kits comin' out next fall. Best regards to you all, thanks for allow me to exist into this nice community. Keep drumming (well, or keep quitting) and enjoy your life. I hope I'll meet you somewhere outthere. abelgg. 1309 @ gmail . com (take out the blanks if you want to contact me) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLL5P-qd3OcT3jgJGLoX86Q?view_as=subscriber
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    Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. I will really miss coming here each day. We've had some great laughs, many great debates and unfortunately some heated arguments. Isn't that what family is all about? MIKEY!!! You've got the best hooch in town. Pour us some shots!!
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    Wow... I was moving all week and hadn't had time to check in on the site much - ok, not at all! Sorry! But this is sad news indeed. However, I understand the financial implications for maintaining and running a sophisticated forum site such as this one. All I can say is that it was an honor and privilege of getting to know all you awesome drummers! It was a lot of fun while the ride lasted and I hope that we will find each other on other drum forum sites. I am on drumforum.org as logogogue so you can probably always find me there! Augie, thank you for letting me be a part of the forum. I enjoyed moderating and of course, it was a very special occasion getting to meet you and the not-so-little-one's-anymore! You have an awesome family. Be good all and keep hitting the mylar!
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    Well all, I know it's been years since I've posted anything here but I've been popping in and out on occasion to check on y'all. Always was happy to see that SpeedNinja Mike was still very active with the boards. Was also very nice meeting you too , my friend! Made some great connections thru here and still keep in touch with Tony and Ken. Ken thinks he's a golfer now so that keeps Tony and I busy with giving him crap about that, lol I still remember well how Augie and I became friends thru the Derek Roddy forum originally and then him starting up the CSM boards and coming over to help mod the site. Lots of great people, topics and discussions have come thru here and we all owe a great deal to Augie for keeping this thing going thru all the ups and downs and changes. A lot of boards never had the lifespan this one has had. Props to ya bud! Love ya and keep on wrenching those Mopars! I haven't done any muscle car stuff in years now but have been happily turning wrenches and being mechanic for my cousin racing sprint cars here in central PA for past 8 years. Loving getting back into dirt track racing again! Cheers ALL!!!!! Carl " There's nothing you can know that isn't known Nothing you can see that isn't shown"
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    Augie, I don't know what else to say. It's been a great time here and we'll keep in touch for sure. It's a bummer, but life is what it is. I'm definitely grateful that CSM/OD existed. It's impossible to imagine if it hadn't, although I might have done more homework when I was in school. I can't believe you were nearly my current age when this all started. Man, all the names above... and a few more people I had fun chatting with. I have updated my signature with my YouTube and G+ links if anyone wants to keep in touch. I also added links to some of the more common social media accounts for my current cover band (I don't currently run the Facebook page). We're also on SoundCloud and I have a Reverb account for anyone who is there and needs sales tips or info for older Mapex stuff. Or shoot me a DM and I'll send you my email. I'm staying in touch with @kustomdk so we can still pool our Mapex historical records. I talk with a few members here on Instagram and YouTube. Still though, I've talked with so many awesome people here. I am on other drum forums, under various handles, but I never felt like I belonged at most places. This forum was different. If I don't cross paths with some people in particular again, best of luck in life to you. I'm glad we at least met here. @SpinaDudeNo worries about the other thread. We all fluctuate in presence and ability throughout life. Bev is doing a bit better now, and thanks for your support! Sorry about your loss, man. It's brutal. I can't imagine being in your place. Nobody on this side of the internet wormhole thinks poorly of you at all. Quite the opposite. Oh, and if Carl does stop in... It was nice meeting you, dude.
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    Wow, I can’t believe I made the list twice??😳 I believe I have been a member of this great forum since the beginning and have chatted with some great people on here. I know I haven’t been very active lately, life just gets busy. I will miss this forum dearly and if anyone would like to keep in touch, I suggest we all exchange email addresses or even phone numbers. Finally, thank you Augie for creating a forum where we as drummers could ask any question we could possibly think of and Mike would know the answer, lol! cheers to you Augie and to all of the fantastic people on this forum sincerely, Mikey
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    Hi Everybody, The site will close next Thursday or Friday, more than likely on Thursday of next week. So we've officially entered our last week at OD and our last weekend. I wanted to remind everyone again get any information from other users you need to stay in contact with them. I also restricted guest viewing this last week. Our last week is for our members. Kindest Regards my Friends, lotta love for you all Augie
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    Hello CSM and OD Members of past and present, Today is a very sad day for me but it's a day that's been long overdue imo. We are officially closing the doors of OfficialDrummer.com at the end of this month. I want each and everyone of you past and present to know how much you're appreciated. Very much so. You all made this possible for as long as it has been. Many of you have a very special place in my heart and really I'm heartbroken I may not ever speak to many of you again. CSM and OD gave us all a place we could call our own even though we were only a spec of sand in this big beach. You all made that spec of sand a pretty special place for a very long long long time. I hope each and everyone one of you the absolute best I could ever wish for anyone. I can't say enough good and great about all of you, your attitudes, person, being, just everything about each of you made us special. Each of you brought your own unique style to our home. Just a few mentions: I can't thank my moderators here enough. @logogogue and @Frodis have been the gold standard in both support for this site and outside of the site. K I've met in person and really, I love the guy, my kids love him, he's a special guy with a obvious goodness quality and infectious smile that has and will carry him onto great things. Frodis has really been a Rock to this site. There's no other way to put that. Always supported this place, always contributed, always there. His dedication is so so very much appreciated. SO very very much. Thank you Frodis / Mike. Kinda brings a tear to my eye here. Mike's meant a lot. I certainly can't forget other mods like Tony or Carl, I especially miss Carl. If Carl reads this, thank you Sir. @SpeedNinja Speedy has also been this sites rock since very early on when we were CSM. Mikes dedication to our site has been unwavering over the years. The debt of gratitude here is endless from me to him. Endless. Mikes kindness and generosity is beyond the pale of kind and admirable. Mike's another member I can't just say enough good / great about. A rock and a integral part of the foundation to our site. I also can't forget the countless members who've played a major role in our site over the years. Members come and go over the years, but I feel no matter what, credit is due and owed, good people. SpeedNinja / Mike Mikey Carl kustomdk TheQuietOne75 Chubbs < One awesome guy! Always missed Chubbs.. dingerjunkie < Another awesome guy! claydoh Matthias Gearhead Mikey < My old friend and internet drinking buddy when I did drink many moons ago rush equals love kontroll 05WideGuy EPIARCHDRUMMER Swede Patentagosse Boomer Esther < Yea, Boomer will get that! AncientGas Big_Drumz bipple56 Redvan SpinaDude xsabers Graham Collins emonzon Brian Peat bippy58 iNDiGLo wa2xtreme Bonze75 Mr Orion Charlie Giuli unholymunk poiesznbeats tonydr1ve nickg Muffin Moldy Gianpiero Ginger Bonzo mzd I never forget a lot of things and people, you can see that from above If I forgot someone I do apoligize, after 12 years it's hard to remember everyone and everything, remember,, I was 37 when this all began and now I am 50 No particular to the order above, but a thank you is in order for all of you mentioned above and some not mentioned above. As you can see below, we started a very very long time ago from the screen below... Over a decade of friendships built and walking side by side with our fellow drummers. Some artists we owe gratitude: Brandon Khoo Rick Brothers Zack Stewart Doc Spoons If anyone is interested in keeping OD going, I would consider selling it to the right person. PM me if you're interested but be warned, it's a lot of work and you really need to be somewhat orientated in software to perform upgrades to keep the community safe. There's a bit more too, again, pm if interested. I will also only take any pm's for this in the next week or a bit more, but not much more. The end of the month is gaining on us. Any of you who's made close friends here at OD I suggest you get contact information as soon as possible. I wouldn't want you to not be able to reach out to the ones you've made close friendships with. That wont be possible at the end of the month after we close, so now is really the best time to get that done. EDIT: If anyone can't login for whatever reason and you want to, send me a email at u m p b 1 @ y a h o o . c o m The letters above are separated and you will need to put them together to make the email address work. The spaces are not supposed to be in the email addy but it keeps the spammers away Now.... This breaks my heart but here we go.... Again, Thank you all very very very much. You mean the world to me. It has been my honor and pleasure to serve you all. God Bless you all. Kindest regards Augie
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    Hey guys. I'm not trying to stir anything up here, just asking. Has DieHard been on since Augie announced the impending sign off? I know his recent posts on shell composition caused some divisive discussions, but he seems like a really nice guy and imparted a lot of knowledge. I hope he's well and checks in to say good-bye.
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    Till the end of the month Mike As promised..
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    This is as drool worthy of a drum as one can get. The pinnacle really. I am sure some folks would argue what brands are represented but everything you have is quality and I would enjoy playing any one of those kits. Especially the arctic. Still my favorite color so I am partial to it.
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    Very sorry to hear about your wife. You always had something positive to say on here. Good luck to you.
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    If I ever needed a great closing to this chapter it was this, thank you Carl. Very very much. In my thoughts many times over the years and always missed. I hope the kids are well. I'm positive by now some have left the nest however Both of mine have and were actually here when this all began. God bless you Carl and thank you again, My Friend. Kindest Regards Augie
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    It might be one of the later Voyager configurations when they made the toms larger, but before upgrading the lugs. Probably V Series in the mid-2000s. Those sets changed constantly and didn't always make the catalogs. I will try to sift through what I have if I find the time.
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    Hello, Someone should be able to help out on that one. Nice to meet you Kind Regards
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    sick drummer. I like his style and his fluidity. Thanks for the post as always Mike!
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    Oh snap, I forgot about you and the EU thing... I'll DM you here shortly. I'm still interested in drum/Mapex archeology. I like the historical and mechanical design aspects of music gear still. That's probably the only remaining interesting part of it to me. I'll still be around to answer those questions. I also consider y'all to be friends, so I'll be around to keep up with everyone. Lots of car guys here too, so there are other mutual interests.
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    Whaaaaat!!!??? Could I guess you'll maintain your vintage Mapex archaelogy interest and suport to the comunity alive? Or will you abandon us too? Just kidding, do what you need man. For sure you'll drumterest will come back sooner or later, a real quitter wouldn't keep a kit which is able to be splitted in two. If your point is nowadays just jam for fun, that's what you should do. Don't stress yourself in any way. It's not a crime, it's something you must enjoy. I wouldn't think it's criticizable to don't have the desire of improve anymore (unless you are Lars Ulrich and make a livin' out of drumming). Maybe it will return, or maybe you'll just enjoy what you acquired through the years of playin'. Whatever will be, will be. You know you have a companion in archaeology in me, and for whatever you'll need if I could be of any help you know where to find me (If the UE kids could remain here...). Cheers and keep drumming... or not
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    seems like you've been contemplating this a bit so, right on. The important thing is you are keeping your kit and whenever the inspiration hits you, you can rock out.
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    At the end of high school, I got a piece of good advice from my music teacher. He said, "Never sell your kit. You never know." I think it was good advice. Many of us have probably gone through periods of our lives where we set the drums aside, or at least onto a back burner, while we chase the other pursuits that life has to offer. It's only natural -- especially if we were so focused on drums/music to the exclusion of all else while we were children or teens. I, too, spent about a decade away from my kit and never missed it -- until I did. Our focus can change. No shame in that. Never say never. Lave the door open and you just may find you'll come back to it in a week, or a month, a year, or even a decade. Advice I give to parents when their children are beginning to learn to play an instrument is to not force it. Kids who love to play the piano or clarinet or whatever may come to resent it if Mom and Dad forces them to play when they aren't feeling it. So, look at it as if you are just taking a break. No one ever truly stops being a drummer. Come back to it when the muse strikes. In my case, that break has led to the most satisfying period of playing in my whole life and, like they say of fine wine, I only get better with age! Cheers, Mike H
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    Here is a project that I have been progressing for about two years. I bought a used maroon Mapex Pro M kit at Tacoma Guitar Center, and began working on the paint project in spring 2015. Having limited resources from a fixed income, the lacquer project extended into cold humid weather, which postponed it's completion. Spring of 2016 I was able to complete the color portion of the project, but unable to continue with the clear coat. The drums were sanded to bare wood, interiors masked, and painted white lacquer. The white was masked and the red stripes were applied, re-masked and the blue was applied. The red and blue colors are micro flake added to clear lacquer, not a colored paint. The application of white micro flake to the stars and white stripes, required much masking time. It may be hard to notice in the pics, but I tried to present a gradual faded effect across the set, with the 10" tom being the most faded. This graduation is more apparent in person. This is my live kit, so I am hoping to complete the clear coat this spring. A deep clear coat should bring out the shine of the flake colors much better, while adding luster also. I haven't painted the snare drum, as I wish to replace it. When it's all said and done, more gets said than done.
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    I've been struggling with the idea for a few months now. I decided to meet up with one of my oldest friends, and current band mate, last night to have a discussion. He brought his roommate, another band mate, along with him, so it was a little more awkward than I was hoping. I think I'm done with drumming. I just don't really care anymore. I don't really want to learn anything new. I don't want to improve from where I am now. I don't care if I play things perfectly. I'm okay with playing things at a barely adequate level. I don't really want to play gigs. I don't even really care if I play or not. This is pretty out of character for me given that I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. The current band situation isn't any sort of stressor or obligation that would cause burn out. I think I've struggled with it is because I enjoy having the guys over ever week, or every other week, and playing a bit. Turns out it was more of a reset, or relaxation time. Somewhere between walking around at a car meet or helping a friend do stuff to his Jeep. I don't like just sitting around when I'm socializing. It's boring and nobody has anything interesting to talk about. Playing drums in a band setting is somewhat productive. The awkward part of telling the bad is that I'm willing to stick around as long as they need me. Their immediate reaction was, "We're not looking for a replacement." I'm fine with that. I told them that for now I'll mostly be thinning down my gear to the bare minimum of what I need. They're both musicians and have their own individual projects going on. I'm willing to help them out with writing beats or tracking some simple things for them, mostly as a friend. I kicked around ideas, stacked up all my gear, looked at it all... I'll keep the black Meridian kit, the two sets of cymbals I have, and a couple snares I've always liked. I still think it would be fun to have friends come over and jam back and forth on two drum sets. Lots of guys used to play, or can't really play full volume at their place. I can make a full 5-piece and 6-piece out of the Meridian kit. I'll probably just trade in my extra stuff towards a couple pieces of hardware I still need to separate into 2 kits (like a snare stand). I'd also like to have a set around just in case I feel like playing along to some old school Sepultura one afternoon. So yeah, that's it. Life's too short and there are too many other things I'd rather be doing. I think it's time to move on.