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    Thanks man, we would appreciate having the information. I know @kustomdkhas collected quite a few older catalogs and would be interested in anything you can find out. I will go ahead and upload the pictures from the Reverb ad here, in case anyone stumbles upon this thread in the future. Any pictures you can add when you receive the drum would be great.
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    Cool. Make Me Wanna has a nice lope to it. I wasn't expecting you to be playing so mellow!
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    Slipknot - Psychosocial drum coverlink https://youtu.be/LQWLEl7TyyM
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    Well... that looks older than everything in the 1990 catalog (I still need to upload .jpeg files for that), and I have no rumors or hints of Mapex existing before 1987 and that is their first lug design. Contrary to the ad, Mapex did have series names, but the badges didn't always carry them. I am absolutely useless for identifying wood, but I'm guessing it's either maple or birch. It could be Orion, or a stand alone snare drum. There's potential for it to be a Saturn. Other than that, you're going to have to call the Smithsonian, because that thing is a dinosaur.
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    Hi Official Drummer Crew, My first kit is a vintage Mapex with a really cool history. Its missing badges and has been refinished (original was black) so I'm looking for help confirming the year range, model and materials. With the catalogs here I believe it could be a Mars Pro from 93/94 which I think would make it maple/mahogany. I was told the original finish was black. Now for the cool history…the 4 piece kit, high hats and hardware belonged to Danny Schuler, the drummer for Biohazard. It was used on the band’s Mataleo album and supporting world tour. I bought them directly from Billy Graziadei, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Biohazard – and a super nice guy. His ad called them a "Mapex Pro Custom" which also makes me wonder if they are a Mars Pro set. I got super lucky and a mint Saturn Pro snare appeared on my local Craigslist at the same time. Added in some righteous second hand Sabians and I’m ready to go.