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    And we’re back!!!! Nice! Augie, I hope you and the fam are doing well?
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    I've had a couple Meridian maple kits, other than the black one. This is either my second or third. It started with this bass drum that's cut down to 22x14". I ended up making a 4 piece in gloss natural and selling that. Then I somehow bought more components. Here are the sizes: 10x7 rustic fade, 12x8 "lacquer brown burst", 16x16 tobacco fade, 22x14 champagne burst, and a 14x5.5 natural MPX 10 lug snare. They shells are stripped down right now. I'm going to wrap them in vinyl soon, and then probably sell this set. I have no idea what color yet, but I'll post it when they're done. After that I'll probably pick up another black bass drum, even if it's birch, and break off some of the maple toms to use with it.
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    Welcome back old friends and new ones... For old members, everything you posted and all our information is still here. We come back bigger, better and more refined to make your experience here more enjoyable. The appreciation for our older members here is VERY strong and the reason for our return. We heard how much you wanted your home back, so here we are. We encourage all of you to spread the word and get us back on track. We welcome drummers of all kinds and in all places. Please help us make sure everything is working and you can participate everywhere in this site. Notice something isn't right or you can't see something? Let us know right here in this post. It's been about a month re-organizing and preparing for this day. There's a chance we did miss something, if so, tell us. You should have access to everywhere and be able to do anything. So if something isn't allowing you somewhere or the ability to do something, again, tell us. We'll get everything fixed up ASAP. You can also PM me if you so desire. New goodies everywhere. React to posts with all new and more reaction emoticons. There's now a VERY extensive emoji selection. Around a 1000 or so so you can express yourself any way you want in a post or thread. Drummer and Drum news will be coming this week in the droves. We have a lot to add so be patient. We'll get to all your favorite manufactures and artist news very very soon. A lot has changed in our industry and been added to our industry since our extended vacation we'll call it. Want to see something added??? Tell us... The OD staff and I missed you all very very much, much love your way or we wouldn't be here today. God bless each of you. Now get your sticks up! SHOWTIME!
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    Haha! Everything is officially 😉 back to normal.
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    This limited Big Black Steel kit features 1.0mm Steel shells provide maximum power and volume, making it the ideal choice for drummers who need to cut through the crushing din of overbearing guitar amplification. The Matte Black finish of the shells further elevates this kit’s level of coolness. The Classic tom stand HTS58F comes with the kit to mount a 9"x13" tom. Suggested musical styles: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock & Alternative Rock [Kit Configuration] Model No.: LST32TZBS 16"x22" Bass Drum x1 9"x13" Tom Tom x1 16"x16" Floor Tom x1 The Classic Tom Stand (HTS58F) x1 Read and see more of these drums at TAMA View full article
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    That Sleishman design doesn't seem to be going away. I haven't seen and cheap/broken Raptor doubles to convert into a pedal like this, but it's physically doable. I was also looking at having some parts machined and trying an Axis version, because their left hand model is... wonky. Looks like Resurrection is a dealer. I'll have to stop in and check them out, especially since I should buy new drum heads. I've gone criminally long on the Meridian kit... still the original heads. 😲
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    Hi guys! I just got an email today that the forum was back up and running. GREAT NEWS!! When did this happen? I hope everyone has been well.
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    Love to see this forum active again.!
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    This sounds like a cool idea!
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    Very very good. Enjoying life in MT. We have been hammered by 4 to 5 inches of snow in the valley and even more in the mountains. Purty excited. drums are good. I have been contemplating picking up a strikepad or spd-sx to record and loop samples. Not sure which yet. still rocking Mapex and Sonor gear. how about you? You been rocking? I think back with great memories of hanging with you all back at the SAC museum.
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    SPEEDY!!!! WHat's up, man? Great to hear from you! Augie, really, a huge thank you for bringing this back together!!! It really is good to be home!
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    Careful. Carl is back too. He might take umbrage with your handle, dude.
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    Yes, it's me. I've been in contact with some members asking for it to return. I'll also add some of our past members were or are participating at other drummers forums and they were/are not happy. We have a very unique site and interaction with our members, it's not like other forums. We also don't blast you with stupid ads and this site has never been about making money, it's been about all of you, that I believe is what made and makes us unique and will again propel OD in the near future.
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    Augie? Is that you? Great to hear form you as well. Doing well enough here. I hope all is good for you and your family. What made you decide to open house again? I'd love to hear the story!
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    Thanks! Yes it's all mostly well round here. Hope you're doin' well too. I've been in touch with Mike since OD closed, diggin' on Mapex history, getting new (old) catalogs and so on. It feels really good to be round here again. Very happy that I didn't delete the link from favourites, I had a good feeling about this.
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    Welcome back, dudes! I'm trying to remember if there's anyone else I've at least loosely kept in touch with. I think there were some other YouTubers who used to post up right towards the end, whom I've been following. I'll have to give them a shout too.
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    Wow! So good to have you back Augie. It feels great to be back home again!
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    Missed you Mikey, glad to see you back and here! Yes! And we've added a special feature just for that thought!
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    Woohoo! So glad the forum is back up!
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    20k, here we come! Welcome to SpeedNinja 2.0, now complete with memes and .gifs
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    I noticed all the other drummer sites are ad blasted. As always from day 1 OD has been ad free and we still intend to keep it that way so you can look at what's important without the junk and endless pointless scrolling. OD has always been about you the drummer. The cost of running OD is not cheap, but ads cheapen the experience we feel. In todays web mobile is king and several ads can make that experience a hell. In the next week we'll be bringing in a top notch video service and we of course have our t-shirt sales. That's where we've always gotten any extra funds to pay for what we have even though they never have paid for the site fully but a small portion, we hope you support that to help offset some costs however by no means we expect anyone to purchase anything. As I said before, we've always been free and will always be. We've added a "Support Us" tab also where you can get banners to upload to facebook and Twitter with instructions how to share banners and link to use too. In return for a ad free site we hope you support us by being active and contributing. That means more to us than any financial support. Enjoy Official Drummer
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    Well it has been a long wait, but I finally got 11 of the 13 pieces, so I got what I have, set up. It is a rough draft, so I will be tweaking things for a little while, but the kit looks great, and sounds great. The V is just that much more polished than my Saturn III. The sound is very similar, but then the shells are basically the same, with new mounts and they tweaked the bearing edges a bit. All and all this is a very nice set of drums. This finish has put it at the top of the list of all my kits.
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