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    If you can use a drill you can drill your own lug and throwoff holes. You just line things up with your hoops and use some kind of square to line up your drilling points. Or get a baker's pie mat, or better yet a drum mat, which has every possible lay out configuration on it. I got mine from Drum Foundry. Other's make them now, as well. I use a router table to sneak in my snare beds but, I used to use a file and slowly take them down. Takes longer but, works just as well. Buying veneer can be iffy because it comes so thin and can be very brittle, if not also wavy and you have to be really careful, usually adding a less expensive backer veneer. You can use various glues and apply a thin coat to both, let them tack up, then iron them together with the iron on low heat. Works pretty well. The glue softens the veneer enough but, you still have to be careful. Once they set/cure you can glue it to the shell, also using an iron. Just leave extra veneer on both sides you can trim away. If you own a router you can do your own bearing edges easily. You don't need to purchase a router table. You can make your own out of MDF shelving. You can get a couple different bits, practice on some scrap wood. It isn't hard to do. I am always one to encourage DIY. On the veneer though, take a look at some videos on youtube and access whether it is something you'd feel comfortable doing. If Oakwood Veneer sold their stuff in pieces I would just tell you to get that. Very easy to use. Getting a whole sheet of Ebony for one drum is ridiculous though. Let us know what you decide and how the project comes along.
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    Definitely post pics when you've got it all dressed up.
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    I threw together a Mapex Christmas tree. I was going to put lights on it, but wasn't very happy with how tall and unstable it was. I even put a wood bass inside the bass drum, so that the drum wasn't doing the supporting. It was just there for show. Took a pic before I took it down.
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    I have to cats.. they are super weird, love them as if they would be my children. One is an European short hair and the other one... well I don't know. I rescued them from somebody that didn't want them anymore. They are often in my videos as sneaky criminals and many times i have to re record some parts b3cause they miauw in between. LoL Besides, I rescued my dog, a mix between a german shepperd and probably a dalgo.. but she is now living with my mother.
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    Thanks Logo! Thanks Mike! I spent the day moving all the toms one position to the right, so I could drop that one 8" in line with the others. It also allowed me to loser all the toms about an inch, making the kit more playable. I had to loosen all the heads so that I could rotate them to get the labels at 12 and 6 o'clock again. Then I had to tune all the drums again.
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    Looks like Brandon has been doing well with his own project:
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    I haven't seen those lugs in awhile now. Most of the parts suppliers had them. The throw off is generic, as well. If there's no identifying tag on the drum, I'd say you have a drum someone made from component parts.
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    Welcome aboard. It seems all the Panther snares and others listed at the web site, have the same flip-type/drop strainer mechanism, which, if it was a faulty design, would effect dozens of drums. Seems like the company would have been plagued with returns and fixed any issues (which should never have left the factory to begin with). I have flip strainers that work fine. Not Mapex. Some players like side throws and that eliminates any problems of the mechanism dropping upon rim shot impact. But really, a mechanism should not drop when the drum is struck. Seems there is some kind of length problem in a link. If it's too short it will keep the strainer from working easily. If too long, it will create a tension problem (not enough) and fall backwards upon impact on the drum. If you like the drum, take a look at the hole spacing, go to any of the online DIY/component parts merchants, and look at their snare parts section and see if any of their offered strainers have the same footprint. Drum Factory Direct Drummaker Drums on Sale are a few that carry stuff you might be able to use. A larger list is here, if interested: http://pdgood.us/drumshed/suppliers.html
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    Had a few minutes and made a new video with the 26" and the stacked plywood set. One thing I did not do is ride the edge of the cymbal. Not because I don't ride the edge of my rides, I do, it's just that riding the edge of this Giant Beat is so loud it literally drowns out the resat of the cymbals. I call it - the Green Monster. I do love the cymbal, though. It is incredibly responsive at any velocity. You'd think you have to really lay into it to get it going but, not so.
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    Ha! Nothing that fun this time. Just putting on a leather steering wheel wrap. It was stubborn, and I did slice up some fingers pulling the stitching tight, but it was mostly just time consuming. As for your snare... I hopped on Drum Factory Direct. They had something similar, but not a match. I hopped on eBay and saw some similar Yamaha lugs, and I think those were the ones I had seen before, but not a match. Then I spotted a Groove Percussion snare and the lugs look like a match. You can check that out and see what you think. The throw off is different, but that could just mean a different year or production run.
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    I've seen the lugs, or something close, before. I just can't think of where. The strainer is alien to me. I'm still trying to jog my memory on the lugs. I've been working on the car at night, so no internet browsing time lately.
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    For all you Zeppelin and classic rock fans, this band is from Michigan. Great classic sound. The singer, guitar player and bass player, are brothers. Here's another from their EP.
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    Hey guys! last year I posted a drum video of a track I wrote called "Subconscious" that would become the first song on my debut album "Catharsis" Here I am a year later with the finished product! The album consists of 7 songs two instrumentals and 5 vocal tunes ranging in various styles from jazz, rock, pop, indie, 80's-ish etc haha.... Its all original music I wrote, produced, and mixed myself. I am playing ALMOST all of the instruments (I needed help with the violin & the guitar solos cause I'm not that good at guitar) and I'm even singing...(yea...) BUT anyways here is the link to the last song on the album its an instrumental called "Home" and it features my drumming in a 6/8 groove if any of you are interested in hearing the rest of the album its up on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/fernando-gomez-drums Thanks guys I really appreciate it! -Fern _________
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    I just started with new youtube channel. Let me know what do you think. Appreciate all your comments! Channel: http://bit.ly/MikiMaiden Please subscribe and support Thank you!!!
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    heyyyooo. I just heard this and felt compelled to make a video. It's a bit different, let me know what you think

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