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    Hi Everybody, The site will close next Thursday or Friday, more than likely on Thursday of next week. So we've officially entered our last week at OD and our last weekend. I wanted to remind everyone again get any information from other users you need to stay in contact with them. I also restricted guest viewing this last week. Our last week is for our members. Kindest Regards my Friends, lotta love for you all Augie
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    Hey guys. I'm not trying to stir anything up here, just asking. Has DieHard been on since Augie announced the impending sign off? I know his recent posts on shell composition caused some divisive discussions, but he seems like a really nice guy and imparted a lot of knowledge. I hope he's well and checks in to say good-bye.
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    Till the end of the month Mike As promised..
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    I am waiting on approval from their admin. Joining a forum in another language... It would force me to relearn all the Spanish I've forgotten. Let's see if I can sign up without cheating and using a translator.