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    Abbruzzese No HOF Invite

    • Article Credits: Official Drummer News Crew

    Here we go again folks. When all was said and done Peael Jam and Edder Vedder didn't come clean with giving dues where they're credited. in the end Abbruzzese wasn't invited from what I can tell and according to what Abbruzzese is saying on his FB page



    David Abbruzzese
    April 8 at 8:28am · 
    My daughter says, "Sorry, Dad. I wish they had changed their minds. I'm so proud of you and if there was anything I could do I would. And as far as I'm concerned, you are totally in it."
    I think that'll do it for me. 
    And for all of you that went to bat for me, sent me love, shared your support. Thank you all. Thank you all so much.
    I wasn't invited. That's why I wasn't there. Anyone who thought otherwise was mistaken.
    There will be a definitive statement at some point, but for now... I want to congratulate Pearl Jam on the induction. I hope they have a magical evening and accept the appreciation. Enjoy the celebration. 
    Much love & all.


    What a croc this whole thing has been from what I see. No matter what the reasons for the split years ago, no matter what the reasons for anything else, Dave was there history. To ignore this says a lot. It appears Eddie Vedder is still trying to whitewash anything to do with Dave. 

    Well, what's done is now done and we certainly can't or wont be able to ever turn back that clock for a redo. To not acknowledge someone for their contributions in this type of scenario is not in my eyes even fathomable.  It's disgraceful.  Especially when you're a has been band living off this mans beats.

    keep on Dave and keep the chin up. Great drummers do great things

    Official Drummer

    Edited by OfficialDrummer

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