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    Done the RIGHT thing!

    • Article Credits: Official Drummer News Crew

    Previously I've been very vocal about Pearl Jam and their snub of Dave Abbruzzese. Truth be known I'm a long time fan of Abbuzzese. He's a real rocker imo and rivals the best of the time keepers. Solid with soul. Every once in a while it's the drummer that carries the band. What I mean by this is it's the drummers playing style that makes the band/song. Case in point. Abbruzzese in IMF

    So today, Dave Abbruzzese got his justice. Part 3 of our on-going saga has finally come to a happy ending. And this was righteous. Pearl jam done the right thing. Cudos to them for finally making the right decision to in Dave in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    From Pearl Jam


    Dave's response 7 days ago


    OfficialDrummer is readying a new article Part 4 to this Saga after Pearl Jam fails to invite Dave to the awards. 

    Edited by OfficialDrummer

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    That's cool.  It's good to see those guys get the recognition they deserve.  I'm stoked for Dave.  I have a random compilation disc (Pro Mark maybe?) and he's featured on it with some band I've never heard of.  I used to play that track on repeat all day long.

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