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    Smack Attack Drum Kit Steering Wheel

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      Article Credits: Official Drummer News Crew

    Patented "Re-Inventing The Wheel" (or RITW for short) is a steering wheel cover with 8 designated "smack areas." Each of these areas corresponds to a different piece of a standard drum kit: bass drum, snare, tom, high hat, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, splash cymbal, and of course, cowbell. Hit RITW in a smack area and you hear a satisfying thump, smack, or crash ON TOP of any music from your iPhone's music library. It's fun to play the drums along with your favorite songs, improve upon drum solos, or create drum solos that were never there before.

    Setting up RITW is easy - no installation is required. Simply slide the steering wheel cover over any steering wheel, turn it on, and start the associated iPhone app. You can even wirelessly send your performance to your car speakers, using the FM transmitter! Included features:

    - Play with your iTunes! Wirelessly add drums to any music in your iPhone's existing iTunes library by using Bluetooth.

    - Customize your drumming experience with different selectable sounds (even farm animal sounds or sounds from your dog or cat) all available at the touch of a button. See the Up/Download Drum Sounds tab to see the current list of sounds… even upload your own sounds!

    - Drum karaoke (songs with the drum part removed) available so that you can be the only drummer in the song. See the Up/Download Drum Karaoke tab to see the current list of drum karaoke. You can even upload your own drum karaoke.

    - Option to record your performances and upload to the web. You can even vote on the best performances through the Up/Download/Rate Jams tab.

    - Not only is RITW fun, but it also keeps drivers alert - this was the inspiration for inventing the product! Even drivers who are well-rested can exhibit sleep-like behavior in a mental state known as “highway hypnosis” – a condition which makes even good drivers make mistakes and have accidents. Sleep researchers are finding the best way to combat highway hypnosis is through auditory or tactile stimulation… and this product provides both!

    When you listen to music in the car, do you ever tap your foot to the rhythm? Do you ever tap on the steering wheel? If not, maybe you would if your steering wheel was a musical instrument!

    Now when you tap on your steering wheel, real drum sounds get piped out of your car's stereo system on top of the music you're listening to. With Smack Attack's "Re-Inventing The Wheel" (RITW), you can play along with your favorite songs, create new drum solos, and put the song's current drummer to shame!

    RITW includes an iPhone app which, via Bluetooth, wirelessly communicates with a steering wheel cover that fits over any steering wheel. Use the FM transmitter to send music and drums to your car's stereo. No installation required!

    Basic instructions:

    Fit the Smack Attack over your steering wheel and turn it on
    Start the iPhone app
    Crank up your favorite songs form your iTunes
    Drum away with eight different pressure sensors, each with a unique sound




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    STATE TROOPER: May I see your license, registration, proof of insurance, and your Musician's Union Card?


    TROOPER: Ok son, tell me what happened.


    DRUMMER DRIVER: Well, see I was driving on this curvy road and playing along to Deep Purple and lost it during the guitar break in Smoke on the Water...


    TROOPER: Ah, a classic case of DWI - Drum-driving With Ian (Paice).  I need you to step out of the car for a field test.


    DRUMMER DRIVER: uh, ok...


    TROOPER: Ok, I need you to look straight ahead while playing a 5 over 4 pattern with your hands...and don't forget to keep that left foot tapping with the quarter notes...


    DRUMMER DRIVER: Um, can I give you an AC/DC beat instead? 



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