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    Order and start watching in seconds. You can conveniently download or stream Lessons, performances and more on almost any device you have now or in the future. Watch anything you’ve purchased in a few taps or clicks, online or offline. OfficialDrummer.com is part of the Platform Purple Digital Delivery Initiative that delivers and supports the videos being purchased by you. Professional customer support and delivery of your products is critical for our OfficialDrummer.com Members so we have deployed the best to handle your needs from every angle. A very impressive digital experience deployed from the cloud for a top notch experience. Read on...

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  • Lessons / Learning, Clinics, Live performances and more
    It's also the only place to purchase/view all the Modern Drummer and Hudson Video offerings.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Q    How long does it take to download a product?
    A    With a fast broadband connection, start watching in just a few minutes while the rest of the product downloads in the background.
    Q    What quality are the downloads?
    A    The video and audio quality are every bit as good as a DVD, and in some cases, you will get better quality on the download (with an HD product).
    Q    Will I get everything that comes with the DVD?
    A    Yes, any additional materials, like PDFs, sheet music, tab, software or student materials are included.
    Q    Can I watch my purchases on my iPad or iPhone?
    A    Absolutely! OfficialDrummer.com Video On Demand is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Amazon, Smart TV, Playstation, Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku .
    Q    Can I enjoy my digital purchases even if I'm not connected to the internet?
    A    Yes! Unlike streaming systems, you can take your laptop to a cabin in the woods, the beach or on an ocean voyage and watch anything you've purchased in full quality.
    Q    Can I access my digital purchases on a different computer than the one I purchased on? What if my hard drive crashes or I buy a new computer?
    A    Unlike a disc, that might become scratched, warped, or lost, you will never lose access to a OfficialDrummer.com Video On Demand purchase.


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