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Inspired by the vintage lowboy hi-hats of the 1920’s and utilizing the latest GlideTrackTM drive technology, the DW Lowboy hi-hat stand is smooth and effortless to play. A unique percussion accessory that easily fits into any drum set-up, it allows drummers to stack cymbal effects, add a hi-hat tambourine, or simply keep time the way they would with their main hi-hat. Percussionists can combine it with a pedal cajon to create the ultimate coffee house trap kit. Comes with a convenient nylon carrying bag.



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Well it has been a long wait, but I finally got 11 of the 13 pieces, so I got what I have, set up.  It is a rough draft, so I will be tweaking things for a little while, but the kit looks great, and sounds great.  The V is just that much more polished than my Saturn III.  The sound is very similar, but then the shells are basically the same, with new mounts and they tweaked the bearing edges a bit.  All and all this is a very nice set of drums.  This finish has put it at the top of the list of all my kits.  

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Here is a project that I have been progressing for about two years. I bought a used maroon Mapex Pro M kit at Tacoma Guitar Center, and began working on the paint project in spring 2015. Having limited resources from a fixed income, the lacquer project extended into cold humid weather, which postponed it's completion. Spring of 2016 I was able to complete the color portion of the project, but unable to continue with the clear coat.

The drums were sanded to bare wood, interiors masked, and painted white lacquer. The white was masked and the red stripes were applied, re-masked and  the blue was applied. The red and blue colors are micro flake added to clear lacquer, not a colored paint. The application of white micro flake to the stars and white stripes, required much masking time.

It may be hard to notice in the pics, but I tried to present a gradual faded effect across the set, with the 10" tom being the most faded. This graduation is more apparent in person.

This is my live kit, so I am hoping to complete the clear coat this spring. A deep clear coat should bring out the shine of the flake colors much better, while adding luster also.

I haven't painted the snare drum, as I wish to replace it.


When it's all said and done, more gets said than done.
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