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    Drums: Wooden and metal ones.
    Cymbals: Mostly the round kind. Mostly metal.
    Sticks: Wood.

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    Gavin Harrison, Terreon Gully, Gerald Heyward.
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    Mapex and Tama.
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    Gerald Heyward and Stanton Moore.
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  • Favorite Bass drum heads
    Powestroke 3.
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    Too many to list.
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    The nice sounding one's.
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    That one's I can afford.
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    The one that doesn't squeak.
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    If it works, I am down.
  • Traditional or Matched grip
    Whatever works.
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      Hello and welcome to the forum. You have been approved and we welcome your thoughts and input.

      Let me know if you have any questions.



  2. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    true never made it big in the US... but it did have its following. The APK and XPK did pretty well I recall. My junior and high school had them. I remember watching LIVE AID back when and most of the drummers were using Premier kits. And I so wanted one back then. I was about to get one but my drum shop sold me on the Granstar's instead... which I am not unhappy about... so ended up not having a Premier. The resonator kit was so cool back then... No screws sticking out on the inside of the shells. The only issue as I later figure out is, what the heck happens with the screws get loose!? Sticks, I assure you, the drivers seat view does nothing to diminish my desire to play that kit! lol.
  3. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    terrific. I love older Premier kits. I grew up playing on an XPK and APK kit at my school. They always sounded badass. When the Genista line came out, I started to lose interest. I'd love to take this kit for a spin!
  4. Heeelllooo!!

    Welcome! And what Speedy says, pictures! Or specs! We are gear a holics, so we gotta have our fix!
  5. Hello from The Netherlands!

    welcome! I am happy that you joined and thanks for sharing your links to your youtube page. I am looking forward to the drumming videos in the near future!
  6. Ideas for disabled or handicaped drummer's

    Hey bippy! these are the moments of innovation and ingenuity... filling a need! Very exciting to read that you have some ideas to help disabled drummers... which practically could be applied to other areas as well. I can appreciate wanting to protect your IP, so I would definitely consult with a patent lawyer first. As soon as it is made public... it is public and you can not protect your idea. But I hope you do manage to get a way to put your inventions to practical use and help other fellow disabled musicians!
  7. New Mapex Armory Kit

    great looking kit! Great to have you back! The Saber snare looks equally nice too! Good to see some new kits!
  8. Mapex Orion Classic Black Panther

    I guess you came back with a new profile. Remember, you can upload your photo's on our site as we tend to discourage external linking - mainly to reduce the potential for malicious bugs, malware, etc.
  9. Anyone want free drum gear?

    that's true. bad shit happened all around for sure. but good to know of buds that got through it relatively unscathed!
  10. Head Selection

    pretty awesome you are stoked with your selection!
  11. Head Selection

    Nice choice. I am sure it sounds wet and fat. Hydro's are a dead head. That's what it was designed for so your assessment sound about right.
  12. Anyone want free drum gear?

    How'd it go? hopefully you didn't get water logged.
  13. Anyone want free drum gear?

  14. Bales

    fun video. great idea for a snare shell. Sounds very legit as well.
  15. 8 inch tom

    I say try the reflector series! A great head choice for the Gospel scene!

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