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  1. good lawd man! 26"!!!! so freaking cool. I saw a Dream that was 26 once at NAMM and thought it was pretty rad idea just to have 26" of cymbal... but then thought of the practicality of gigging with it and my laziness won over my wonder and moved on. lol. But a Paiste 26? I wish to hear it!!! Congrats on an over the top awesome ride.
  2. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting the vid! I will watch the vid in a moment but I am a fan of Anika so I will be lookin forward to hearing you you approach her music.
  3. I do retail, although not in the drum world. However, most industries tend to follow the same model so I am going to assume that 40% is the standard list price markup and everyone is respecting the MAP pricing rules established by the MFG. With all the major brands I deal with, MAP pricing is pretty uniform and enforced. I have the option to disregard MAP only on certain holidays and black out dates, should I choose to do so. My purchasing power is low so my margins are really thin to begin with. As a result, I don't have the chance to mark down much lest I am just selling it at cost, which doesn't pay to keep the lights on. MAP seems to be a huge concern to the MFG so that all retailers; online only and brick and mortar stores have the ability to compete equally. Now, this is Minimum ADVERTISED pricing so you can speak to the retailer directly and negotiate better pricing and sell it to you at whatever price they are willing to go down to, especially if the are getting wholesale pricing. If the retailer is not "authorized," that is, they don't have a formal agreement and didn't sign the MAP agreement, they can do whatever they want. Sometimes those items can be considered Gray market items and you may lose your warranty rights. (This is a particular concern for electronic goods like camera's and computers.) So caveat emptor. So that's probably the reason why there isn't much price variations being advertised these days. That's my take on it. I could be wrong but I feel good about my response.
  4. Hey long time no see! Welcome back! What have you been up to?
  5. oh hahaha. Yeah I remember that video. Yes, very unceremoniously dick'ish. Yea, when I went to NAMM, now 4 years ago, Mapex suits were all too important, standing around, not doing anything important. I recall the Pearl and Tama guys all checked in and asked if I needed help. And their booths were bigger than Mapex, with more people checking them out. So I pretty knew that Mapex was on the way out for me. On top of that, the BS that our resident SUPER mapex buyer, Glenn, was getting the run around and no support... I really cann't figure out what Mapex stands for. I still love my Saturn kit, of course. But if I get a chance to buy something new, it won't be a Mapex kit.
  6. killer drums! Definitely beats hitting a violin. Lasts longer too. Congrats! let's set em up and throw up some more drum porn!
  7. I have heard and played a bunch of Saluda's in person. They are a well priced and decent cymbals. I mean bottom line, you have to hear them in person and if they sound great, go for it! I didn't like every single one I played but that goes true with every cymbal company. I don't think you will disappointed and their quality seems to be quite good.
  8. do it!!!!
  9. interesting report. I looked at boso but I wasn't entirely happy that they didn't offer more options as a custom stick company. I like round tips - usually. So I would expect a small batch boutique shop to have a lot of flexibility in options. Since they didn't, I immediately got bored and never looked at them again. I see that nothing has changed. I am interested in Rich Sticks though. I have read a lot of good things about them and they have a lot of options that I like. So if I were to get custom sticks, I would definitely try them first. However I still love my Tama Oak 0214B (Japan only) http://www.tamadrum.co.jp/products/sticks/original.html and Vic Firth sticks so I never had the need.
  10. I had a feeling you might be the one to answer this one!
  11. Welcome to the forum! You have been approved to join and look forward to having you here. You have an interesting set of drums. I didn't even know about Beverley drums.
  12. great buy! I love Tama snares. I have a bunch myself. Some steel can sound clanky but Tama seems to have a more mature sound out their steel. My favorite snare is a Starphonic Steel. I wonder if it is the same shell?
  13. Insane! Half way through rolling through those toms, I would probably run out of steam and my hands will start to cramp up! lol. Looks amazing. I'd love to hear what kind of intervals you tuned everything to. That's a lot of drums and tuning. But a lot of great options too. So much for the Simon Phillips setup! hahahaha. Love it man. I am jealous! For the drums and the room!
  14. Bam! That looks great and I bet sounds even better. Congrats and enjoy!
  15. so awesome. I want it. We had a SRT for a short while and my wife said, we could get one! just uh need the money. id like to see this go up against the Tesla and see how much better it can keep up. seriously though. Production car under 10 seconds, is awesome. people spend a boat load of money trying to break 10 seconds. Now just go to a Dodge dealer and get one. Game changer and disruptor. I want one. A buddy of mine that has a hell cat is thinking about it too... I hope he does! oh just watched the second video which is pretty informative and see they have the tesla comparo.