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    Drums: Wooden and metal ones.
    Cymbals: Mostly the round kind. Mostly metal.
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    Gavin Harrison, Terreon Gully, Gerald Heyward.
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    Mapex and Tama.
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    Gerald Heyward and Stanton Moore.
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    Powestroke 3.
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    Too many to list.
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    The nice sounding one's.
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    That one's I can afford.
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    The one that doesn't squeak.
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    If it works, I am down.
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    Whatever works.
  1. Times come my friends

    sigh. end of an awesome era. What a ride. From Mapex to anything about drums and drumming. Thanks for all the memories Augie. Thanks to all of you, awesome members, for being a part of the forum!
  2. New Drum Room In Hay Loft!

    This is as drool worthy of a drum as one can get. The pinnacle really. I am sure some folks would argue what brands are represented but everything you have is quality and I would enjoy playing any one of those kits. Especially the arctic. Still my favorite color so I am partial to it.
  3. Times come my friends

    Wow... I was moving all week and hadn't had time to check in on the site much - ok, not at all! Sorry! But this is sad news indeed. However, I understand the financial implications for maintaining and running a sophisticated forum site such as this one. All I can say is that it was an honor and privilege of getting to know all you awesome drummers! It was a lot of fun while the ride lasted and I hope that we will find each other on other drum forum sites. I am on drumforum.org as logogogue so you can probably always find me there! Augie, thank you for letting me be a part of the forum. I enjoyed moderating and of course, it was a very special occasion getting to meet you and the not-so-little-one's-anymore! You have an awesome family. Be good all and keep hitting the mylar!
  4. New Drum Room In Hay Loft!

    so very cool!!!
  5. A sad couple of days!

    Hey man, I won't lie, it was a small struggle here and there but for what it is worth, I appreciate your honesty on your mental situation. Having almost become a psychologist once upon a time, I applaud your courage to speak up. Also, I personally have enjoyed looking at all your very tasty kits! I will say, I am a little disappointed I never got to hear a 14 tom (or however many toms your largest kit has) drum roll! Thanks for being a part of the forum! Be good brother.
  6. Fall 2018

    oh, it is Russ' kit with the intricate tom mounting system. Ron Dunnett was making fun of it on his FB post a couple of days back. But he didn't reference where or what so didn't know who's kit it was on. Still, the drums look terrific. Could be a benefit of the Sonor merger.
  7. Vlad Ulasevich

    sick drummer. I like his style and his fluidity. Thanks for the post as always Mike!
  8. [Drum Playthrough] Blackhorse Road - Followers

    smooth playing! Great sound on the kit too!
  9. awesome playing. very smooth. I just listened to the track and enjoyed it. Keep posting!
  10. I quit.

    seems like you've been contemplating this a bit so, right on. The important thing is you are keeping your kit and whenever the inspiration hits you, you can rock out.
  11. Tristan Shone (Author & Punisher)

    damn that is fkn cool. Great post!
  12. Phil Collins on tour Not Dead Yet

    nice. I imagine he isn't playing drums though... he's still one of my favorite groove drummers. His time is awesome and always loved his concert tom sound. I wouldn't mind checking him out live, even if he isn't hitting the drums anymore.
  13. Fuck cancer.

    shit sucks. I am with you. I hope a cure is discovered!
  14. Leaving Facebook / Deleting account / Logins to OD

    you and a lot of other folks! Talking crazy. hahaha. nah. It's time to move on.
  15. my cover band

    ain't that the truth! mellow on my friend.