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    Mapex Saturn III Limited Edition Birch/Walnut Studioease configuration in moss green

    Mapex Saturn III Jazz Configuration in Arctic White

    Mapex Black Panther Mayan 5.5x14" Steel Snare
    DW Collectors Series 5.5x14" Copper Snare
    1969 Ludwig Acrolite 5x14" Modded Snare
    1979-early 80's Ludwig 5x14" supersensitive Modded Snare

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    Aquarian Drumheads
    Yamaha Pedals and Hardware
    Meinl Percussion
    Vater Drumsticks, Brushes, Mallets
    Hendrix Sleeved Washers
    Canopus Snare Wires

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    Sabian HHX
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    Yamaha Direct Drive
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  1. I hope they don't go anywhere either over the years I'd say they have proven to be one of the best drum hardware companies on the market not to mention some great drums through the years
  2. So far I've gotten my hi hat, snare stand and the basic rack in. But some items when I called were on backorder so I transferred from stores that had them already. The perk of working at a family owned chain. Just waiting on a cross clamp, 24" curved pipe, additional boom arm and clamp directly from Yamaha. So I can wrap around by my floor toms for the additional cymbal. seems like most of their stuff is sorted out now our rep has been by the shop and they seem responsive to emails and calls.
  3. I was going to mention carbon fiber shells as an alternative might be more weight friendly for you also. Realized that I forgot to inject my suggestions for Cymbals and hardware. for lightweight hardware you have two options in my opinion 1) Yamaha 700 series (really any of their stuff is typically lightweight compared to others) 2) dw ultra light series (these are super cool not just for retro/flatbasw style) my favorite kick pedal is the yamaha 9500 direct drive perfect balance of power and accuracy without a crazy price tag. Hi hat is the Yamaha HS1200T it has a really nice feel and is very rugged and reliable. cymbals i I almost always suggest sabian and I'd at least invest in their XSR line if not higher. Best customer service, value and product mix in the industry in my opinion. I favor their HHX lines but any of them are good depending on your preference for timbre. Other brands are good from a certain point forward but sabian has been great to me every step of the way. Drum thrones: 1) roc n soc 2) tama first chair hydraulix 3) pork pie hope that helps!
  4. This is just crazy luck cuz I also found a brilliant finish 19" hhx legacy crash. That saves me a special order from sabian. My friend feels guilty keeping the saturns he just picked up because he's going to be getting a free sonor sq2 (unlike me downsizing he has quite a few kits and snares in the collection) which is a whole other discussion on jealousy and drum envy. To be fair he is doing a lot of work for it. I'm only considering that Saturn III cuz it's such a good deal maybe gonna cost $500. If I were to do a Mapex armory or small sonor kit for gigging I'd easily spend more on a lesser quality kit. Not that the armory or small sonors are bad they just aren't in the same league as Saturn iii. if I do it I'm thinking of doing walnut bass drum hoops and a bumwrap like a matte forest green or possibly mint green/light blue and maybe incorporating a stripe of maple and walnut in the center or something. Kinda a cool modern take on vintage colors. I'd be outfitting it with aquarian vintage series heads and going for a warm retro vibe. i just really need my Yamaha hardware to finish showing up so I can reheat and get everything proudly displayed.
  5. Most of the newer acrylic kits are essentially sourced from the same shells so the only differences will be choice in hardware and purely cosmetics in the event they are anything but clear. The vintage acrylic shells leave a bit to be desired and can have a lot of issues. Even though the newer acrylics are usually seamless they still need to be treated with care i have received damaged shells straight from the manufacturer and seen some pretty bad cracks/damage over the years on kits that get gigged. expect loud, bright and punchier than a typical plywood shell. With most acrylic bass drums I've used (crush, dw, pearl, and tama) I'd suggest an aquarian superkick ten batter and a clear resonant with some tone control (like a force I) to control the tone and give you a great punch and attack but control some of the low end mud. Most acrylic kicks need to be controlled as by nature they tend to be all rumble and no defined attack. I also tend to prefer two ply tom batter heads (performance II, response 2, pinstripes, emperors, etc) they'll warm up the tone and mellow some of the overbearing aspects of the acrylic design. If it were me I'd probably suggest the dw design series acrylic kit based on the hardware alone. They use smaller lugs but the stm mounting system and overall hardware quality and look in my opinion blow away everyone else's especially crush and pearl (neither of their hardware is impressive in function or form both aesthetically are very bulky and cumbersome and I've had a lot of durability/reliability issues with those two brands hardware wise). DWs hardware on the other hand is rock solid and trouble free. On the design kits the lugs are smaller which I prefer to the larger collectors turret lugs.
  6. Thanks yeah I'm very excited but in a way almost afraid to do anything but admire them. I may be picking up another maple/walnut Saturn 3 10-12-14-20 configuration from a friend whose about to get another kit. If we end up doing that deal that kit will probably be bumwrapped and turned into my gigging/traveling kit so I can ensure the limited edition saturns stay pristine.
  7. I use either a classic clear or hi performance (that's just a classic clear with protective material on both ends where the wire plates contact the heads) snare side all the time with the jack dejohnette batter on a myriad of different snares. Steel, brass, copper, aluminum, maple, and now Birch/walnut. as stated in your other thread that's one of my personal favorite head combinations. as for the puresounds do yourself a favor and check out the Canopus snare wires instead will be much better and should be less expensive. As for using a 30 strand it will depend on how the snare beds were cut typically on a supraphonic/black beauty I find that 16-20 strands is about the most I'd suggest for best performance as that's what the snare beds were cut/designed to accommodate. Most snare beds weren't built for 30+ strands of wires so it can have negative impacts like not working properly as the wires may not all make complete contact with the snare side head or because there are so many more wires they end up dampening the resonant head and choking some of the response. If you do the Canopus wires the vintage series will be best if you like more dynamic range and sensitivity from the drum. The backbeat series will still improve those aspects over the stock wires but will give you a bit more cut and volume potential as the name implies they are best for more solid backbeat playing. Plated versions will work best in my experience with your black beauty the non plated are a little drier sounding and tend to work best with wood shells and I like those on my copper snare. I only own one snare drum that has puresounds on it and that's only because Canopus doesn't make a supersensitive set. Any other puresounds I've owned have been replaced with some type of Canopus vintage or backbeat wires.
  8. That happens to be one of my favorite snare batters out of any company I'd definitely give it a shot. It's just a touch drier and more focused than a typical texture coated head. And as with any of aquarians coatings it outlasts the competitions by a long shot. Although my opinion may be biased as an aquarian player. As far as fit is concerned usually aquarians are a little snugger and tighter than remo and Evans. And unless it's a really old vintage shell that wasn't measured properly or is out of round you shouldn't need to worry about getting an oversized collar/hoop. by the way it's not usually advertised but if you did get the head and it didn't work out call aquarian and more than likely they'll take care of you. They can usually do an American vintage hoop/collar on any of their heads.
  9. Been looking to downsize and upgrade and this is perfect for me I've always loved Birch and saturns. Plus it'll go great with the Mayan black panther snare
  10. Birch/Walnut SE Let's just say I had excellent timing/a complete fluke. Mapex found this kit 1 of 28 in that finish and the last new in box Birch/walnut Saturn from 2012 in their warehouse recently and I stumbled upon it at drummer superstore in Indiana. I traded in my Meridian Birch monster and my vintage maple kits and decided it was time to do it right.
  11. Alright well here is the official teaser more to come in the days ahead
  12. Oh I forgot you weren't a fan of the hexrack II sticks. I just like that it's lightweight and the finish isn't deterring from my drums. Out of pearl, tama, Gibraltar, dw, and Mapex hardware that I've used, sold, owned over the years I find Yamaha stuff to be my favorite for reliability, replacement parts available, durability and being relatively lightweight. My current Gibraltar and DW that I had before Mapex stuff were both just such a pain to lug around. This is my first rack system so I tried to do my due diligence and research ahead of time. Hopefully you'll at least appreciate the new drums when I get them setup and do a photo shoot.
  13. Yeah exactly I like everything my new Yamaha pedal does I don't have both to side by side but let's just say I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I can also vouch for the older ones being excellent and they do tend to pop up used often enough that it'd be a low risk experiment if it wasn't your cup of tea.
  14. I already have the fp9500d and love it to date my favorite kick pedal behind my old flying dragon direct drive. I liked the falcon direct drive but no where near as much as the two yamahas. They have a perfect balance for my foot of accuracy with a touch of power. At least in my opinion one of the most underrated or least mentioned kick pedals on the market. I've played axis, trick, Ludwig speed kings, and dw machined direct drives in addition to the falcon and I felt the Yamaha was the best of the bunch. Of course it's all gonna depend on personal technique, preferences and expectations but definitely worth trying.
  15. I will say I'm awaiting new hardware from Yamaha I'll officially be a hexrack II user, direct drive kick pedal, toggle link hi hat stand, and their top of the line snare stand. And ideally all my aquarian heads will be here when I pickup the drums Thursday. (So I just won't have hardware or the bass drum head graphics done) but I assure you all there will be drool worthy drum porn.