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    Tucson, AZ
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    Drums, music, keyboard, motorcycles, boating. In all of it, living the life God has for me.
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    Learned to play drums at 35 starting on Christmas '05. Love it! I get to play at church nearly every week, and played in a Christian rock band for a year and a half. Drums have inspired my passion for music in other areas as well, like playing the piano more. That and my 7-pc M-birch are more than I deserve, really. Beautiful wife and 4 kids - God's been good to me.

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    New! Gretsch Renown 57 Bop in Motor City Blue with a Benny Greb Sand Ride - Sweet! Mbirch 7pc, trans cherry, 22x18, 14x5.5, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, Ludwig Acrolite 14x5 snare, BP 12x7 maple/cherry snare, PDP 14x5 hammered phosphor bronze snare, Pearl 14x6.5 Artisan poplar/mahogany snare, PDP 10x6 side snare, 6-8-10 roto-toms, cymbals bountiful and varied.

What I Like

  • Favorite Drummer
    Benny Greb, Bernard Purdie
  • Favorite Drum Brand
    Ditto, but love the Mapex
  • Favorite Drum Sticks
  • Favorite Drum Heads
    Gplus coated - well, any coated single ply
  • Favorite Bass drum heads
  • Favorite Snare
    Dunno, but of my selection the 12x7 BP is my fav, or is it the Acro? Or the Gretsch? hmm
  • Favorite Cymbals
    AAX, K, Byzance
  • Favorite BD Pedal
  • Single or Double bass
    Double, improving REALLY slowly
  • Traditional or Matched grip
  1. Mapex IV setup day

    Beautiful kit!
  2. Gadd in the Army Band

    True dat...he has a definite feel, even while being able to play anything!
  3. What Can You Do With a Pringles Can?

    That's cool stuff
  4. Hello? Anybody out there?

    Hey brothers, I've been busy with other stuff for a few months and not on here. Glad to see everyone is still alive and kickin', Glen is still perpetually waiting for a new kit, etc, so it's business as usual! I just played my Mbirch kit this week. First time in probably two or three months. I'm in a different mode now. My bride and I are leading worship together at church every week and I'm playing acoustic guitar in an acoustic setting. So I am getting a bit better at guitar But a bit rusty on drums Jeremy
  5. At the beginning of this vid he demonstrates it in the context of a regular beat. Wish I could do it.
  6. Me too, he's been one of my favorites for quite a while now. Plus, I kinda like his dorky sense of humor
  7. Dino Danelli

    You're right DIY, that was awesome!
  8. Angelic

  9. Help me in the choosing the right Kit

    A throne is just a stool, about anything will work. However, nicely padded thrones are much more comfy for long practice sessions. I'd get something economical with some padding and see how he likes drumming. In my opinion, 5B might be big for a 9 year old. They are a little on the fat side. But that's coming from a guy who plays 7A's (skinny jazz sticks) to keep the volume down. 5A is in between those and is a nice average size.
  10. Natal Black Swirl-Ash

    Ho do you like 'em?
  11. Simon Phillips

    The distance doesn't seem to be a problem for him! Most of the song in in 11/4 (or 11/8), which just feels so weird. It' builds this tension in my mind such that it's almost a relief when they go into the 4/4 part!
  12. my drum solo at cameras!

    Welcome, nice chops!
  13. my drum cam (gopro) performing live

    Nice grooves. I'd like to learn to play reggae.