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  1. My Saturns in action

    Yeah the heads are great! Coated G2's...I only wish I could play like that. Balls to the walls huge is right! If I didn't know better, I would have said they were mixing in triggers to bring out the low end. The Saturns are truely an amazing instrument.
  2. My good friend Glen Crain was in a band out of Dallas for years called The Feds. Glen is not only a good friend, but also happens to be my favorite drummer. They were fairly succesful both regionally and nationally for quite some time. They were at one point, signed with Capital records and recorded a record called From Hell to Beakfast produced and engineered by GG Garth, who's credits include Rage Against the Machine, The Who, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. He recently enjoyed huge success as the drummer at live shows for Hollywood Undead (not my style at all, but they are HUGE), and is a Pearl Drums artist (http://www.pearldrum.com/News/Artist-News-Article.aspx?id=258) who is also sponsered by Sabian. Just some background info, and pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Well, The Feds played a sold out reunion show in Dallas on Friday night and I had the privilage of letting Glen use my Saturns so he didn't have to fly one of his kits in from California. Needless to say, it blew every other kit at the club out of the water in both style, and sound. It's pretty cool to have your favorite drummer play a show on your kit, and get to here your kit from the front of house. The Feds were known for a cover of Van Halen's Panama that they would close shows out with every now and again, and it was the last song in the set Friday. I also threw in a drum solo from the show in the second link. This was shot on a camera phone so the sound quallity isn't great, but it's actually REALLY good as far as phone sound goes. You can certainly hear how good my Saturns sounded. Enjoy. P.S. the Sledgehammer is in full effect as well. Panama http://youtu.be/PRG40h63pN8 Drum Solo http://youtu.be/esqgVRLuedE
  3. Slings vs. Mapex

  4. Leaked Picture(Mydentity)?

    not as much as I'd like, but yes...still loving it too!
  5. Antiquing Those Shiny Saturn Badges

    When I saw the title of this thread, I was ready to die, but that looks REALLY good man. Wow....well done, sir.
  6. Leaked Picture(Mydentity)?

    you put it perfectly.
  7. Leaked Picture(Mydentity)?

    +1................. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Ha, ha....thanks guys. School and work have had me at the edge for a while. I'm on a bit of a break.
  8. Leaked Picture(Mydentity)?

    Yeah, I think some of these look really gimmicky as well. These look like something I'd walk into Guitar Center and see. Maybe I'm just getting old...but I don't get it. The ones with chrome hardware look sick though.
  9. Retrosonic Black Panther Kit

    Beautiful drums....I hope I get the chance to see them in person at some point. Hope you all are well!
  10. My Black Panther for yours?

    Your right about the shipping...that would all but kill the both of us.
  11. Latest Drum Cam video

    DUDE! Rep points for that video for sure! Very nice job. Your set up is very unique, I dig it. My favorite Pumpkins song no doubt. Nice job keepin those hats rocking all the way through as well. That's signature Chamberlin for sure. I love how his hats are ALWAYS doin work! One of my top five favorite drummers of all time! Keep it up!
  12. My Black Panther for yours?

    Nobody out there interested?! I thought surely there would be someone out there to pull a switch with
  13. My Black Panther for yours?

    I understand! Well, hopefully someone out there wants to make a trade...we'll see!
  14. Nylon-tips

    And you never will. I don't play nylon tips, not a fan of the "pingyness" if you will, but I know something cool about Vic Firth nylon tips. Unlike every other stick company out there who glue and press on their nylon tips, Vic Firth has there's actually built into the stick! It's hard to explain without seeing it first hand, but there tip is actually lathed with the wood on the rest of the stick. Next time your done with a stick, cut it length wise right down the center, ad you see how cool this design really is.
  15. Do you want a BP Sledgehammer? I'm looking to trade! Read my post in the trader section!