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    My true love is music. My second true love is.... well all drums really!! Of course nothing takes precedence over my family and friends.

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    Sonor 3005 black sparkle. 22, 14, 16, 18 toms with a Pork Pie BOB 14x6.5 snare.

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    Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, John Bonham
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    Pro Mark
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    Aquarian Focus X Coated batter side and Classic Clear reso side
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    Aquarian Super Kick II for the batter
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    Black Panther 12x7 Maple/Cherry
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    Mapex 700-950 series
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    Pearl P2002B Eliminator
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  1. image

    I want this kit!!!!
  2. how to clean brass snare

    Brass alloy?? Hmmmm ..... well .... I use 0000 steel wool and have yet to see a scratch from it BUT I'm also not putting any pressure on it. I generally use a car polish as well. The thing with brass is that it's REALLY hard to remove oxidation from it because of the difference in color it turns. Ummmm ..... try a product called Bar Keepers Friend. My fiance uses it on everything brass in a house .. as cleaning houses is what she does. I've tried it myself and it did work pretty dang good. Of course I tore the drum down to a bare shell, used the BKF, rinsed, dried, then buffed it with a machine buffer and polishing compound and the last step was the wax. I wish I had taken before and after of the drum but alas ... I did not.
  3. Mapex Pro M found in trouble!!

    Just to trying to narrow this down more .... the original bass drum head and even the logo on the tom mount is the older block lettered MAPEX logo. I'm now second guessing what I was told and I'm thinking these are older than 2004. I'm thinking much older. I know my 2001 Mapex M series (Mars Exclusive kit), which had opened my eyes to Mapex, had the oval tags and the newer logo. Hmmmmmmm ....... This may be a real mystery we have here. I'll call Mapex tomorrow and see if there is anyone there that can shed anymore light on this.
  4. Another Mapex coming home ....

    Well ..... the Purple Ice kit arrived in great condition. I'm going through my normal routine of tearing them down, polishing and waxing them and reassembling them. Now, this kit has a 12" upper tom and 14 and 16" hanging floor toms making this a one up, two down configuration. I suspect this may have been a 6pc studio kit BUT ... I can't rule out that it was indeed sold like this or possibly ordered. If this was a studio kit having the 10" as well .... then the real hunt begins. LOL
  5. Another Mapex coming home ....

    The red fade of course.
  6. Pearl exr 8pc in black strata

    Nice!!! You must not live in communist NY then. LOL Great deal and great finish!!
  7. Starting fresh

    I wish you and yours the best!! One has to take chances in life. You see an opportunity you like and want, you go get it!! Have a safe trip and lots of fun!!
  8. Another Mapex coming home ....

    Thank you JG!! It definitely came out much better than I had thought it would once I figured out what was the only thing that would remove that black "paint" that was on it. Very slow going to bring her back without damaging the original finish. The Purple Ice kit will be here this week. I'll tear that one down, buff, polish, wax and reassemble it ..... of course pics of the finished product will be posted!! That's two out of three I'm after.
  9. Glen Sobel Snare Contest Winner Announced

    Congrats bippy58!! Enjoy!!
  10. June 2014 Kit Of The Month - Tangerine sparkle

    Finally got the orange sparkle you've wanted!! That's a GORGEOUS kit!! Congrats!! :drool:
  11. DSCN0655.JPG

    I want this kit!! That's beautiful!
  12. Another Mapex coming home ....

    Not a very big picture 'cause it came from my phone, but here's the Crystal Coral Fade.
  13. Another Mapex coming home ....

    Why yes ... yes it does come with a matching snare!! I still can't thank you enough for hooking me up bro. I actually have a pic on my phone of the Crystal Coral Fade set up at a small venue I played a few months ago. I figured it had to go out at least once. I should upload it here. It's soooo pretty.
  14. Vintage Vega Concert Set w/ ten lug bass

    Holy Concert Toms Batman!!!! That's a pretty cool set. Seeing the tag ... it kinda reminds me of the old Pearl badges. More pics would certainly help us here make better guesstimates as to what it is and such. At $150, you did phenomenal!! Great buy and a really cool find!! Honestly, those could be one of the many "knock off" kits from the 70's and although a bass drum has 10 lugs or the toms have more lugs that you might normally find, it may still be one of the off brands of Pearl and another drum manufacturer and the shell compostition ... who knows for sure. Looking at the pic you provided, it looks as though the grain indicates mahogany shells, but I'm not 100% on that since the pic is pretty far away to confirm that. In any case, I like it and I would keep it, play it and enjoy it for years to come.
  15. Another Mapex coming home ....

    Really?? There's nothing anywhere for those three colors? Dang!! OK ... so what do we call it?? Hazing Barney?? LOL