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    United States
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    Green Twp., NJ
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    hard rock music: Devin Townsend, Armored Saint, Anthrax, Queensryche, Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Fates Warning, Tesla, The Cult, David Bowie, The Doors, W.A.S.P (some), Dream Theatre (some)

    Sci-Fi movies and books

    Tyring to sell a novel when not working or behind the kit.

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    2010 Mapex Maple Meridian
    TOMS: 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 13x10
    FLOOR TOMS: 14x14, 16x16
    BASS: 22x18
    SNARE: Black Panther Sledgehammer and Meridian Maple 14x61/2

    PEDAL: Mapex Falcon Double Pedal

    ZILDJIAN: 13" Armand hi-hats, 17" A Custom medium crash, 18" Oriental China "Trash", 10" A Custom splash, 12" A Custom Rezo splash
    SABIAN: 16" AA El Sabor Crash, 16" AA thin crash, 20" Xs20 medium ride

    COWBELL: LP Black Beauty Sr.

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    Pro Mark
  • Favorite Drum Heads
  • Favorite Bass drum heads
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  • Favorite Hardware
  • Favorite BD Pedal
    Mapex Falcon Double Pedal
  • Single or Double bass
  • Traditional or Matched grip
  1. Mapex Black Panther Black Widow Lose Throw-off

    My Black Panther Sledgehammer is 4 years old and was freshly manufactured at that time. It has the same throw off you describe and it's always been tight and solid. Anything is possible, but I'd be surprised if Mapex dipped in quality that much in just a few years. They have a reputation for top flight gear at a lower price point. I know it's a pain, but I'd bring it back to the shop and get another replacement. If it happens again, then Mapex is really having issues. I hope that's not the case and would be very surprised if of all things they let quality slide on their flagship brand. Are there others at the drum shop you can test? Doesn't have to be a Widow, just as long as it's a Back Panther. If they have a solid one there in the same hardware finish, they should be willing to take it apart and swap the strainers out in the interest of customer service. Good luck dude, that's a beautiful drum.
  2. No drum for family man

    If I wasn't in a school hallway when I read that I would have laughed out loud. IF drum porn were real porn, Glenn would be a vice kingpin in 70's Los Angeles.
  3. No drum for family man

    Yeah dude, life's been tough the past few years, with a LOT of personal and family issues dominating my life, time and psyche. Finding time to play can be tough, but for me it's been more about finding the will to play. I need a proper state of mind to get back into it properly and I have so many things pulling at my attention I find I just can't devote the mental energy to focus on it properly. I finally got back behind my kit about two months ago after not playing for a year and a half. Holy shit did I suck. I worse than sucked. I was an EF-5 tornado of percussion suckage. Like you said, finding the groove? Yeah right. Pain down the inside of my thumb from a tense grip? Oh yeah, loved that. Properly timing a series of 16th notes on the kick? Had a better chance of shooting lightning from my fingertips. Missing hits on the carefully placed pieces of my set-up? Only 78% of the time. It was a miserably draining experience. Depressing. In the end it was a horrible realization to know my time would have been better and more successfully spent manscaping with a machete. I need to find time to just sit with sticks and a pad and really work it out for a few days straight, THEN go back and apply it to the Meridians. I also need to get past that shitty memory of sitting there and feeling like everything was alien to me...even the stool.
  4. Does the bass drum head effects the weight of the pedals?

    OK...so I answered my own question, which I really should have done before posting anything. Sorry about that guys. Looks like these have been around since 2012. Don;t know how I missed them. I found a nice YouTube review on an acrylic kit. They sound great, very full and robust, but without the wet slap of a 2 ply head which I personally love. Lot of compression on this video, however, so you don;t get a feel for them raw. Bere's the link anyway, in case you want to watch. Cheers!
  5. Does the bass drum head effects the weight of the pedals?

    Keep in mind too, I only play on my kit, and even that very seldom nowadays. So my experience is less than pretty much everyone else's around here. My lack of feel from those heads could also be my lack of skill as well, especially back then when I was just starting to play again after soooo many years away from the kit. That's why I said to take my opinion with a grin or two of salt. But I did have the same issue as Speedy with the UT heads denting. And not to hijack the thread...but this made me go back to the Evans website (for the first time in a couple of years probably) and I just saw for the first time G14 heads...single ply heads that are 14 mil. Looks like you're sacrificing attack for sustain if you swap out from the G2's. You lose some durability too. But there are no sound file comparisons. I'm going to check for some on YouTube. Anyone know how long these heads have been around and has anyone had any experience with them?
  6. Does the bass drum head effects the weight of the pedals?

    I'm not a tech guy, I only know what I've felt from my own experiences. If you have anything but a Mapex Saturn, Orion or Black Panther kit, you very likely had Remo UT heads put on as the stock heads. My Meridian Maple came with these. They sounded good enough (its hard to make those drums sound bad) but they felt pretty shitty. Just dead and unresponsive to the sticks and beater. The toms and kick were pinstripes, so technically they were thicker double ply heads. However these are the heads for Asian markets and not as durable or resonant as regular Remo heads. I struggled with my kick chops for quite a while until I re-headed the entire kit. I moved on to Evans starting with G12's (single ply 12 mil) and then to G2's (double ply 14 mil) and have never looked back. The drums are more open and responsive and the feel is much improved allowing for great rebound on your attack. Sorry...getting off track... Anyway, I got an EMAD for the kick and again the noticeable effect was instant. Again there was better attack and better rebound (not to mention better sound, but for this thread, that's neither here nor there). The ring on the EMAD allowed me to remove the small blanket from inside the kick, so I'm sure that had an effect as well, but for my money the better head still feels better. The response is more natural, at least to me. If you have the Remo UT heads on your Mapex kit, I'd lose them fast, especially the kick. That being said, I think everyone else in the posts above me is offering really sound and well supported advice from much deeper wells of experience and knowledge, so take the words of Simple Simon over here with a li'l bit of salt.
  7. Need help identifying snare.

    I remember Mapex selling those only 2 or 3 years ago. They look older because of the older style Orion lugs, but from what I remember they were quality leftover shells that they dressed up nicely and using the old hardware made them seem a little old school, hence the heritage branding. They were only $200 as I recall which was a steal. Nice drum at a good price point.
  8. What Series Is This Kit?

    Break down is never fun. But beauty kit, eh!
  9. Hammerax

    I was going to ask about Hammerax in the Wuhan thread, but felt I should start a fresh one instead. Anyone here ever get to try or hear any Hammerax equipment in person? I haven't had a chance to stroll through the latest version of the website, but they always had some interesting sounding products. A lot of it wasn't necessarily in my wheelhouse, but I always like to see fresh takes on gear, especially when it offers such a unique sound. Innovation is always good, and these guys have some great ideas. http://hammerax.com/ The first video shows some of their older gear - with Primus' awesome Jay Lane to boot - to show how they've evolved their line over the years. The second is just a close-up of an older crashes.
  10. Bozzio "Black Page" Snare Drum

    That's a really great art piece, tribute to Zappa as well as Bozzio and a beautiful instrument as well. I know something like that is meant to sit in a glass case, but I'm curious to hear the sound with the 10 ply shell and the black suede heads. Classy drum. Almost on par with Speedy's fan.
  11. Drum Fan

    How dare you even ask such a question? Never shall a nylon-tip befoul The Fan.
  12. Drum Fan

    is that a wrap or a veneer on that fan? Not only does it sound great but it looks even better!
  13. Black Beauty versus ...

    First off beautiful drum. I really like that finish. It's got a unique coloring, like a coppery black. Very nice, and that price just makes it sweeter. Now I hope this doesn't derail this thread, again asking because I don't know, not trying to stir up any crap...Does DW have a lot made in Taiwan? I thought their deal was all American made by hand? Does that switch from 13" to 14" really make that much of a difference when you sit behind the kit? I've never had the opportunity to play with one. Enjoy the new drum DieHard!
  14. No More Nomad

    I know they change up the Black Panther line pretty regularly, particularly the artist signature models. But that one was pretty unique. Im surprised they didn;t cut one of their other brass shell snares instead. I almost went for that over my Sledgehammer. Anybody hear ever get to play one or hear it in person?
  15. Don't we all love a little cheese?

    I had no idea this existed. Glorious.

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