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    United States
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    Green Twp., NJ
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    hard rock music: Devin Townsend, Armored Saint, Anthrax, Queensryche, Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Fates Warning, Tesla, The Cult, David Bowie, The Doors, W.A.S.P (some), Dream Theatre (some)

    Sci-Fi movies and books

    Tyring to sell a novel when not working or behind the kit.

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  • Current Kit Specs
    2010 Mapex Maple Meridian
    TOMS: 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 13x10
    FLOOR TOMS: 14x14, 16x16
    BASS: 22x18
    SNARE: Black Panther Sledgehammer and Meridian Maple 14x61/2

    PEDAL: Mapex Falcon Double Pedal

    ZILDJIAN: 13" Armand hi-hats, 17" A Custom medium crash, 18" Oriental China "Trash", 10" A Custom splash, 12" A Custom Rezo splash
    SABIAN: 16" AA El Sabor Crash, 16" AA thin crash, 20" Xs20 medium ride

    COWBELL: LP Black Beauty Sr.

What I Like

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    Pro Mark
  • Favorite Drum Heads
  • Favorite Bass drum heads
  • Favorite Cymbals
  • Favorite Hardware
  • Favorite BD Pedal
    Mapex Falcon Double Pedal
  • Single or Double bass
  • Traditional or Matched grip
  1. Need help identifying snare.

    I remember Mapex selling those only 2 or 3 years ago. They look older because of the older style Orion lugs, but from what I remember they were quality leftover shells that they dressed up nicely and using the old hardware made them seem a little old school, hence the heritage branding. They were only $200 as I recall which was a steal. Nice drum at a good price point.
  2. What Series Is This Kit?

    Break down is never fun. But beauty kit, eh!
  3. Hammerax

    I was going to ask about Hammerax in the Wuhan thread, but felt I should start a fresh one instead. Anyone here ever get to try or hear any Hammerax equipment in person? I haven't had a chance to stroll through the latest version of the website, but they always had some interesting sounding products. A lot of it wasn't necessarily in my wheelhouse, but I always like to see fresh takes on gear, especially when it offers such a unique sound. Innovation is always good, and these guys have some great ideas. http://hammerax.com/ The first video shows some of their older gear - with Primus' awesome Jay Lane to boot - to show how they've evolved their line over the years. The second is just a close-up of an older crashes.
  4. Bozzio "Black Page" Snare Drum

    That's a really great art piece, tribute to Zappa as well as Bozzio and a beautiful instrument as well. I know something like that is meant to sit in a glass case, but I'm curious to hear the sound with the 10 ply shell and the black suede heads. Classy drum. Almost on par with Speedy's fan.
  5. Drum Fan

    How dare you even ask such a question? Never shall a nylon-tip befoul The Fan.
  6. Drum Fan

    is that a wrap or a veneer on that fan? Not only does it sound great but it looks even better!
  7. Black Beauty versus ...

    First off beautiful drum. I really like that finish. It's got a unique coloring, like a coppery black. Very nice, and that price just makes it sweeter. Now I hope this doesn't derail this thread, again asking because I don't know, not trying to stir up any crap...Does DW have a lot made in Taiwan? I thought their deal was all American made by hand? Does that switch from 13" to 14" really make that much of a difference when you sit behind the kit? I've never had the opportunity to play with one. Enjoy the new drum DieHard!
  8. No More Nomad

    I know they change up the Black Panther line pretty regularly, particularly the artist signature models. But that one was pretty unique. Im surprised they didn;t cut one of their other brass shell snares instead. I almost went for that over my Sledgehammer. Anybody hear ever get to play one or hear it in person?
  9. Don't we all love a little cheese?

    I had no idea this existed. Glorious.
  10. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Glenn, if Mikey comes to the barn and some of those toms go missing you'll know he knows both meanings of sticky fingers.
  11. What's in your stickbag?

    THANK YOU!!! I can't tell you how many times I've referenced that over the years and it went right over everyone's head. Unforgettable image.
  12. New Sweetwater Review Of Saturn V MH Exotic

    Perfectly said. I couldn't agree more.
  13. What's in your stickbag?

    Full body condoms. Lots of 'em.
  14. New Sweetwater Review Of Saturn V MH Exotic

    Just to preface -- this question is being asked out of pure ignorance: Aren't the veneers, like a wrap, so thin (or such a small fraction of the shell's overall material volume) that they shouldn't really affect the sound? Not that that excuses deceptive selling practices in any way. It's just something I'd like to understand better. I thought I remembered at one point Mapex had included a note on their website about the veneers after all this came out, but I didn't find it now so I could be wrong. First time, that stings. I thought they only used North American Maple in their drums now. I thought the Asian Maple stopped with the discontinuation of the Meridian lines. I know they used to say the MyDentity kits were North American Maple.
  15. New Sweetwater Review Of Saturn V MH Exotic

    Hi guys. here's the original thread from a couple of years ago where this was all discusses, including some answers by Kevin@Mapex. Hope this clears things up. Don;t know why but some of the text had become dark grey. Was some of this redacted? Not sure why it would be. Either way, just highlight to make it clearer.

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