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  1. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    If I have a very brave day, some time in the future, I might put something together. I have thought of it in the past, but the longer I am on the net, the more I realize it is a very dangerous place to share your playing. That and I have had a lot of run ins with people around the world so they would just love to have some ammunition against me. This has already bitten me once on the net, so once bitten...
  2. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    They have a very controlled sound to them. A very 80's rock sound.
  3. I had small ripples in the finish of many of the extra white drums I ordered. Even replacements they sent me suffered from it.
  4. Hey buddy. Long time no read. Thanks for the kind words. What if I told you the drums were free under a warranty issue with some of my Arctic White kit. Mapex did me right on this one.
  5. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    Thanks Logo. Played it for an hour today, and really enjoyed it. You can get all the hardware inside the shell, you just need to know the technique of carefully removing the inner liner that is just held in by friction. I had to do it to every drum, then carefully replace again. Thanks Speedy! It was definitely a labour of love. I three years, I finally talked myself into doing it. The liners make it that much more work, but give the interiors a beautiful clean look. Even cleaner than a Mapex Saturn III, which is saying something.
  6. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    Yes that was their flagship Resonator at the time. Ringo started with Premier. He only switched to Ludwig, because Premier wouldn't give him the oyster pearl finish he wanted. Just think how different things would be, if he had of stayed with Premier.
  7. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    Thanks Logo. Took another cool pic today from behind the kit.
  8. My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

    Was showing this kit some love over the last couple of days. This is the dream kit of my youth, that I had to wait until recently to find and purchase. I finally took them completely apart, to give them a proper cleaning. These drums are unique that they have an inner liner of birch to make an inner sound chamber. You need to carefully remove this liner in order to remove all the hardware on the drum. I also put the 18" gong drum on the floor, and put the extra 22" bass drum up as a gong base instead.
  9. New Mapex Armory Kit

    Good looking kit. Congratulations!
  10. Anyone want free drum gear?

    Stay safe Mike! Hopefully this thing loses steam, turns our towards the ocean.
  11. Falcon single pedal clamp

    I have two double Falcons and two singles, and have never had this problem.
  12. Back to Saturn

    Once you have played the best, it is hard to consider the rest!
  13. Maybe I should just permanently mount a go pro above each kit.
  14. Picked up four more coloursound cymbals today. 17" crash, 19" crash, 12" splash, 18" china, to go with my 14" regular hats, 10" splash, 18" crash, and Danny Carey signature ride. I am still waiting on the 20" crash to come in. I also might get the 15" hats for the auxiliary location to keep it all purple. I also have the 15" x 13" floor with the kit now, placing the 16" on the left side.
  15. Coming soon to a thread near you

    You sure you want to spoil that beautiful kit on a Yamaha Hexrack? I have two of the Limited edition Saturn kits, and they are great. Congratulations.

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