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  1. Maybe I should just permanently mount a go pro above each kit.
  2. Picked up four more coloursound cymbals today. 17" crash, 19" crash, 12" splash, 18" china, to go with my 14" regular hats, 10" splash, 18" crash, and Danny Carey signature ride. I am still waiting on the 20" crash to come in. I also might get the 15" hats for the auxiliary location to keep it all purple. I also have the 15" x 13" floor with the kit now, placing the 16" on the left side.
  3. You sure you want to spoil that beautiful kit on a Yamaha Hexrack? I have two of the Limited edition Saturn kits, and they are great. Congratulations.
  4. You lost me at hexrack II.
  5. Nice to see someone take a nice sized double bass kit to a gig again.
  6. Actually Chris is a drummer, and was the original drummer for Soundgarden.
  7. A smiley face goes a long way on the internet buddy. As someone that suffers from mental illness, and actually has to take medication everyday, to get through life, it can be a touchy subject. We have had a bit of a rocky past, so I just like to know where your coming from. Sorry for misreading your intent.
  8. Did I say something to offend you Mike, or are you just in a tough guy mood at the moment?
  9. Well there is so much I would like to say, but I will just back away.
  10. Doesn't take much of an imagination to see the similarity.
  11. Yes, Genista. Lugs remind me of my licence plate lights, on my step side bumper, from my 1986 Toyota 4 x 4 pick up. The matching snare drum thing is just for looks. You can make any professional snare sound great with a little love and the right heads.
  12. I think the Imperial lugs along with DW large turret, and Premiers licence plate light, lugs, are my least favourite of all. Your drum looks great, and probably sounds great also. I know my BB was perfect sounding right out of the box, and instantly became my favourite when I got it. Saying that, I am in a snare has to match the rest of the kit kick at the moment, so it is sitting on the shelve.
  13. Well it isn't nearly as pretty as my Ludwig BB, but it will do just fine. I can see we are going to have to change the name of the site to something with DW in it before long.
  14. The thing we are all going to have to come to grips with, in the not so distant future, is that Alpi and other products like it, are going to be the new norm. Tama can no longer use Bubinga which is their main buzzword wood of choice. They will have to turn to another type of wood until the next type is placed on the endangered wood species list.
  15. Both Saturn IV and Saturn V's have real wood veneers. The Saturn IV is a natural wood veneer, and the Saturn V is a computer generated on wood veneer made by a company called Alpi. Mapex tried to go with natural veneers when they started the Saturn IV's but found the veneers to be too inconsistent, with too much waste involved. They went back to Alpi for the Saturn V's.