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  1. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    I sent him a message and I am to call him to book an appointment, and bring one of the toms in, so he can make a copy of it. He is only 35 minutes away.
  2. Bum Wrap Drum Co

    My buddy used these guys and was happy. They have some very nice stuff. I need them to come up with a sienna fade wrap for an 18" arctic white tom I have put with my Sienna fade kit. http://walopus.com/
  3. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    For me I like the look of the lugs on a drum, as long as they are classy and the right finish to match the shell.
  4. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    The only problem with hardware innovations is that every time they improve hardware, Falcon for Mapex, and Star For Tama, to name a couple, they just justify charging us more.
  5. NAMM 2018 Expectations

    At this stage of my drumming life, I feel like I really don't care what they come up with, because I am not biting. I feel like I have all that I need and want. I think they have pretty much done all they can do to acoustic drums, and I no longer have any use or attraction to e-kits.
  6. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    They are magic drums.
  7. Mapex Christmas Tree.

    Thanks Logo!
  8. Mapex Christmas Tree.

    I threw together a Mapex Christmas tree. I was going to put lights on it, but wasn't very happy with how tall and unstable it was. I even put a wood bass inside the bass drum, so that the drum wasn't doing the supporting. It was just there for show. Took a pic before I took it down.
  9. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Luckily these will never be set up in a bar. I do have everything memory locked though, so the carrying everything in would be a pain, but the setup should go pretty smoothly. Probably not. It needs a 12' x 10' foot print. OK, I had a little space that was bothering me, so I made a 10" timbale to go with the 12 and 13" timbales. Think I am good now.
  10. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    OK. Everything is lined up and tuned. I added a 12" timbale today. Thought the 13" looked lonely. It is now 25 pieces of Mapex Saturn awesomeness.
  11. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Thanks Logo! Thanks Mike! I spent the day moving all the toms one position to the right, so I could drop that one 8" in line with the others. It also allowed me to loser all the toms about an inch, making the kit more playable. I had to loosen all the heads so that I could rotate them to get the labels at 12 and 6 o'clock again. Then I had to tune all the drums again.
  12. STYX

    Went and saw Styx last night at Casino Rama in Orillia. The Equinox album was a huge part of my youth. They only have two remaining original members, and the original bass player did a few cameos last night. The venue holds about 5000 people, and it was full. They played all their great stuff, and three from their new album. They even did Gowan's Criminal mind which was cool. He sings and plays keys for the band. Good Canadian boy Eh! My buddy that I went to the show with is also a drummer. We were excited to see the great Todd Sucherman, who is the drummer now for Styx. Unfortuntely everything about the sound last night was great except for the drum mix. It was way too muddy, and you couldn't tell what he was doing half of the time. Really a shame. It might of been because we were sitting pretty far back, or the sound guys messed up. Spoiled the night a bit, but all in all it was a great show. The harmonies were still spot on after all these years, and the band is very tight. Well worth the $50.
  13. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    So I decided to cut three spare 8" arctic white toms, and make them concert toms. I also took a spare 13" tom and made it into a timbale.
  14. Mapex Black Panther Black Widow Lose Throw-off

    I have three of the new Black Panther snares, with that throw, and they all hold well. Never had one of them open without me doing it on purpose. Maybe they had a bad run. Not sure what to tell you. Do you have your snares set overly tight?
  15. $700 drums vs $5000 drums

    Overpriced drums are for bragging rights. There is a guy on another site at the moment that has purchased a brand new Starclassic Bubinga monster kit, in a furniture finish, with all new Tama rack and hardware. He hasn't even finished setting up the kit yet, and has over 20,000 views on the site. He once told me my Mapex drums were not technically advanced enough, for him to ever buy a kit. Can you say gear snob?

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