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  1. 14 Piece Mapex Saturn III/Simon Phillips edition.

    Yes I just recently started watching Simon more closely, and decided to try a version on his setup. It wasn't meant to be a replica kit. The kit has actually morphed into something much bigger. A 26 piece Monster.
  2. [APRIL 2016 KOTM] 12 Piece 1982 Tama Superstar kit!

    Thanks Logo. Put it on the Tama Facebook group because I knew they would like it over there. i added my Black Panther Cherry bomb because the finish is similar, and my buddy gave me a Tama timbale that he made, with the same finish.
  3. [APRIL 2016 KOTM] 12 Piece 1982 Tama Superstar kit!

    Well I finally learned enough about sticker making to finish off the bass heads on this kit.
  4. Well when you have a couple of band mates standing out front, playing with their gear, you want to make sure things aren't clipping.
  5. Working on my design, vinyl, printer cutter skills.

    Thanks. This was supposed to be my sons gig, but he is looking at other things now. He is the one with all the design knowledge. I am very limited at the moment by my lack of design knowledge.
  6. Some of my recent creations.
  7. Came up with something my kit was missing. A rear view mirror so I could see the sound board.
  8. Something new is coming from Mapex

    They walked back on the easier tuning claim?
  9. Something new is coming from Mapex

    Not sure if you are misunderstanding Russ or not. He is saying the finish they put on the drum has a 0 rating, meaning it doesn't effect the sound of the drum, like other finishes with higher ratings. So he is basically saying that finish does effect the sound of the drum.
  10. Something new is coming from Mapex

    I had thought I put the video up, but I guess I didn't.
  11. Hybrid (mixed) kits?

    Well yes I have done it for home use.
  12. Interesting video. Not so much about the snares that have been out for a while, but at the end of the video Russ hints to a major direction change for Mapex in Sept, 2018.
  13. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    So I guess the reply should be, yes they do use North American Maple. They also show Maple right in the Saturn picture you displayed.
  14. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Can you please back up this statement? I have the Mapex brochure sitting right in front of me. Blaster: "Mapex started with a thin traditional 5.1 American Maple shell" Velvetone: "The marriage of American Maple and Walnut" Orion: "additional appointments include: North American maple toms.
  15. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    It honestly isn't worth my time. Nobody is listening. People are bored and want to believe in the next greatest thing out there. Hang out at Drumforum for a while. Busiest drum forum on the web at the moment. It boggles my mind. It doesn't matter what new company comes along on the site, as long as it isn't Chinese, people will fall over each other to buy the new exiting brand, and claim it is the most amazing sound they have ever heard. Then for the next few weeks it is all anyone is talking about. Until the next thing comes along. These people are much worse than kids. Like I said, people are bored and are looking for ways to spend their money. People like John are just giving them an excuse to do it. Who are we I guess, to be bothered by it. I found what I like, luckily for a very reasonable price. If others don't want to jump aboard, then it is their prerogative. Being the attention whore that I am though, I probably should of stuck to my original plan, and bought the Tama. You get a lot more attention showing off one of those.