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    Sotano 8, Déjà Vu, The Bingo Players, El Pacto, El Grito de Milena, The Jersey Syndicate (Bon Jovi Tribute Band), The Fabulous Fabulous, Vermelho Soul

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    MAPEX SATURN IV: 8"x8", 10"x8", 12"x9", 14"x14", 16"x16", 20"x16" MH EXOTIC NATURAL ASH BURL and 14"x3 1/2" BLACK PANTHER ORION MAPLE DELUXE Snare.
    Zildjian Cymbals: 14" K Custom Dark Hi Hat, 20" K Custom Ride, 16" A Custom Crash, 16" Z Custom Rock Crash, 17" K Custom Dark Crash, 18" Oriental China Trash, 6" & 10" ACustom Splashes, 10" Avedis A Splash, 8" K Splash.
    (Optional there is too a 20" K Heavy Ride & 13" K/Z Hi Hat).
    Stagg Cymbals: 14" China & 6" Black Metal Bell.
    LP Tambourine & Chime Bar. And Pearl "El Negro" cowbell.

    MAPEX SATURN 1991 10", 12", 12"(2), 13", 16", 20", 22" BLACK PIANO and 14"x 6 1/2" Steel Snare and 13"x4" Matching wood Snare.

    Other Snares:

    14"x8" Black Panther Snare.
    14"x 5 1/2" Saturn IV MH Exotic Natural Ash Burl

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    Pat Torpey
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    DW 5000
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    Here you are the latest findings. A couple of Mapex catalogs from Japan. One from 1993-4 and another one from 1995. The one from 1993-4 vol. 1 seems to be too big to be posted as a pdf, so I converted into individual jpg's, I'm sorry for the loss of quality. The 1995ish is in both formats. Hope these help us in our labour of dating old Mapex kits. Enjoy them! 1995 vol.2.pdf
  2. Mapex Orion NON VIRGIN KICK?

    Could you post some images of that kit?
  3. Mapex Orion NON VIRGIN KICK?

    Well, I have some disturbing news... What we thought was a 1995 Orion Catalog, actually maybe printed in 1995, but it could be a 1996 catalog. I think that because I've just bought two old catalogs, and one of them says clearly on the cover 1995 vol. 2, and the Orions that are shown there still haven't virgin bass drums. On the other hand, these are Japanese catalogs, so it's possible that the evolution of the brand were slightly different there, but I don't believe that. So, these are the Orions that appear in that 1995 vol. 2 Mapex Catalog from Japan: By the way, the Orion series offer nothing nowadays as they were discontinued circa 2013. If you really need that, you could buy the Saturn V bass drum tom holder mount, drill your bass drum and install this. Be aware that there are two options for Saturn V, one tom mount which drills the drum and another which doesn't. Said that, I don't see the point in having a tom holder through the shell. If what you want or need is to locate the toms over the bass drum, there was a console to put them over but not drilling the shell, in fact that system was mounted on a kind of railway which allows you to put the toms closer or further over the bass drum. This image is from that 1995/6 catalog:

    Hi! I've just bought a couple of catalogs from Japan!!! There is one from 1993-94, and another one from 1995. Well, I'm scanning them at good qualty, but by the way I'd like to share with you this very page, where we can see different Mapex accessories from that era. Enjoy it! Specially you @SpeedNinja
  5. identify my mapex model

    Yes, just like the images in the catalog, the old logo. So this could be one of the last voyager (before they started makin' them again) or a Q. In fact I think it was only a change of name, If you look at both catalogs I'd swear the image is the same. They only changed the name of the drumset. So you can choose whatever you prefer.
  6. identify my mapex model

    As usual, with Mapex you can't be 100% sure of anything. I've been looking at all those old catalogs and found what I told you, al models are identified in the badge Mapex V was used for all the lower line which was V series, Vx Series and the lower of all Voyager. At the beginning the Voyagers used different lugs and tom holders, but ended using the same that use your drums, this was around 2005 and the image in the catalog doesn't allow me to see clearly if it still wear the V on the badge, I'm pretty sure it doesn't. But... the thing that bothers me is that the logo on your bass drum stopped being used at 2002-2003. Yours should have that one similar to the badge's logo. In fact the snare wears too the same old style logo. Take a look at the bottom heads in toms and snare and tell us what logo appears, the same that appears on the bass drum and snare batter drum head, or one closer to the badges one. There's one thing else that didn't match. As you can see in the specs, both Voyager and Q Series, came along with a wood matching snare. mapexusacatalog_2007 Q series.pdf Here we can expand more the image and it seems That Mapex was using this serie to exhaust their stock of old logos drumheads (look at the tom resonant heads) Maybe they just put the new logo on the bassdrum for the catalog. So my final guessing is that you have here a q series from 2005-2007.
  7. [APRIL 2016 KOTM] 12 Piece 1982 Tama Superstar kit!

    Wow! Now it's complete! Well, said this knowing you'll be able to find a couple more drums to add here, I think there are a couple of snares more than when it became KOTM, aren't they?
  8. identify my mapex model

    That's pretty close, I'll take a look at my catalogs tonite. But yes, it should be a Q or QR as long as above models like V or VX and so on used to be identified in the badge. I'll take a look and post here captures to identify them.
  9. Something new is coming from Mapex

    Well, I tuned couple of times an Armory, and falling pretty much in the same quality height than the Meridian, they are a lot easier to tune. I work often on the Meridian and, believe me, it took no time to get the Armory tuned and sounding really fat and deep. Even with that UT coated they brouthg. I really thought how unbelieveable was the few minutes took me to left that drums sounding great.
  10. Happy New Year!

    bit late but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  11. Napes Mars History

    Nothing else to say...
  12. New Year / Holidays / Way back machine

    Hi, I'm not that old here as some of you, and I'm glad I was so well received. that's quite a pretty nice community. I feel we have strong ties between us, it's a good place to be, it's good to feel like in family. Pretty much I can say I feel myself at home here in OD. Have you all happy holidays and a happy new year or as we say here at Catalunya Que tingueu un Bon Nadal i Bon Any Nou!!!
  13. Heeelllooo!!

    Hey! Welcome! 4 exclusive covered finishes? This means each piece has a different finish? or that you ha 4 different drum kits? Photos?
  14. Need help identifying snare.

    Hi, I'm not sure what do you mean with Heritage Series, but this is not a regular Black Panther Snare series. This snares use to be kinda hardware stock clearance for Mapex. I'll explain it. Sometimes when Mapex switches to a new kind of strainers, lugs or even badges they produce this snares outta cathalog, just to get ride of them. They build similar snares for a European Intruments on-line store named Thomann. They sell them at a lower price than regular Black Panther snares, just as Mapex do with snares like this one you own. I e-mailed Thomann in 2013 asking about the difference between the original Black Panthers that Mapex had in its cathalog and these that they sell at a lower price. This is what they answered me: "Hi there, Thank you for your mail. The Mapex Black Panther snare drums have a special Bearing Edge that is just available on Black Panther snare drums. It makes the special Black Panther sound. Additionally they all come with Sonic Saver Hoops. The "cheaper" Black Panther Snare Drums are regular snare drums which is manufactured just for Thomann. They do not have this special features but are very good snare drums in deed. If you are searching for a good snare drum in low budget range they are great. 285093 Mapex 14"x5.5" Black Panther Aztec 285076 Mapex 14"x5.5" Black Panther Brown 285066 Mapex 14"x6.5" Black Panther Blue 313622 Mapex 14x6,5 Black Panther Snare -FB Für weitere Fragen stehe ich Ihnen zur Verfügung. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Best regards, Dominik Schödel ♪♫♪♪♫ Drums & Percussion www.thomann.de" I'm pretty sure this is exactly that mapex does with their excedents of shells, hardware, veneers, etc. Now you can find in Thomann a Black Panther Thomann snare for 239€ which wears the Natural Ash Burl veneer that I have in my Saturn IV drumset and snare, not the new Alpi veneers used on the new Saturns but the original, which I guess they still have some stockage that need to spend. In the other hand that 42 wires straind is not usual in Mapex. As much unusual that I've never seen it, so I guess it was a change the previous owner did by his/herself. The other 2 things that point to a second line kind of black panther are the triple flanged hoops and above all the UT Remo drumheads. there were a few Black Panther along the Mapex history that weared 2.3mm Power Hoops, most of them used Die cast hoops and now the Sonic Saver Hoops. And never a first line Black Panther came wtih other drumheads than Standard Remo Coated Ambassador on batter side and Remo snare side Ambassador on ressonant (at least till the last signature snares which use the heads selected by the drummers who helped desing the drums, which could be remo renaissace, Evans or even Aquarian heads). Anyway, I've been able to test a couple or three of these Black Panther and they're pretty good sounding drums. Enjoy it!!!