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Allen N Lucas

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  • Birthday 07/21/1958

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    United States
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    Tucson, Az.
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    Neil Peart
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    Pro-Mark 747 Neil Peart Signature Series
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    Black Panther
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    Mapex, Gibralter
  • Favorite BD Pedal
    Mapex Falcon, Raptor
  • Single or Double bass
    Single w/ double pedals
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  1. Mapex Orion Burl Limited Edition

    Thank You, Iogogogue! The kit is amazing to play! I've been adding an updated PA system, too! A QSC Touchmix 16 channel mixer. Audix D6, 2 i5's, 3 D2's , 3 F9 mic's w/ DVice rim clips.
  2. Mapex Orion Burl Limited Edition w/ New Gibraltar Rack

    Gibraltar Rack, Evans Ebony Heads, Falcon Hi-hat, Falcon Double Pedal Kick
  3. Mapex Kits

  4. Snare Contest - Win Glen Sobel's Snare AND MORE

    Being a long time proud owner of three amazing Mapex kits. A Mapex Saturn autograghed by Wil Calhoun that I purchased right after his clinic at my local music store ( Stick's N Strings, Tucson, AZ). A Mapex Orion Burl limited edition that I have post here on Official Drummer, and a Mapex custom kit that I requested from Mapex's MYDENITY site. I also own a steel Black Panther, that flat out Kicks Ass! I can really appreciate the labor and love the artisans put into each and every shell and piece of hardware that helps breath life into Mapex's Masterpiece's. I would seriously enjoy playing and owning a great piece of history that Alice Cooper's Main pulse for the band, Mr. Glen Sobel had owned and played on through out his spectacular career. That would seriously Rock! Alice Cooper is just right up the street from where I live. We also have Alice Cooper at nights from our locale radio station KLPX via Phoenix. I've been a long time fan of Alice Cooper and of course Mr. Sobel ! I believe this snare has more value in the hands of one that can really appreciate it's workmanship, history and soon to be previous owner....than words can express!
  5. WP 000102

    Thank You, Augie! Been Real busy lately
  6. Mapex Orion Burl Limited Edition Ocean Wave Burst

    Thank You good folks for the feed back's and Welcome's. I'm proud to be part of such an awesome group of passionate drummers, too! The kit's I've seen are simply AMAZING!
  7. Mapex Orion Burl Limited Edition Ocean wave burst. Kit has 22x18 Kick Bass, 10x8 tom, 12x9 tom, 14x14 floor tom, 16x16 floor tom, and 14x5.5 snare. Falcon up graded to Raptor double kick pedals. Gibralter rack. Mapex custom cymbal hardware. Cymbals are: 20" Zildjian A custom medium ride with sizzles, 14" EFX Zildjian A custom, 18" Zildjian A custom crash, 10" Zildjian A custom splash, 16" Zildjian A custom crash, 12" Zildjian A custom crash, 15" Zildjian Black Out master hi hats, 13" Zildjian Plant Z floating hi hats. 16" Aquarian China, 14" Zildjian ZBT EFX, 12" Zildjian splash, 6" Zildjian Zil-Bel and 22" Zildjian China. Toms and floor tom heads are Evans light blue hydraulics. Kick bass resonator head is 22" Remo ebony w/ 4" sound port, kick bass batter is 22" Remo weather beater. 4", 6", and 8" roto toms. 10" Mapex tenor chrome snare or 10" Pearl tenor snare (optional). Pro-Mark 747 Time Machine Neil Pert signature series sticks.

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