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    God, Family, Music, Bowhunting, 4 Wheeler, Cookin Outside Get Togethers!

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    I am refinishing an ol' school Mars Pro kit that I recently purchased.
    It will be a Turquoise Strata 1 up 2 down earthshakinballbreakinmeanmutharocknrollinbeastmachine beautiful kit!
    Can't wait to show it off. Early Spring or sooner, I hope.

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    Ludwig and Mapex
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    Vic Firth AS5A
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    I have 6 and like all of them.
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    Paiste Sigs
  1. Mapex Mars Pro...My new kit

    Thank You Appreciate the Welcome Yeah, I don't particularly like the color on this kit, but it sounds fantastic! I am going to totally refurb it in a turquoise strata this summer.
  2. Mapex Mars Pro...My new kit

    I'm a Ludwig guy, always have been. Then a friend of mine turned me on to Mapex...WOW. I had always thought that Mapex was like an el cheapo kit or something, boy was I wrong. I absolutely love my older Mapex Mars Pro kit. Just goes to show ya, an old dog can still learn.
  3. Mapex Saturn IV - Deep Water Ash Burl

    Thank You, glad I finally made it.
  4. Mapex Saturn IV - Deep Water Ash Burl

    That is absolutely gorgeous.