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  1. Great Jazz Cymbal

    Sold my 20" Turk w/rivets...no reason, other than already have a 20" Master FLAT Vintage Ride and 19" Master Vintage ride and a 19" Master Crash...Turk was to similar to the MV series, and prefer the MV over Turk. Also MV 14" hats In place, got a 21" Master Ride, which at 1780 gms works as a crash too. Thinking of adding a cluster of 4 rivets to it. Content with this set-up
  2. Attention 18" kick drum players!

    With the popularity of drummers using more 16 and 18" kicks now-a-days, you'd think a pedal manufacturer would design a pedal specific for smaller kick drums. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
  3. I applied Tung Oil to Inner shells

    Gearhead, I did not remove the hardware. I thought about doing it, but after doing the first drum without any removal, I decided for time not to do any of it...besides, being inner shells, other than screws for the shell lugs there really is no 'hardware' sought of speak. The tung oil just wipes off the screws with a dry cloth, and really has no effect on them (the screws). Tung oil soaks into the wood, does not seal like polyurethane, no pre-set # of times to apply. I just applied 3x which is the amount needed to get a light honey look which I liked. More would have darkened, and the outer shells are light maple, and wanted to be consistent btw in/out shell
  4. I applied Tung Oil to Inner shells

    Make sure you read the instructions carefully if you ever do use it. Do not, I repeat DO NOT apply it with your tongue. Turns out it's simply a rather unfortunately pronounced homonym... Actually there is some truth to being careful when using. In my research on tung oil, I read that unprocessed 100% tung oil contains the same oil as poison ivy, so rubber gloves are a must. I used gloves that went up to my elbows, had no effects.
  5. I applied Tung Oil to Inner shells

    I have a Sonor 3007, Maple shells, Natural Maple wrap. I took the heads off (was changing out), and decided to apply 2-3 light coats of tung oil to the inner shells and leading edges. The inner shells were a white, unfinished bleach looking color. I applied the oil not for aesthetics, but to help prevent warpage from any moisture and just general longevity. The results are beautiful, very pleased. The oil blended nicely leaving a color almost as 'natural maple' in appearance as the outer shells. If you decide to do this, be sure to use 100% tung oil, not tung oil purchased in Walmart, which has a polyurethane mix. This would seal the wood preventing it from breathing and possibly affect the sound.
  6. Funk Groove!!

    Nice Groove... Gotta respect a drummer who goes turkey with his pies...a 1930 "Z"????? How and where did you find that? Talk about vintage...Good Job!
  7. I have a 7x13 100% maple snare by OCD. It came with a 16 strand snare, which I quickly swapped out for a Puresound 30 strand. Much better, bit snappier, which I prefer. Problem is, I find a bit more buzzing being generated when a tom for instance is hit. Tried some tricks, re-tune, moon gel, tape..but can't seem to eliminate it. So I am thinking perhaps a 20/24 strand may be a good between point. What strand size do you use? Have you ever tried a 30-42 strand and experience more buzz, anyway to eliminate it other than the 'true and tried' ways?
  8. Like New, This One Year Old Bosphorus Light Turk Has Never Been Gigged, Only Practice Time, With Little Use In Smoke-Free Environment Home Smoke-free home studio. Very Articulate with A Click Click Sound Which Is Total Tonality. Three Brass Split Rivets by Bosphorus Can Be Kept In or Easily Removed and Placed Back in. Has a Niiiiice 'rain on the tin roof' sound. YOU WILL LOVE THIS PIE AS I It Weighs In Aprrox 2055gm. It Is A Light Ride With GREAT Crashability. I am ONLY Selling Because I have 2 Master Vintage 20" Rides, This Is an Extra Pie With Little Play Time, So Time To Let It Go. NO SCUFFS, NO DENTS, NO KEYHOLING, NO BITES, NO CHIPS...Perfect as NEW can Be For a Pre-Owned NEW IT WOULD COST OVER $300. Buy Pre-Owned For Less!!! ONLY $225.00 With the Low Price And FREE Shipping, This Is A Deal and A Steal! **Note FREE USA SHIPPING. For Canada, ask first. No International Will ship as soon as payment verified via UPS Ground-tracking will be provided The Turk Series offers a dark raw voice with a completely unlathed and hand hammered finish. Exotic stick sound makes this cymbal a perfect addition to any traditional set up as an effects cymbal or as a primary instrument for the player seeking a dark esoteric sound. The Turk series provides the sophisticated player with an instrument that delivers heightened response and intense aural nuance. Country: USA State/Province: GA City: Marietta Gear Age: 1 yr Quality: 5 - highest Shipping Countries: USA/Canada Shipping Charges: Free/USA Ask for Canada Payment Method: PayPal verified only Return Policy: No returns (you won't want to)
  9. image

    I like the idea of using a can of PBR as a muffler. Better than the Moon-Gels??
  10. The only problem I see, you don't have enough Bosphorus pies. Other than that, NICE JOB
  11. Not sure why you think the price is too high. I picked up a 6-piece Force 3007 shell pack for less than $750 new. (8, 10, 12, 16, plus 14 snare and 22" kick). This kit was made at the same factory as my MAPEX Meridian although the specs and materials are different. Oh, meant to add. I too paid very little for such a quality set. My 5pc 3007 was $649.00. That is NEW, free shipping within 5 days of order 20"/10"/12"/14"/14"...from a very reputable dealer that i am sure you are familiar with (no spam)
  12. HERE ARE TWO SOURCES FOR BRASS SPLIT RIVETS: TONY/ www.cymbalsonly.com If you have any questions about brass vs steel rivets, call /email Tony. He is very knowledgeable, a great drummer, and loves to give out free advice...cool guy. He sells both Brass rivets by Bosphorus, Brass rivets by Istanbul Agop, and steel rivets, all the same price Drum Factory/ http://www.drumfactorydirect.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=brass+rivets Zildjian rivets are not as good...they are steel, not brass. Brass gives better tone (why cymbals are not 'steel' )
  13. Great Jazz Cymbal

    I have a 20" Turk ride (2055gm), it has 3 Bosphorus Brass split rivets. Nice sound. Perfect for low settings, jazz trio, contempoary style playing. Love the Bosphorus Cymbals and would never consider anything else. Also have MasterVintage 14" hats, 20" MV Flat Ride (1859gm), 20" MV Ride (1725gm). The whole Vintage/MV/Turk/Black Pearl series is one of the best offerings from Bosphorus. Very dark, dry and best stick articulate. I love hearing the various 'click, click, tap, tap' woody sound the sticks produce on all the cymbals...each with its own tonal definition Would like to get a Black Pearl, but have to sell one of the others, so thinking of selling the Turk ride
  14. I have 3 rivets in a Bosphorus 20" Turk ride. The rivets are split brass. Brass rivets give a better sound as opposed to steel rivets. You are correct, split rivets are EZ to apply and remove as your playing style warrants. I have removed mine and replaced (same rivets) and never had a problem. 3-4 rivets should be the limit, anymore than that is overkill, IMO. I know some have used a chain or other improvisation, which is cool, but not the same effect. Rivets, to get that true 'rain on a tin roof' vibe, need to be placed near the edge of the cymbal. Chains/balls or whatever dangle across the whole cymbal from the bell to the edge. Only the edge vibrations should 'rattle' and not the whole bow as well. Place rivets about an inch from edge. Use a cluster pattern (smile) spacing 3-4 rivets about an 1.5-2'' apart from each other. Or place one rivet in a clock pattern (12-3-6-9). A trick, you can tie a rivet to dental floss and let them hang from the bell across the bow where the rivet sits on the edge. Tie a couple separately and try the 'sound' before you drill Brass rivets can be bought for about $4.00 for 8..more than you will need. I could tell you where if you PM me, don't want to be gigged for 'spam' if I blurt it out, but I have 2 online resources, both at that price.
  15. Dream Cymbals

    Made in Wuhan, China. I heard, but have no idea if true, they are actually made in the same foundry as Wuhan, under Dream' licensing. As you may know, Wuhan Cyms have a great following, and it seems so does Dream