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    Drums, video games, music
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    Alec has been playing for 4 years. He is 13 years old and aspires to be a professional drummer.

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    Tama Silverstar RTB kit, Tama Power Maple SLP Snare, Ddrum Decabons, Paiste cymbals, Pearl Demon Chain Drive pedals

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    Mike Portnoy
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    Vic Firth
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    Evans EC2
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    Remo Emperor X
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    Pearl Demon Chain Drives
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    Match Grip
  1. Please check out my son's latest video. It is the first original song he has played. He focused on the song instead of tricks and theatrics. I am quite proud of what he accomplished.
  2. My sons Drum Solo

    I pay a videographer to make the videos. He did do an exceptional job on it.
  3. My sons Drum Solo

    Thank you for the constructive criticism. He's 13, soon to be 14, and has only been playing for 4 years. He does favor the metal genre but also plays for jazz band and an orchestra. The heavy metal stuff is just his favorite. He knows there were some mistakes made in this video. He beats himself up over them. He is constantly working on his shortcomings. He is still learning and developing his own style and skills. He will continue to get better. He worked his butt off for this solo and put his heart in to it.
  4. My sons Drum Solo

    Can you tell me how?
  5. My sons Drum Solo

    Thanks guys. I am actually his father and posted this for him. I wanted to say that I shouldn't have stated this was an unbelievable solo in the title. It implies he is arrogant. He is not. He is really a very humble and modest kid and doesn't think of himself like that. I searched on the internet for tips on improving views. It was recommended to add adjectives like that. People on other forums called me out on it and bashed him a bit because of it. Please don't let my ignorance keep you from making a subjective opinion on his playing. I'm just a very proud father trying to promote his son to give him a chance at a future in music. Matt
  6. Awesome 13 year old covers Splinter by Sevendust

    Thanks guys! I love Morgan Rose. He is a blast to play along with.