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  1. Mapex Mars Series identification

    That's in really great shape and looks sharp. A local Mapex guru should be able to assist you. Welcome to OD
  2. An electric kit for a beginner?

    Welcome to OD FunkyJase
  3. Question about Mapex kick drum lugs

    Have you dealer check with Mapex if they are a authorized distributor. Still a very good possibility on these lugs, they were used for a long time and not that very long ago. Good luck
  4. Question about Mapex kick drum lugs

    Head down to your local store or online store and order them up. Mapex sells 4 packs of all their lugs including black nickel. You can try ebay also.
  5. Something new is coming from Mapex

    What I did was headed to the local drum store. Maybe if your local store has a kit drop by and save yourself some bucks. Yea, I've had a few Mapex kits the Remos fit oddly on imo.
  6. Something new is coming from Mapex

    @SpeedNinja At 2:15 in that video Russ does I believe however makes a valid point which I think to an extent has been overlooked. Keep in mind now Russ has had some time to see first hand what each component can do to possibly alter the core drums sound. The hoop itself is another controller and more of a drums sound that one may originally think and overlook or factor into the equation. I seen mentioned DW's sound has a certain type of sound, for me that drum was a TAMA drum. I always figured it was due in part of their hoops. I seen also lugs themselves make a difference. It seems to me with all these components that do make a difference it's more than likely drum companies can create their "own" sound I believe. R&D time is priceless knowledge. Soni-Clear btw does do what it says it will do. The rounded edge does put more head on the drum. I've tried this out at my local store sometime back to see how Remo's themselves specifically reacted. Originally with the 45 Remos had a tendency to fit oddly to say the least over a Mapex shell. Sonic-Clear somewhat fixed that. round bearing edges have been done before so to call it Soni-Clear was just imo adding their own name to what they done to their product. I do think they went a tad over-board acting like it was something new however. Not sure about anyone elses thoughts on the new edge but it seemed to me to tune a little faster because I wasn't jacking with centering the head from the odd fit as much. Overall I believe the edge was a improvement.
  7. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    DW's recording studios from what I know are a cut above the norm and way over what most people can afford or get access too. DW actually I believe uses Drum Channels recording studio's. Fun read http://www.dwdrums.com/info/newsroom.asp?n=nwsdealerfactorytour Something interesting in one dealer tour DW mentioned Keep in mind SpinaDude I'm not saying this was done in your video. What I am saying is that DW has a history of this so there's a possibility they done that in this video so the kits themselves could tell the story they needed too.
  8. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Listen, if you like a site that's has text over running text and multiple other browser issues then go ahead and be our guest and like it all you want. Fact, the sites code is old and outdated and also not mobile responsive. I know the facts, you are not a web developer, I am. Once you learn php, mysql, css, html and some JS let me know. you've provided no proof or data to back your theories. On top of this you act like you know everything and really the website post above proves simply you just like to argue. Proof right in your face and you deny it. Your so hell bent on arguing anything. Your issue is not a issue in our industry, you seem to be the only person out there I see ranting forward trying to stir something, anything. Give me a break, lol.. You ARE the ultra-hype talking about how this is such a issue in our industry yet find virtually no complaints anywhere from forums to purchasing reviews that even ask for cons in the reviews. You also have 0 data to back anything you say up.
  9. Survey on your Freelance Drumming work

    Welcome, unfortunately we do not allow surveys / email harvesters to be posted here at OD unless you use our specific polling system. Thank You
  10. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Marketing is marketing and has always been out there somewhat, always. It's the American way. As a consumer it's our job to sift through beyond marketing and that usually happens for a drummer once they enter a store and can try a few kits out, play a friends kit or whatever. That's also why reviews for gear are so popular. Not only gear, everything from where you eat to what you purchase. Sites like Yelp are thriving because people want to know if what they are considering either consuming or purchasing is worth the money or not. There's really not a lot of complaints in our industry in regards to product descriptions, they just aren't there as a general rule. As a matter of fact to again prove a point .. Here's a real popular kit with a fair amount of reviews at Musicians Friend. I use MF here because they have a specific area at the top of their reviews in a big bold red word that says "CONS" As we can see here you see not one mention of product not as described or has ultra hype, what you see under cons in some are even "No cons what-so-ever" ... That ones right at the top of the reviews. I mean if this is an issue we'd see it everywhere Here's the ad for those drums with some hype in it of course Let's look at another few kits http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/pdp-by-dw-double-drive-8-piece-shell-pack http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/pdp-by-dw-z5-5-piece-shell-pack You can look at all the reviews you want. You don't see the issue of hype mentioned anywhere or in reference to it anywhere in all these reviews. As Hillary Criminal Clinton would say, "It's a nothing burger!" The stats and proof provided clearly indicate this is not only not an issue but a non-issue all together in our industry. It also says what I stated originally, on the whole, drummers believe our industry is fairly honest with us in regards to gear. I mean this is as hard of data as you can get right from the horses mouths so to speak. On top of this it also indicates that people who purchase these kits not only understood what they've purchased is not top of the line but it fits in the price range paid. And again as I said before, we see what kits sell the most, it's not top of the line kits nor exotic kits. It's beginner mostly and intermediate, all below a grand USD as a general rule. And again as I stated, there's not really much hype in any of the ads. A little here and there, but not much. Or at least not anything I'd consider false advertising or blatant lies. We don't hear about this issue on major drummer forums, we don't see it in the purchasing reviews of major suppliers, it doesn't really exist as an issue of any sorts is the bottom line.
  11. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    As a side note here, I remember years ago Tama made some pretty thick shells. Checking back with them on their top of the line kit I see that still holds true. Ford claims "their" drums Ford claims But yet right off just looking at one manufacturer we not only see they offer a very thick shell, they give you the option of a thin shell in the same exact series. See for yourself http://www.tama.com/product/drum_data.php?area=2&year=2018&id=1 Tell me, who makes / sells more drums and has dedicated R&D department and who should I believe now? See what I mean.
  12. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Fords website is terrible, all kinds of stuff misplaced in the pages, stuff over-lapping. Looks like a cheap build it yourself or DIY site.. If they can't afford a decent looking website I'd say they more than likely don't have the R&D behind them to say what they're saying with data to back up their contradicting claims.
  13. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    They do use NA Maple in their Maverick series and explicitly say so and literally brag about it, right here .. https://www.forddrums.com/maverick If wood doesn't matter then why go that route? They are being contradicting here for sure. There's much much cheaper woods out there. If what you say is true and they underscore wood type doesn't matter then they have contradicted themselves here. Or is it "ultra-hype" as DYI states is running rampant? Listen to this in the same ad. And they say wood makes no difference in tone? Besides this thin drum shells have certain characteristics thick shells don't have and depending on hardware etc.. you have a drum that acts and performs way different than a thick shell. Again, heads make a difference as in they can coat or thicken a head to get a pitch difference, they can't however change the fundamental characteristics of a drums fundamental traits depending on how it's built. A 3mm shell will act entirely different than a 10mm shell with the same head. And then again, Ford admits this Right here they state the difference in the drums themselves at a different thickness. The catch here is not every drum will sound it's best at a tuned note. Every drum I've ever tuned has a specific spot in tuning that makes it sound it's best, or what I consider it's best. I hold firm the head tunes to the drum, not the other way around. You can add a thicker or thinner head, doesn't matter, it will tune to what the drum says. They also show No data to back their claims, nothing, nadda ... Look at what most companies produce for shell thicknesses as a whole. 7-8mm on toms has become pretty much the standard. Lots of big brand names have tested shells at these thicknesses for years. I wonder what the big companies know with more R&D under them than Ford ?
  14. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    I have ran and been part of forums for years. Forums are really the place to be when researching products and data for products for our industry. It's very accurate for certain product data. At one time we had a major manufacture coming here and gathering information / opinions on new features and refinements for products and implementing our members input over a several years span. In all the years I've gotten to see what I have, pretty much the issue of "false advertising" in our industry (which is what we're really talking about here - not ultra-hype) has rarely, and I mean rarely ever came up. Pretty much non-existent. If this was any kind of an issue trust me, people would be talking and being specific "everywhere on the net". We're also in a "reviews" age. Companies can not afford to get bad reviews nor have negative postings about anything. There's so many obvious reasons besides proof most drum companies are pretty straight forward by simply just checking some websites. "Ultra-hype" just isn't there nor my term "false advertising" ... There's a big difference in hype vs ad description deception. Manufactures in the Drum industry are not physically, mentally or emotionally harming people. I mean c'mon ... Manufactures sell mostly beginner and intermediate kits, not custom or high-end kits. Anywhere from 500.00 to under a grand for a kit. People are not going through a emotional roller coaster over this. High end kits / exotic kits sell much less than any other lines as a general rule. The drummers getting high-end kits on the most part understand they're shelling out some jack for something they see as a little better product for a multitude of various reasons. You just can't really hype the beginning and intermediate lines that much, people, even non-drummers get the fact when they purchase a kit for someone it's not a high-end, thousands of dollars deal that should have the best features or shell construction. People in whole and in general just aren't that stupid. Anyone gets the fact you get a better product or service the more you pay. Most people that is . You admit in some kind of nuanced, subtle way etc... then you say a drier, more focused tone. Then you say you can just change the head to "almost" achieve the results of the sound of the original snare as it comes. So here you admit there's a fundamental difference in drums, thus proves my point yet again, a drum is not a drum. "Almost" doesn't count. It's not the original nor will it replicate the original. So any drum can sound dry with a head designed to do just that. Drummers get this. Heads and what they do is no big secret. Drummers understand you tune a head to the drum, not the other way around here. Well most do anyhow, you seem to overlook that.. Heads have a purpose, but no matter what head you use it doesn't change the fundamental characteristics of the drum itself and it's capabilities. Notice you also use the word "simulate" and not "replicate" .. - Exactly! Which I fully expect to be the case ... Please do post them up however, current examples that is from everyone, if it's as widespread as you say you should have a few for sure. But acrylic sounds like wood to you? You could tell the above drums using carbon fiber / kevlar apart from any drum when listening live? Wouldn't a head change be recommended by you here to "simulate" the sound of just a drum? Thanks to DW and John Good, Gretsch still exists today.
  15. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Your post is right on Mike. Exactly. Again, personally I don't care what people play, that's non of my business. I make it that way because there's no possible way to say your brand is better with anyone who believes their brand is better. The argument is very very old and very dividing on opinion. There's possibly no way there's any winners in the subject because the subject is entirely subjective as Mike's mentioned even though there's no doubt not all drums sound the same for many reasons. Thus again the reason the "drum is a drum" notion type threads are capable of producing some heated exchanges as we've seen before. So knowing the outcome of this type of topic why bother? Guitars, cars, guns and everything in between draw this type of ire in these types of posts. They're baiting posts meant to draw ire and fire. There are products out there that do exceed expectations in engineering excellence and stand out above the norm and that's where we as drummers look too. Engineering that does better and performs better for whatever reasons and makes our hobby or job that much easier and enjoyable. Manufacturers make this possible. I agree all the way here. As a matter of fact, some of the descriptions read as laws as in too vague.

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