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  1. Leaving Facebook / Deleting account / Logins to OD

    Where outta there... Pffffffffffffffffffft...
  2. Hello Official Drummers, Today I'm writing you this because we're going to move on from Facebook as a group and myself personally ( I generally never use it for myself anyhow, very rarely ) . Facebook has grown into a massive mess and continues to today, get worse instead of better. The people Zuckerburg's bringing in the fold now are not the type of people that will make it better or more successful, it will get worse. In good conscience there's no way I would ever tell anyone to sign-up for Facebook or be part of that / this mess. It's truly a mess too I believe that is beyond repair or even worth reigning in. Until the top CEO steps down, Facebook will never be the place for everyone and anyone imo. In closing, this will be the last month we will keep our FB page / site. We encourage our FB Official Drummer users to register at the forum and become part of a real community that has in-depth dialog and topics where you can gain real knowledge or share real knowledge. If you don't sign up or come aboard at https://www.officialdrummer.com that's ok too and we thank you from our hearts for being part of our Facebook group. Very appreciated you are. To all our Drummer friends out there, thank you and keep the beat alive. Official Drummer
  3. Fuck cancer.

    I've lost greatly to cancer over the years, latest victim was my 12 year old boxer. Before that it was my grandma, before that was a best friend, before that was my Dad, before that was my other grandma, before that another great friend, you get the idea. I hope a cure is found soon. There's seem to be some promising treatments on the horizon from what I've been reading. Hope she pulls through. Hopefully there's some experimental treatments available for her like there was for me a few years back when I was ill with something else that literally I believe saved my life. Donations set-ups are awesome. Sometimes insurance doesn't cover experimental procedures and you have to roll the dice. Sometimes it involves losing almost everything you have. In the end however, a little help to move forward and stay alive and breathing is nice. Encourage everyone you can to send a few bucks, she'll need it. Best wishes
  4. Slipknot - Pychosocial

  5. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    In the past when it came to rims honestly I gave it some thought but not as much until I heard Russ Miller explain the Mapex snares and the rim designs used to control sound. After contemplating what Russ said, I've come to think maybe rims play a much much larger role than previously thought. The rim can choke sound in it's entirety or open the drum up just by how they design the rim. If what Russ says is true (Which I believe it is personally) that would speak volumes as to what percentage of what drum part effects the final sound output of the drum. In the end I believe The drum provides the base sound The rim provides throttle to the head and how it performs The head is just the vehicle to which the above controls This is just my opinion of course but I feel I'm pretty close to where the truth resides. Can I give the head more credit? No way.. It can only do as much as what the drum and hardware on the drum says it can do. If the drums are made with a more ridged rim they will differ from one that's not as ridged and Russ proves that in his video and explanation of the Mapex snares and how they controlled the sound for them in R&D. I like DIY, I hope in the end he looks at all aspects of the drum and gives all parts of the drum a fair shake. Unfortunately to do that he may need to eat some pride, my past experiences on people doing that are slim to none. Hopefully, he's a better person than that. Think about this, what if the rims were actually controlling more than 50 percent of how the drum sounds? I mean, if the rim changes dynamics like vibration saturation that alone is the difference between a drum that decays quick vs a drum that sings and rings. That's huge for sound output. A much more changing dynamic than just the drum head.
  6. Mapex Mars Series identification

    That's in really great shape and looks sharp. A local Mapex guru should be able to assist you. Welcome to OD
  7. An electric kit for a beginner?

    Welcome to OD FunkyJase
  8. Question about Mapex kick drum lugs

    Have you dealer check with Mapex if they are a authorized distributor. Still a very good possibility on these lugs, they were used for a long time and not that very long ago. Good luck
  9. Question about Mapex kick drum lugs

    Head down to your local store or online store and order them up. Mapex sells 4 packs of all their lugs including black nickel. You can try ebay also.
  10. Something new is coming from Mapex

    What I did was headed to the local drum store. Maybe if your local store has a kit drop by and save yourself some bucks. Yea, I've had a few Mapex kits the Remos fit oddly on imo.
  11. Something new is coming from Mapex

    @SpeedNinja At 2:15 in that video Russ does I believe however makes a valid point which I think to an extent has been overlooked. Keep in mind now Russ has had some time to see first hand what each component can do to possibly alter the core drums sound. The hoop itself is another controller and more of a drums sound that one may originally think and overlook or factor into the equation. I seen mentioned DW's sound has a certain type of sound, for me that drum was a TAMA drum. I always figured it was due in part of their hoops. I seen also lugs themselves make a difference. It seems to me with all these components that do make a difference it's more than likely drum companies can create their "own" sound I believe. R&D time is priceless knowledge. Soni-Clear btw does do what it says it will do. The rounded edge does put more head on the drum. I've tried this out at my local store sometime back to see how Remo's themselves specifically reacted. Originally with the 45 Remos had a tendency to fit oddly to say the least over a Mapex shell. Sonic-Clear somewhat fixed that. round bearing edges have been done before so to call it Soni-Clear was just imo adding their own name to what they done to their product. I do think they went a tad over-board acting like it was something new however. Not sure about anyone elses thoughts on the new edge but it seemed to me to tune a little faster because I wasn't jacking with centering the head from the odd fit as much. Overall I believe the edge was a improvement.
  12. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    DW's recording studios from what I know are a cut above the norm and way over what most people can afford or get access too. DW actually I believe uses Drum Channels recording studio's. Fun read http://www.dwdrums.com/info/newsroom.asp?n=nwsdealerfactorytour Something interesting in one dealer tour DW mentioned Keep in mind SpinaDude I'm not saying this was done in your video. What I am saying is that DW has a history of this so there's a possibility they done that in this video so the kits themselves could tell the story they needed too.
  13. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Listen, if you like a site that's has text over running text and multiple other browser issues then go ahead and be our guest and like it all you want. Fact, the sites code is old and outdated and also not mobile responsive. I know the facts, you are not a web developer, I am. Once you learn php, mysql, css, html and some JS let me know. you've provided no proof or data to back your theories. On top of this you act like you know everything and really the website post above proves simply you just like to argue. Proof right in your face and you deny it. Your so hell bent on arguing anything. Your issue is not a issue in our industry, you seem to be the only person out there I see ranting forward trying to stir something, anything. Give me a break, lol.. You ARE the ultra-hype talking about how this is such a issue in our industry yet find virtually no complaints anywhere from forums to purchasing reviews that even ask for cons in the reviews. You also have 0 data to back anything you say up.
  14. Survey on your Freelance Drumming work

    Welcome, unfortunately we do not allow surveys / email harvesters to be posted here at OD unless you use our specific polling system. Thank You
  15. Drum sound. Let's look at shells.

    Marketing is marketing and has always been out there somewhat, always. It's the American way. As a consumer it's our job to sift through beyond marketing and that usually happens for a drummer once they enter a store and can try a few kits out, play a friends kit or whatever. That's also why reviews for gear are so popular. Not only gear, everything from where you eat to what you purchase. Sites like Yelp are thriving because people want to know if what they are considering either consuming or purchasing is worth the money or not. There's really not a lot of complaints in our industry in regards to product descriptions, they just aren't there as a general rule. As a matter of fact to again prove a point .. Here's a real popular kit with a fair amount of reviews at Musicians Friend. I use MF here because they have a specific area at the top of their reviews in a big bold red word that says "CONS" As we can see here you see not one mention of product not as described or has ultra hype, what you see under cons in some are even "No cons what-so-ever" ... That ones right at the top of the reviews. I mean if this is an issue we'd see it everywhere Here's the ad for those drums with some hype in it of course Let's look at another few kits http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/pdp-by-dw-double-drive-8-piece-shell-pack http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/pdp-by-dw-z5-5-piece-shell-pack You can look at all the reviews you want. You don't see the issue of hype mentioned anywhere or in reference to it anywhere in all these reviews. As Hillary Criminal Clinton would say, "It's a nothing burger!" The stats and proof provided clearly indicate this is not only not an issue but a non-issue all together in our industry. It also says what I stated originally, on the whole, drummers believe our industry is fairly honest with us in regards to gear. I mean this is as hard of data as you can get right from the horses mouths so to speak. On top of this it also indicates that people who purchase these kits not only understood what they've purchased is not top of the line but it fits in the price range paid. And again as I said before, we see what kits sell the most, it's not top of the line kits nor exotic kits. It's beginner mostly and intermediate, all below a grand USD as a general rule. And again as I stated, there's not really much hype in any of the ads. A little here and there, but not much. Or at least not anything I'd consider false advertising or blatant lies. We don't hear about this issue on major drummer forums, we don't see it in the purchasing reviews of major suppliers, it doesn't really exist as an issue of any sorts is the bottom line.