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    upstate ny-usa
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    hard bop jazz
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    no strings(trio)
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    mapex pro-m bop kit 18-12-14 and canopus bronze piccolo 4 x 14, zildjian k 20" heavy ride and various crash cymbals. zildjian 12" special recording hi-hats.

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    max roach
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    mapex and ludwig
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    regal tip and vic firth
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    ps 3
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    canopus bronze piccolo 4 x 14
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    tama speed cobra
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  1. yamaha club custom set in black swirl

    22 x 15 bass drum, 12x8 tom, 16 x 15 floor tom and 5.5 x 14 snare drum. they look great and sound even better. love `em, bill
  2. Have you seen this guy?!

    amazing talent! thanks for sharing, bill
  3. batter head for 20" bass drum?

    coated ps3 worked quite well. bill
  4. parts?

    thanks, i`ll try it! bill
  5. parts?

    where can i find parts for yamaha, especially the FP9500D direct drive pedal? thanks for any help, bill
  6. sonor floor tom leg memory locks

    thank you, i`ll contact them. bill
  7. sonor floor tom leg memory locks

    anybody know where i can find these? also, what size are the tom legs, i think 12.7mm. any help appreciated and thanks, bill
  8. gibraltar turning point snare stand

    ninja, it probably will outlast me as will many things! i like the gearless tilter feature, the lightness and the ability to use deeper snares. bill
  9. gibraltar turning point snare stand

    has anyone tried one of these stands? i`m looking at one and just wanted to get some feedback on them. any help is appreciated. thank you, bill
  10. wondering what people use on their bass drums for a batter head. mine is 20" and i play many types of music. i want to be able to punch it or feather it as appropriate. i like remo power stroke 3 heads but there are several available. any suggestions are welcome. bill
  11. looking at 3 snare drums

    well, i sprung for the saturn at greenbrier! can`t wait to get it. thanks for all the suggestions, bill
  12. looking at 3 snare drums

    brian, i agree with you on the black beauty but i`m looking for maple here. thanks for the suggestion. bill
  13. looking at 3 snare drums

    greenbrier, this info is very helpful! i agree with the modern hardware on the saturn. thanks for your help. leaning more toward the saturn iv. bill
  14. looking at 3 snare drums

    as the title suggests, i`m looking at three snare drums and any input you folks can give me would be much appreciated. looking at the mapex saturn iv mh exotic, ludwig epic centurian-maple with walnut and ludwig classic maple all 6.5 x14. thank you, bill
  15. mapex black widow snare 14x5

    thinking of adding one of these to my new pro-m bop kit. good choice? what price for new, used? thank you, bill