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  1. I've played this track a long time ago and it kinda got forgotten and stayed in the back of my head... For old time's sake, here's "Trump Tower" (no relation with the steaks guy)
  2. An electric kit for a beginner?

    Cheers buddy!! Hey FunkyJase, so buying a e-kit is a big pain in the ass. You have to take in consideration too many factors: neighbours, space, size, sound, price, etc... I'd suggest to get a beginning kit to see how that goes for a bit, especially because really good e-kit cost an arm and a leg. I have a YAMAHA DTXtreme III from 6 years ago. Still holding on, sounds amazing and the feel is as realistic as it can get (rebound feel). I'm a YAMAHA dude when it comes to e-kits But I wouldn't buy YAMAHA if I'm just starting to play. Alesis and Behringer are the cheapest but still good quality drums. You can easily find a basic kits for less than 200. Try that for a couple of months and then I'd start thinking about an upgrade; like Roland, Simmons and, of course, Yamaha. Now, you will feel a difference between real and e-kits, but it's a good way to practise technique without bothering neighbours :s Plus it is way easier to record directly to the computer through MIDI cable (you can also use normal jacks). You'll have different sounds of drums in one, and in most of these e-kit you can actually create your own sounds, which is super fun I guess the best thing about it, is the practise part. You could do it whenever you want. By the way, if you have neighbours below your flat, I'd warn them about it as the kick pedal will be their personal nightmare. If you live ground floor, you won the jackpot If you don't, I would buy a special rug, or get some pallets somewhere and create a little stage for your kit (that will reduce the kick vibrations a lot) Unfortunately, I'm not the one that should make a decision about this. You need to do a little research to see what turns you on personally Hope this helps
  3. I found two versions of this play-along: one slow version and another that's a little faster... Well, I went for the fast one. I might do the slower version in the future. But for now... HERE IT IS! Thanks to FreeDrumLessons.com for the track Check my websites for all videos and don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button. It really helps me out www.francescoazzariti.com
  4. "Ever Done Before" - BACKING TRAX SESSIONS

    You mean on my youtube channel? Yes I did I was just curious about what you guys think of it
  5. Hey guys, here's another video I published. Let me know what you think and support my channel if you like
  6. Thanks man! I kept it cool XD Still super fun to play tho Especially the groove on verse 1. Love linear drumming
  7. Hey guys!!! It's been awhile since I posted a video so here it is It's kinda slow and I kept it very basic. Let me know your thoughts
  8. Here's a cool treat. My good friend and long collaborator George Marios, worked on a series of covers and he asked me to play drums on these tracks. This is the first track: his version of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. George's arrangement is pretty sick. His usual use of syncopated stabs and odd-time signatures, puts a smile on my face It's fun to play and it was even more fun to create the drum track for the song. ENJOY!!!
  9. Periscope from the Vic Firth's Play-alongs, once again Mixture of Electronics and funk and whatever else... ope you enjoy and don't forget to hit that like and subscribe to my channel for more videos.
  10. Yeah, I never listen to the original. I look for a drum arrangement that suits the song for my ears, and that it's in my style. I rarely play a backing track just as the author wants it to be played... I guess it's the 16yo rebel with no cause that is still in me XD
  11. I'm always more keen to play originals. Unless we play covers that we re-arranged as a band. After 6 years playing covers non stop, they are not fun for me anymore. I'm in a period in my drummer life that I want to be challenged and want to "release" my creativity; and that happens only with originals. So far I've been lucky to meet people that give me a lot of freedom on my drums, so I don't complaint
  12. Everybody knows the riff from "Chameleon". Herbie Hancock Docet! But this version... So groovy and chilled... I had to play it! Harvey Mason nails the arrangement on this track (check his drumming out). This is my version of it... Hope you enjoy!
  13. Top 40 yeah? I know what you mean. Absolutely go for it man! Are you going to write new stuff or play covers?
  14. May I ask what type of music you play? Because 75%% of the time bands are happy with me playing the simple basic groove... You gotta do what you gotta do. Gotta pay rent right? But the other 25% wants me to go crazy XD There's no in-between here in London XD Or at least with the people of the scene I'm playing. The ones telling me to overplay are usually rappers/hip hop or prog bands Thanks for your feedback tho I'm planning some other videos in which I play less... In the sense that I stick to the groove without so many fills. Just to see how that goes
  15. Hey my friend! I know exactly what you mean. When I play live there's no way that I'd get away with some of the things I'm trying here. They would look at me with a WTF face. I guess I tend to overplay in these videos as I assume it is watched mainly by drummers. So I tend to take risks and show what I usually work on when I'm practising. And maybe get some cool feedback back. Even a criticism it's a good exchange of info. And don't believe the video, I love playing grooves and nothing else. I could play Sex Machine for hours... And there's nothing better than when a kick syncs perfectly with a bass in a groove... Hmmm In any case I always try to follow the music. Bass, guitar, voice... whatever attracts me the most rhythmically.