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    PDP Concept Maple 6 piece - Pearlescent Black with Black Hardware
    22×18, 10×8, 12×9, 14×12, 16×14
    DW Black Nickel Over Brass Snare 14×5.5
    DW 8002 Longboard Double pedal
    DW 9500 Hi-Hat
    14" Sabian AAX X-Plosion Hats
    14" Sabian AA Metal-X Diablo Splash
    16" Sabian AA X-Plosion Crash
    16" Sabian AA Metal Crash
    18" Sabian AA Metal-X Crash
    20" Sabian AA Metal-X Ride
    20" Sabian HHX Zen China
    Gibraltar Rack

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    Gene Hoglan
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    Vic Firth
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    DW Black Nickel Over Brass
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    DW 8002
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  1. No, the refresh was buying the same kit (cause I'm just so impressed with these Chinese DW's) in a new color combo. Went from Red to Black Fade with Chrome hardware to Pearlescent Black with Black hardware... but... yes, I went with a 2 Up/2 Down instead of the 3 Up/2 Down. I found out that PDP has discontinued this color/hardware option when there were 3 kits left in the DW warehouse... BUT... the drum shop where I got this one actually has an individual 22" kick in this color as well... so... this may turn into the " II " kit: 2 up/2 down/2 kick lol Now, the Stealth Rack... not only does it make setup easier, it makes it more compact than ever. This entire rack comes apart so that all the rack bars separate at main junctions, and all my hardware (rack, boom arms, Tom legs, hi hat stand, and throne) fit into a 38" rolling hardware bag. It's heavy, but it fits. The longest rack bars are only 30", and those are the two horizontal bars. The legs are only 18" high. Top is the new, bottom is the old...
  2. My current kit, with the new Stealth Rack and DW boom arms PDP Concept Maple Pearlescent Black with Black Hardware 22x18 Bass 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14 Toms DW Collector's Edition Black Nickel Over Brass Snare 14x5.5 Aquarian Heads Reflector heads on Tom's, Hi-Energy head on Snare, Super Kick 3 head on Bass Sabian Cymbals 14" AAX X-Plosion Hats 14" AAX Metal-X Diablo Splash 16" AA Metal Crash 16" AA X-Plosion Crash 18" AA Metal-X Crash 20" AA Metal Ride 20" HHX Zen China DW 8002 Longboards
  3. Soundboard audio of my band's live performance synced to stationary cam footage. Enjoy the metal! \m/
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah, I try to keep them in tune as much as possible, cause they're my "voice" in the "audio onslaught" lol... and I gotta be heard over the rest of them "amplification junkies" lol... So, SpeedNinja... might there be a new cymbal in the foreseeable future? Hmmm?
  5. Well, here's a way to hear them... My band Weapons At Hand played a show at Live @ 212 in Westbrook, ME. My kick and snare are mic'd, but the toms are from 2 condensers hanging from the roof over the crowd. The amps are all mic'd up, and going through the house mains, and the sound guy is a senior in college for audio engineering. He pulls a live feed from the board onto Protools, them mixes it, and synced it to the video... so, here's them cutting through to the audience, and that beautiful china...
  6. Well, all I gotta say is: Once you pull the trigger on a Zen China, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner... I've had it for a couple years now, and love every minute of it. It's just trashy enough to know it's a China, but decays so sweetly that you can use it to ride on. (Maybe you're right, maybe they should hire me... would make getting cymbals cheaper lol)
  7. Oh, that China is almost orgasmic... so sultry in her decay
  8. Yeah, they are musical at low volumes, then get progressively puncher as the force increases... they're kinda weird like that
  9. The Reflector heads are very musical, and very punchy. Before, with my Studio-X's, my toms wouldn't hold up to the rest of the band volume wise. Now, they cut through the mix the way toms are supposed to. ESPECIALLY the 16... such a mean doppler, almost sounds like an 808 going off.
  10. My current kit, just readjusted the rack, made everything more "compact" PDP Concept Maple Red to Black Fade 22x18 Bass 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x14 Toms DW Collector's Edition Black Nickel Over Brass Snare 14x5.5 Aquarian Heads Reflector heads on Tom's Hi-Energy head on Snare Super Kick 3 head on Bass Sabian Cymbals 14" AAX X-Plotion Hats 14" AAX Metal-X Diablo Splash 16" AA Metal Crash 18" AA Metal-X Crash 20" AA Metal Ride 20" HHX Zen China DW 8002 Longboards
  11. Same here. Go with #3
  12. That's when you simply get an electronic kit to play on, and an AWESOME TKO kit from the 90's and destroy the TKO...
  13. Coated Performance II's... they have THUD/THUMP for days... and can be tuned insanely low...
  14. Very true... Single Ply, coated w/ a Power Dot... The show went well! Actually got a chance to hear my drums from the audience (The first band's drummer used my kit; His was... well... yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, let's not go there Lol), played my band's set, played the Trubute set (with no bass, but didn't matter, cause we were HEAVY AS... ... A REALLY HEAVY THING!), and slapped a little bass for the second Tribute set. Overall, we raised over $200 for my friend's grave marker. A great time was had by all
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