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    Vintage Mapex Guru
  • Birthday 03/21/1984

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    United States
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    South Florida
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    I've been playing the drum set since March of 1997. I got a vintage Premier drum set for my birthday and played it until I realized how rare it was. I got a Mapex Mars Pro 5 piece in late 1998 and played that until about 2001 when I went for a double bass Tama Rockstar kit. During that time I picked up a couple Black Panther snare drums. At school in NY I was stuck playing a travel Yamaha kit until they bought a Mapex Pro M set in 2004. When I came back home I started restoring the Premier set and I picked up a vintage Mapex set in 2005. Since then I've also picked up a third Black Panther and a Mars Pro snare to match my first Mapex kit. I've also sold my Rockstar and vintage Mars kits and picked up an 8 piece VX in black (with component toms left over).
    I played both concert and jazz band through middle and high school. I also played for a Christian group for my first 3 semesters of college.
    I've played in countless jam, rock, hardcore and metal bands through the years and now I'm just trying to find the time to look at my drums...
  • Previous Bands
    Life Without Shame, Dirt Floor Poor

Current kit Specs

  • Current Kit Specs
    Mapex 14x5.5" Aluminum Black Panther snare
    Mapex 14x6.5" Hammered Phosphor Bronze Black Panther snare
    Mapex 14x8" MPX Transparent Mighdnight Black Maple snare
    Gretsch 10x6" Prototype Steel snare
    Ludwig 14x5" Supraphonic 1967 Keystone badge snare
    Ludwig 14x5" Acrolite 1967 Keystone badge snare

    2009-13 Mapex Meridian maple 8x8, 10x8, 12x9, 13x10, 14x14, 16x16, 18x16, 22x18, 22x18, 14x5.5 in transparent black.

    Cymbal set 1: Zildjian K Custom Dark 15" crash, 17" crash, 14" hi-hats, 20" ride, A 8" splash, 10" splash, 12" splash

    Cymbal set 2: Zildjian A 14" New Beat hi-hats, 17" paper thin crash, 18" medium crash, 24" medium ride, 20" Ping ride, A Custom 12" splash, Sabian AA 16" medium thin crash

    Extras: 20" Paiste 2002 ride, 22" Paiste 3000 Reflector Power ride, 20" Sabian AA rock crash, 18" Sabian Metal-X china

What I Like

  • Favorite Drum Brand
  • Favorite Drum Sticks
  • Favorite Drum Heads
  • Favorite Bass drum heads
    clear PS3, ported stock front
  • Favorite Snare
    Mapex Black Panther 14x5.5" aluminum
  • Favorite Cymbals
  • Favorite Hardware
  • Favorite BD Pedal
    Ludwig Speed King
  • Single or Double bass
  • Traditional or Matched grip
  1. Nic Pettersen

    YouTube suggested I watch some Nic Pettersen videos, and I'm glad I did. Northlane is decently heavy. I dig it.
  2. Drummer wanted

    I will share the post online. Good luck finding a replacement. Are you moving on to do something different, retiring, taking a break?
  3. drum loosing circular shape and transforming into an oval?

    Let's see some pictures of that Armory! Probably, for at least one company. I would say that's an acceptable tolerance. I doubt every company has the same quality control measures on every line of drums they make, and the same limits as every other company.
  4. Aditya Ashok

    Aditya Ashok took over for Skyharbor after Anup Sastry left. So there's not a lot of drumming specific videos of him.
  5. Braeden Keenan

    Braeden Keenan plays for a band called Skyhaven. They seem to be a newer band. There's not even a Wikipedia page for them yet. I think I've found his channel, which appears to be videos of shows he's seen. So not many drum specific videos for him. The guys from Polyphia join in on this one, and ninjas.
  6. Doug Court

    Doug Court plays for Sirens & Sailors.
  7. Anup Sastry

    Anup Sastry is... was the drummer for Intervals. He's also played for Marty Friedman, Monuments, Jeff Loomis & Skyharbor.
  8. Nathan Bulla

    Nathan Bulla has played live shows for a band called Intervals. I mostly listen to instrumental stuff now, so I came across his name through that connection.
  9. Mapex Thrones

    A while back my buddy, and bandmate, bought an electronic drum set. Nothing fancy. I think it's a $500 Yamaha pad set. Gets the job done for his purposes, affordable, works with his other software/hardware and comes with everything except a pair of sticks and... a throne. Really weird. You would think these e-kits would come with a throne of some sort. So I bought him a cheap throne at my local shop. It is a Mapex T270a (I think). It's not bad. Comfortable enough and it gets the job done. I'd say it's on part for the level of e-kit he has. It's gotten a little squeaky over time, but these thrones usually do. It's not uncomfortable and I have no real complaints about it. There is a model just above this one that I would rather have gotten, and probably still will for a gigging throne. This past weekend we went to Orlando to record. I also had a wedding to attend and a million things going on during the week, so I was packing my gear and clothing the evening before. I never found my metronome and almost left without a snare stand. (I still need to get a second snare stand, and find that metronome.) About 90 minutes into the drive I realized that I forgot my throne, which is annoying because I grabbed it when taking the snare stand off the kit that was set up. The band was already at the studio/house. I had to get my brother from the airport still, so after that we swung by a Guitar Center. They had thrones ranging from $90 to I think $180. They only had one with a backrest, and it was a floor model on sale, so the last one they had. It was a Mapex T775 that was priced closer to the more expensive ones but on sale to be mid range. The T770 has a round bottom instead of the motorcycle seat style, otherwise they're the same. I wasn't looking to get a throne that nice, and definitely wasn't looking to spend that much. The cheap throne was more than I wanted to spend, so there would be regret no matter what. This one had a mini backrest and FOUR legs. It was weird, and you guys know I like weird. All things considered, it was the best deal. I also have a similar Gibraltar throne (similar to Roc-N-Soc) to compare it with. The four leg thing didn't cause any placement issues, which I was a little worried about. The backrest is tiny, and doesn't go anywhere near as high as my Gibraltar one. My back is not the healthiest of backs, so I was a wondering how this would feel. I recorded for about 4 hours. I was getting up and down to do a few things, but I was sitting for a while. The backrest didn't bother my back as much as the Gibraltar one does. I had the Mapex rest up as high as I can get it. I might lower the other one now. The seat (both similar in shape) is a lot softer than the Gibraltar and my tailbone wasn't irritated after playing all morning. It's also got a crap ton of adjustments and memory locks. My only complaint is the spring on the backrest is noisy. I haven't taken it apart to inspect it yet. Obviously that will wear out over time, so I'll need to find replacement parts for it. Both thrones are on the larger side, so taking them to gigs isn't ideal. That's also why I wanted a smaller one, so these two will stay in the studio where I plan to have two kits set up. I'd suggest you try one out for a bit. I wasn't thrilled with it in the store, got it for being weird and the best deal, and by the time I packed it up after recording, I loved it.
  10. Nigel John Stanford (Automatica)

    I haven't heard of that particular experiment, but not surprising results at all. This would not be anything new. I've posted Wintergatan's Marble Machine and Marble Machine X here before. He's been giving demonstrations of similar instruments in the museum. Yes, they're more mechanical and analog and not digital, but the same concepts are applied. I don't have anything against one-man-bands or automated/programmed music. People can be very difficult to work with, especially musicians. Why hold yourself back when you are capable and creative enough to make all the music yourself? Instead of giving musicians charts or chords to follow as a base for improvisation, we would just be giving machines/computers the charts and chords. Here's the play list from the museum:
  11. drum loosing circular shape and transforming into an oval?

    Welcome to the forum! As mentioned, bring a tape measure with you when you're buying a kit to make sure it's mostly round. The set my high school had was heavily abused to the point that the hoops were "directional" and the new heads had to be forced in. We reshaped the hoops a little so the heads went in easier. Once it was all back together, they tuned up and sounded fine. Obviously you'd want to buy/own the roundest shells possible, but if they still sound good and tune up... not a total deal breaker. Just make sure you don't see any splits or cracks in the wood.
  12. Good idea to get videos of these things. It really is more appropriate to have sound as a sales point than a pretty picture.
  13. Miledge Muzic - new CD

    Out of curiosity, what didn't you like about DistroKid? I haven't used them or have any bias for/against. Just curious in case someone else asks. Congrats on the album drop!
  14. Complete refinish (lacquer)

    Hey Joel. I haven't started yet. Priorities are house, car and then the drums. The car is almost done. The house is held up with the window installation. I also at work like 60 hours a week, so it might be a while. I like to start researching my options well in advance of doing something. I picked up a $50 set of beginner drums that I might try it on first. I had planned another finish on them, so I have something to learn on before having to get it right on the "cat drums" and then going all out with the mirror finish on my Mapex kit. I've also been kicking around ideas on the two Mapex kits. I might go a different route on the smaller one. I also had the black kit out to record this weekend and really liked them as they are. So it might just come down to how I do the smaller kit. Maybe I'll wait on the larger one until I get the full kit set up in all its glory. If everything goes wrong, I might end up doing the same wrap you're looking at.
  15. Who has animals?

    A couple things to watch those wireless fences: 1) Battery level in the collar. You can hear it dying when it gives warning beeps as the dog, for example a Jack Russell terrier, stands at the limits, daring the machine to shock it. 2) If your dog is a pain in the ass, like a Jack Russell terrier, then it may decide to run though the shock zone because the reward of feral freedom is worth the 5 seconds of pain. My neighbor, also has/had Jack Russell terriers, used an electric fence with a physical wire that was run along the perimeter of the property. There were fences he could weave it through. That works pretty well. You can get a larger range with them. Same limitations listed above, and you should occasionally check the wire to make sure it hasn't been broken anywhere.

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