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    I've been playing the drum set since March of 1997. I got a vintage Premier drum set for my birthday and played it until I realized how rare it was. I got a Mapex Mars Pro 5 piece in late 1998 and played that until about 2001 when I went for a double bass Tama Rockstar kit. During that time I picked up a couple Black Panther snare drums. At school in NY I was stuck playing a travel Yamaha kit until they bought a Mapex Pro M set in 2004. When I came back home I started restoring the Premier set and I picked up a vintage Mapex set in 2005. Since then I've also picked up a third Black Panther and a Mars Pro snare to match my first Mapex kit. I've also sold my Rockstar and vintage Mars kits and picked up an 8 piece VX in black (with component toms left over).
    I played both concert and jazz band through middle and high school. I also played for a Christian group for my first 3 semesters of college.
    I've played in countless jam, rock, hardcore and metal bands through the years and now I'm just trying to find the time to look at my drums...
  • Previous Bands
    Life Without Shame, Dirt Floor Poor

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    Mapex 14x5.5" Aluminum Black Panther snare
    Mapex 14x6.5" Hammered Phosphor Bronze Black Panther snare
    Mapex 14x8" MPX Transparent Mighdnight Black Maple snare
    Gretsch 10x6" Prototype Steel snare
    Ludwig 14x5" Supraphonic 1967 Keystone badge snare
    Ludwig 14x5" Acrolite 1967 Keystone badge snare

    2009-13 Mapex Meridian maple 8x8, 10x8, 12x9, 13x10, 14x14, 16x16, 18x16, 22x18, 22x18, 14x5.5 in transparent black.

    Cymbal set 1: Zildjian K Custom Dark 15" crash, 17" crash, 14" hi-hats, 20" ride, A 8" splash, 10" splash, 12" splash

    Cymbal set 2: Zildjian A 14" New Beat hi-hats, 17" paper thin crash, 18" medium crash, 24" medium ride, 20" Ping ride, A Custom 12" splash, Sabian AA 16" medium thin crash

    Extras: 20" Paiste 2002 ride, 22" Paiste 3000 Reflector Power ride, 20" Sabian AA rock crash, 18" Sabian Metal-X china

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    clear PS3, ported stock front
  • Favorite Snare
    Mapex Black Panther 14x5.5" aluminum
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    Ludwig Speed King
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  • Traditional or Matched grip
  1. You are killing it in drum deals right now man. How long have you been waiting on Yamaha? I heard some comments at my local shop within the past year or so about them not selling any Yamaha stuff until they get themselves organized. I was thinking the company should be sorted out by now.
  2. When you give a reputation by pressing the up arrow, it adds a number next to the heart. You only get one rep per post, so the only other option you have is to take the rep away by pushing the down arrow. It's set up so that you can only give non-negative reps, so positive or no rep only. If a post has say a 5 next to the heart and you see an up arrow, that means you can add a rep and make it 6. If the 5 has a down arrow next to it, then you have already given it a positive rep. You can either leave it that way, or remove your rep by hitting the down arrow and the count will change to 4 next to the heart. The arrow will then switch to an up arrow, allowing you to give it a positive rep again.
  3. And do a 24 hour live feed so we can observe these beasts in their natural habitat.
  4. A little bit of a rant. I might have mentioned I'm doing the band thing again, and most of the time I'm on an electric kit. We did actually play at my new place recently to test everything out, but I don't often play with the band much anymore. Schedules weren't lining up and they need more time for guitar parts, vocals, harmonies and all that vs me playing essentially the same drum beat for every song. Anyways, I've remembered another band related pet peeve of mine: tuning. I've been in bands who tune one of two ways: 1) Everyone plugs into their tuner, or has a pedal/rack tuner already hooked up, and are all done in less than a minute. 2) They hit a piano key or arbitrarily pick the most in tune guitar, and each guy separately tunes by ear and then has to go over each string several times because it wasn't done properly the first or second time, then the next guy tunes and so on. This can take a few minutes per dude, at best. Then we start playing and realize a few strings are still wrong here and there. Personally, I can't play guitar. I have one. I also have a nice foot pedal tuner so that I can tune quickly and hit the pedal to bypass when I'm done, when I finally learn. I'd buy these guys tuners, but they already have them. It's not just this particular group of dudes either. I can't think of anything other than extreme laziness to not use a tuner, and then they end up spending more time and effort doing it the other way. I know there's a few people here who play other instruments. Help me understand the thinking behind this.
  5. One of the local Guitar Center stores has an NFUZD kit. I didn't sit down to try it out, but it's interesting. I was looking at combining it with the Zildjian e-cymbal stuff for a practice kit that's easy to record with my friend's setup, but that stuff gets massively expensive quick. If I were to do it, that would still be the way I go with it. I haven't checked out the acrylic kits much. They're pretty big money and I'd say it's more for the looks. I have seen acrylic shell packs being sold on eBay. They're from China, but if you see sizes you like then you could go custom. If I was getting a non-wood kit, I'd go with carbon fiber. I think it looks nicer, thinner shells, light weight and probably a similar sound to acrylic given it's half resin, but the shells should resonate more since they're thinner.
  6. Two kits? Damn. Look at you, getting all Saturny and stuff.
  7. I think it's time to invest in a camera drone for those overhead shots man. At this point, I'd agree on the auxiliary hats.
  8. Holy shit man! That's awesome! My local shop had one of those in a different finish for a while. They sound awesome. That set is a keeper for sure.
  9. Homeboy teases by busting out his hardwood right off the bat. Is that a Saturn III?
  10. I watched his explanation on Drumeo. I can't read music so, this will have to do. I want to learn it personally to force my right hand to lighten up a bit. Oddly, my left hand is more expressive/dynamic.
  11. Cool video. I had to go look up the King Kong beat. I might play around with that in the Top 40 stuff I'm covering now. These songs are so boring that I actually look forward to playing along to a metronome.
  12. I learned on a Speed King and I've had a few Axis pedals. I've tried a Demon Drive and the lower Trick pedal. And obviously I have the Raptors. All I've heard about the new Yamaha is that it's not as nice as the older Flying Dragon stuff, and that people keep playing their older pedals instead of buying new ones. I liked the Axis A pedals, but they can feel a bit DIY in some aspects. They have upgraded or adapted several things since I've had them. Right now, I'm leaning towards getting another Axis since I can convert them from double to two singles easily, but I'll have to look more heavily at the Yamaha. The Falcon isn't an inexpensive pedal when you add two DD kits to it, and the DD kits don't seem to be readily available. Maybe I can find a used Yamaha to try out and resell if I don't think it's the best fit for me. Much lower loss of cash that way.
  13. Is that the FP9500D or the DFP9500D? I'll be interested to see what you think about that. I'm going to have to get a new pedal if I want to play fast again. The cam on the older Mapex and the Raptor stuff is just too long of an arm. The Yamaha stuff looks good too.
  14. You tease.
  15. Yeah, I went online and couldn't find the ride when his video came out.