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    I've been playing the drum set since March of 1997. I got a vintage Premier drum set for my birthday and played it until I realized how rare it was. I got a Mapex Mars Pro 5 piece in late 1998 and played that until about 2001 when I went for a double bass Tama Rockstar kit. During that time I picked up a couple Black Panther snare drums. At school in NY I was stuck playing a travel Yamaha kit until they bought a Mapex Pro M set in 2004. When I came back home I started restoring the Premier set and I picked up a vintage Mapex set in 2005. Since then I've also picked up a third Black Panther and a Mars Pro snare to match my first Mapex kit. I've also sold my Rockstar and vintage Mars kits and picked up an 8 piece VX in black (with component toms left over).
    I played both concert and jazz band through middle and high school. I also played for a Christian group for my first 3 semesters of college.
    I've played in countless jam, rock, hardcore and metal bands through the years and now I'm just trying to find the time to look at my drums...
  • Current Band
    Rubix Grooves
  • Previous Bands
    Life Without Shame, Dirt Floor Poor

Current kit Specs

  • Current Kit Specs
    Mapex 14x5.5" Aluminum Black Panther snare
    Mapex 14x6.5" Hammered Phosphor Bronze Black Panther snare
    Mapex 14x8" MPX Transparent Mighdnight Black Maple snare
    Gretsch 10x6" Prototype Steel snare
    Ludwig 14x5" Supraphonic 1967 Keystone badge snare
    Ludwig 14x5" Acrolite 1967 Keystone badge snare

    2009-13 Mapex Meridian maple 8x8, 10x8, 12x9, 13x10, 14x14, 16x16, 18x16, 22x18, 22x18, 14x5.5 in transparent black.

    Cymbal set 1: Zildjian K Custom Dark 15" crash, 17" crash, 14" hi-hats, 20" ride, A 8" splash, 10" splash, 12" splash

    Cymbal set 2: Zildjian A 14" New Beat hi-hats, 17" paper thin crash, 18" medium crash, 24" medium ride, 20" Ping ride, A Custom 12" splash, Sabian AA 16" medium thin crash

    Extras: 20" Paiste 2002 ride, 22" Paiste 3000 Reflector Power ride, 20" Sabian AA rock crash, 18" Sabian Metal-X china

What I Like

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  • Favorite Bass drum heads
    clear PS3, ported stock front
  • Favorite Snare
    Mapex Black Panther 14x5.5" aluminum
  • Favorite Cymbals
  • Favorite Hardware
  • Favorite BD Pedal
    Ludwig Speed King
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  • Traditional or Matched grip
  1. Times come my friends

    He hasn't been here since January 30th, last posting in that thread.
  2. Fall 2018

    Yes, that rod (or tube) is fixed (stationary, relative to the ground/rack). I think the part at the top of it that has the drum key screws is also fixed, but adjustable. It looks like all the other parts can move, relative to the rack. Something else to think about: Our options for tom arms are a Pearl style or a ball-and-socket. That goes directly to a mount. That bolts to the shell/suspension. That's not a lot of options considering the number of drum and hardware companies out there. This looks to be integrating the arm , mount and suspension into one part, which is why it is large and clunky in these early development stages. It could eventually become smaller and use less space/material than the three individual parts put together in a traditional manner. It's a logical evolution if you think about it. The tom mount itself has become a redundant feature. If that's the case, this is more genius than it is weird.
  3. Fall 2018

    I have no idea what it would accomplish. It looks like there's an adjustment knob with about 10 notches for vertical settings on the back half of it. It doesn't look like the linkage below that would allow for that much movement, unless there's another joint I'm not seeing. There's a black cap on the back. I'm not sure if that's a spring housing, or fluid reservoir or just a plug for when you don't have a cymbal arm inserted. There are drum key screws on the back, so I'm assuming it's something that would potentially have a moderate amount of use. There could be a spring/dampener in there since it looks like that "tube" goes all the way up. Maybe it's a height adjustment. The part that connects to the lugs also has two drum key screws where it connects on the mount. The top one has a radius slot, so it looks like a tilt adjustment for the drum. That part is "permanently" fixed to the forward tube with set screws, as is the part above it. I can't work out why they're separate pieces and how they interact with each other, but the tube they're mounted to stops at the upper block. Hmmm... I think that larger upper part might be two pieces. I was seeing it as one. That large aluminum knob looking piece is probably a hinge/joint. I'm starting to see it... this thing is weird... I'll have to sketch some things out later since I should probably get some things done at work today.
  4. Fall 2018

    I don't disagree with you. It does look a lot like the new Mapex "M" logo machined in those mounts. The pictures aren't great, and at bad angles, so it's hard to get my head wrapped around what's going on with those mounts. In the video you can see that the high tom is suspended by the resonant side lugs and the second tom is suspended by the batter side lugs. We all know what tom suspension is, or what it's supposed to do. We're all familiar with car suspension as well... maybe... double wishbone, torque arm ladder bar, torsion bar, MacPherson strut and several more. This tom arm looks like a pushrod suspension from what I can work out, or maybe just a double wishbone... The size and weight of the mount wouldn't matter, especially in prototype form, since they're probably trying to dissipate any vibrations before they get to whatever hold the arms up. Aluminum was probably used because it's easier to machine. Weight would probably only matter for having to carry them around, or reducing the moment on the rack clamp (keeping it from spinning on the rack). The final design could be close to this size. Usually new designs start off clunky before people figure out how to simplify and minimize material usage. It's a whole different mindset from coming up with the idea to begin with. I wish I went to that clinic.
  5. Fall 2018

    Yeah, I just don't have anywhere else to share it. A few people here are interested so just a heads up for anyone who was curious, for a week or so.
  6. Fall 2018

    Since we're still here...
  7. Times come my friends

    I am waiting on approval from their admin. Joining a forum in another language... It would force me to relearn all the Spanish I've forgotten. Let's see if I can sign up without cheating and using a translator.
  8. Times come my friends

    Augie, I don't know what else to say. It's been a great time here and we'll keep in touch for sure. It's a bummer, but life is what it is. I'm definitely grateful that CSM/OD existed. It's impossible to imagine if it hadn't, although I might have done more homework when I was in school. I can't believe you were nearly my current age when this all started. Man, all the names above... and a few more people I had fun chatting with. I have updated my signature with my YouTube and G+ links if anyone wants to keep in touch. I also added links to some of the more common social media accounts for my current cover band (I don't currently run the Facebook page). We're also on SoundCloud and I have a Reverb account for anyone who is there and needs sales tips or info for older Mapex stuff. Or shoot me a DM and I'll send you my email. I'm staying in touch with @kustomdk so we can still pool our Mapex historical records. I talk with a few members here on Instagram and YouTube. Still though, I've talked with so many awesome people here. I am on other drum forums, under various handles, but I never felt like I belonged at most places. This forum was different. If I don't cross paths with some people in particular again, best of luck in life to you. I'm glad we at least met here. @SpinaDudeNo worries about the other thread. We all fluctuate in presence and ability throughout life. Bev is doing a bit better now, and thanks for your support! Sorry about your loss, man. It's brutal. I can't imagine being in your place. Nobody on this side of the internet wormhole thinks poorly of you at all. Quite the opposite. Oh, and if Carl does stop in... It was nice meeting you, dude.
  9. What Series Is This Kit? bass 18,10,12 y 14

    It might be one of the later Voyager configurations when they made the toms larger, but before upgrading the lugs. Probably V Series in the mid-2000s. Those sets changed constantly and didn't always make the catalogs. I will try to sift through what I have if I find the time.
  10. Drumless Backing Track on youtube

    I'll follow you over there. Thanks!
  11. Shimon

    Shimon is an AI robot who writes jazz percussion pieces. It is built by Prof. Gil Weinberg from Georgia Tech.
  12. Jason Barnes the bionic drummer

    Apparently Jason lost his arm at work when a transformer exploded near him. Georgia Tech built him a bionic arm. wiki link This is interesting because he's an organic drum machine. He blurs the lines between what we think of as a drummer and a machine/program, or non-drummer. Obviously he leans more towards a real drummer since his arm is an advanced prosthetic, but the line blurs.
  13. This popped up while I was playing some background noise at work. I know we've talked about why it's hard for good musicians to make it these days, and various other industry hurdles. I figured some people here would find this interesting and have some comments. I've seen a few of these industry analysts. They don't go far back enough chronologically to get a full, honest picture. Maybe they'll catch on eventually, but they'll have to start being honest and start criticizing some of their "gods."
  14. Дмитрий Ким Dmitriy Kim

    I found his naturally spelled name too, and his YouTube channel. He was another one of Jinjer's drummers. It's interesting to watch this dude play. Out of the drummers for this band that I can find info on, he seems to be the only drums-only drummer. It doesn't look like he has album credit, but I'm certain he wrote a few of their more recent songs. From what I can tell, it seems like he's written all or most of the songs with blasts (as accents) in them. I'll see what I can find of him from my organic facial recognition software... I think this is him on a Yamaha kit. I think this is him, on a Mapex kit. I think this is him when the band picked him up, maybe before announcing a new drummer, hence the ninja-style. Playing a Pearl kit.
  15. I can't believe I found his name in Ukrainian, or whatever else that might be. I think this is his YouTube page. It looks like he mostly plays guitar and does some engineering. Eugene Mantulin is another one of Jinjer's many drummers. It looks like he recorded their Cloud Factory (2014) album, and his website is gone. That album is getting reissued this year.