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    Played in numerous rock/soul bands in the CLE area during the 70's/80's. Have played with members of the James Gang, Raspberries, and numerous other musicians that have played with people as diverse as Olivia Newton-John and Lou Reed.
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    looking for a classic rock or soul gig.
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    Hot Shot and Peter Panic ( Cleveland area )

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    Mapex Saturn IV MH Exotic Studioease 5 pc w/ '73 Ludwig 6.5x14 Supraphonic snare. Cymbals are mix of Zildjian and Paiste

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    Andy Newmark
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    Vic Firth
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    Ludwig Supraphonic '70s version
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    DW 5000
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  1. Thank you. Sold these today. Have to admit it was tough seeing them walk out the door.
  2. Hey guys, been awhile. Just wanted to drop this link for my ad. https://reverb.com/item/12641342-mapex-black-panther-black-widow-5pc Pretty much explains everything. Here's a pic. These have never been gigged. Immaculate condition and a rare sight on the pre-owned market. I have too many kits.
  3. I think one of the problems Mapex needs to address is support for artists worldwide. I think they should have had more black panther kits manufactured with some more finish choices. Russ Miller said he asked about playing a Black Panther kit and was told by Mapex they couldn't guarantee world wide availability. I have a Blk Widow kit and really won't care who's on their roster 10 years from now. I bought them because they look and sound great. They're keepers. I'll say this though, it seems like a sport in the 'net drumming community to bash Mapex especially those who've never sat behind one of their kits. Back in my day (70's/80's) it was less about what you played and more about HOW you played. That said, I hope Mapex have lasting success. Here's a shot of my Blk Widows and my Tama's. ( Treachery ! )
  4. Black Widow kit only came in one config: 22x18, 16x14, 14x12, 12x8, 10x7. Snare is an older limited edition Black Panther 14x5.5 maple/walnut hybrid shell, in the same finish, that I had bought last year.
  5. Thanks guys for your kind words. This was the "find" I was looking for. I buy and sell ( mostly buy, LOL ) kits as a hobby but this Black Widow kit is a keeper. it's one of the most beautiful kits I've ever seen. The lugs, the hoops, the finish and just the attention to detail is just incredible. I consider myself VERY lucky to have found a kit like this for under $2K.
  6. I always loved the look of the black panther kits, especially the black widow. Never had a high end maple kit so when I saw this for $1799 at drumcenternh, I jumped in. Still have my Saturn IV Exotics and my Tama Starclassic B/B's. This is a lovely addition ! Sweet sound and quite different from my other two kits.
  7. Those are cool as heck !! That orange sparkle will wake up the audience ! I just picked up a set of TAMA's as well. They make really nice stuff. Enjoy !
  8. thanks sticks, 'ppreciate it. Lovin' the pedal !
  9. Just a quick question...........There are some little rubber casings around the spurs on the bottom of the pedal. Are they there just to protect during shipping or should they be left on? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  10. I'm looking to get at least a batter side sonic saver 10 lug hoop for my older black panther if for no other reason than to cut down on stick splintering. I'm a 70'/80's style drummer. We hit them hard and move the air. Would I have to contact the mfgr direct or do they sell them retail? Also, would any other brand fit such as maybe a die cast Gretsch or Pearl 10 lug? Lastly, does anyone have a one or a pair laying around that they'd like to sell? Cheers, TW
  11. Sounds pretty drastic, the cut down part. You must really like a quick pop bass drum sound. Have you tried a 20" diameter? What genre of music do you play? What heads are you going to use? I used to play a pair of 70's era Ludwig 24x14 maples in a dbl bass config ( Hello Carmine Appice ) and had to muffle the heck out of them with pillows etc. I actually liked the sound of my last kit's ( Gretsch Cat maple ) 22x18 bass drum much better. I never had to muffle the Gretsch but did use an Aquarian Super Kick II and Aqualrian Regulator reso. Same heads I'm using on my 22x20 Mapex Saturn without any additional muffling. You have to take pics if you cut that drum down. I've never seen anyone do that ! Cheers, Todd
  12. Sold locally today. Thanks for looking
  13. 100% seller rating. Can't beat that. That's my favorite Saturn V color too. If nothing else maybe it signals Mapex getting some more kits into the supply chain. I showed my wife the price drop and she gave me the stink eye look. She did like the color though. LOL
  14. I don't think there's a better deal out there for a new standard size Saturn V kit than this........Ron at Arizona Drum Shop has a great rep too! Buy 'em now and thank me later. If I hadn't just gotten a steal on a Saturn IV kit, I'd be hitting the "buy now" button on these ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/221839735529?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  15. Price drop..... $250 shipped anywhere in the lower 48
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