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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I have a drum cover on my YouTube channel but I'll post a video of the drums by themselves soon. Thank you! It's great to be here! Thanks! They not only look great, but have great feel too.
  2. I am both humbled and honored that my kit is featured in the 2016 Pearl catalog! I found out in mid-January that it would be included and it looks awesome. I have posted a video tour of the kit at The Kit 2015 Pearl Masterworks drums in Walnut Burst with African Mahogany (inner) and Bubinga (outer) woods, gold-plated hardware, rounded 45 degree bearing edges on tops and bottoms, and STL150 Lugs. Kick: 22 x 18, 10-ply Snare: 14 x 5, 20-ply, free-floating, Maple Rack Tom: 10 x 8, 6-ply Rack Tom: 12 x 8, 6-ply Floor Tom: 14 x 14, 10-ply Floor Tom: 16 x 16, 10-ply Hardware (all Pearl) Tom/Cymbal Combo: TC1030 x 2 Cymbal Boom: BC1030 x 2 Hi-Hat: H2000 Eliminator Snare: S1030 Throne: D2500 Kick Pedal: Demon Drive Double Kick Pedal Cymbals- (all Sabian) 19″ Crash: HHX Xtreme Crash 18″ Crash: HHX Stage Crash 22″ Crash Ride: HHX Omni 21″ Ride: HHX Groove Ride 14″ Hats: HHX Groove Hats Microphones Kick: Shure Beta 52 Snare: Shure SM57 Toms: Shure Beta98ADC x 4 Hi-Hats: Blue Baby Bottle Overheads: AKG 214 x 2 Heads (all Evans) Kick: EMAD Heavyweight Snare Top: Genera HD Dry Snare Bottom: Hazy 300 Toms: Gl Clear Fusion Sticks Vic Firth 4B Cases Kick, snare, and toms are all padded SKB cases Cymbal case is SKB ATA Vault Snare drum and hardware flight cases are from Kent Custom in Buffalo, New York Stick bag is Mono ETC Monster Power ProCo Cables
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