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  1. Mapex Saturn IV Kit

    I really need this kit gone. It is beautiful and worth way more than what I am asking. $2,000 FIRM!!!
  2. Mapex Saturn IV Kit

    Thank you. There are a few reasons why i'm selling it. My wife and I are moving again, I hardly play, have to have a dedicated music room, and thinking about getting an electric kit. I will part out the little things like the triggers, mic stands, mics + cables, drum module and the sound blankets if I still have some available. As of right now I'd like to keep the kit together (that way I can still play from time to time).
  3. Mapex Saturn IV Kit

    I have a nice Mapex Saturn kit for sale. The cymbals are not in the best of shape but the drums are in excellent condition. It is a 6 piece kit with 20x18 kick, 8 10 12 14" toms, and a 13x7 Black Panther Blaster snare. I have trick Bigfoot double pedals with the SB1 trigger kit. Hi hat stand is trick predator remote hi hat. Yamaha DTX drum module. Shure mics. ddrum triggers. mic stands. This is a really nice set besides half of the cymbals. I am asking $3,000 for everything and located in Lexington, SC. The pedals and trigger kit alone is about half of that price.

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