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  1. TOOL 46 and 2 drum drum :)

    What do you think my friends?
  2. Please comment my drumming

    Thank you guys! Up the Irons!
  3. I just started with new youtube channel. Let me know what do you think. Appreciate all your comments! Channel: http://bit.ly/MikiMaiden Please subscribe and support Thank you!!!
  4. Paiste Nicko's treasure

    Im not sure. There are no much information online. We will need to wait some more to get what we need to hear. Im big Nicko fan and I want them right now im using same cymbals as him (but he got more of them in his set) and the sound is incredible.
  5. Recording the sound

    Thanks bro!
  6. Cymbal Tuner

    I found that online. Did someone try it? Im very curious.
  7. Paiste Nicko's treasure

    Someone told me the price will be $11.000. Pretty sick
  8. Recording the sound

    The main thing for me is that recorder is portable. Im moving a lot and the mixer is not solution for me. Im thinking for one small recorder and two overhead mics. Im relly confused what to do.
  9. Recording the sound

    Im thinking to buy something simple to record the sound of drums. I will also combaine that to make some demos with my band. My budget is under $500. I was thinking about Roland R26 which looks nice. If you guys have any experiences I would be very happy for infos. https://www.roland.com/global/products/r-26/ Thanks!
  10. Paiste Nicko's treasure

    Hey Does anyone know the price for the nicko's treasure set of cymbals? I really want to have this! http://www.paiste.com/e/products_limited_editions.php?menuid=417 Thanks!