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    Drums, Golf, Politics, Motorcycles, History, Resistance Training, my grand children.
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    I am a disabled drummer with serious injuries to my arms and hands due to a near fatal motorcycle accident. After 30 + surgeries and modified drum sticks I am attempting play the drums again! My doctor's thought it would be great therapy and what a challenge it is! Painful but I'm loving it! Again!
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    Roland TD 6WK with added Alesis Samplepad Pro, running Superior Drummer 2.0 through Reaper version 5.33 DAW, Pearl Export

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    Neil Peart
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    Ludwig Vistalites, North
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    Ludwig Supra
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    Double Bass
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  1. Thanks Diehard, I've been there. I actually traded a Yamaha Dragonfly bass pedal and a PDP side snare for a double bass pedal. Great guy that owns that place! You're right! Small place but he fits a lot of gear in that small place! He has some new and used drums but no Crush Drums. I'll just have to keep looking. Thanks Man!
  2. Speedninja, thanks for the NFUSD system opinion and your right, they are expensive! I watched a Sweetwater review on it and it "looks" great but I know they just tell you all the great things about the product. They leave out any software problems and other quality problems they might have. After all, they're out to make money! I think that you can expand with this product and I'm pretty sure the ECO BFD program is not included with Rock bundle purchase but I could be wrong. As far as the Acrylic kits go, just about all the big companies are made in China. Ludwig, I think is US made. I could be wrong. I know the Maple line is made here. I think down in the Carolinas. The composites are interesting. I've seen them in catalogs but I think I can forget about hearing one in person. I'm having trouble finding Acrylics around here to test out. I'll keep looking! I'm in no hurry to buy. I also would like to play an all Steel Kit not wrapped but finding one of those also seems impossible! Custom Drums are more than likely going to be out of my price range. I emailed Q Drum Co. they're really responsive but I browsed their web page and they only list snares and they are listed at $799. So, a whole kit? I don't know but I'll send them some particulars and see what they say. What about cymbals and hardware? Cymbal packs or individual? Hardware packs or individual? Thanks for your opinion!
  3. Dieharder and Spitfire, thanks for your input. You both sound very knowledgeable on the Acrylics Drums. Thanks for the head recommendations and review of the hardware. I know the questions I asked are strictly taste. You've both given me a lot to consider on my direction. I was leaning towards the Pearl Crystal Beats only because I've own Pearl Kits in the past. But now, I'm not so sure about that decision. After I wrote this post I traveled to Guitar Center and they didn't have any Acrylic Kits set up but they had a Tama and a DW Kit up on a shelf. I asked the guy to climb up and grab one tom of each and a snare of each. Upon striking them I was able to hear what they sound like. I had the kid hold the drum so I could compare the sound to a DW Maple kit that was set up on the floor. You are both right! They definitely have a drier sound than the maple. I liked both of their sound over all. Even though, I know I could get them to sound even better with some tuning. I wish I would have gotten them to take down the bass of each but the kid wasn't to pumped about it (I could tell by his face) and they had a dept full of customers and I felt bad. But, I got the just of their over all tone and what I could do with them. I thought both sounded good. I did think the Tama sounded better than the DW and was almost 500 dollars cheaper. I know that DW likes to ramp up the price on their gear. I think the Tama was just tuned closer to my liking than the DW was. I should have asked for a key to try and tune them the same but I didn't think of it. Do you guys have any experience with the NFUSD product or have an opinion? I'm hitting the reputation button for you both. I'm not sure what it means? But, it looks positive even though the arrow points down. thank again!
  4. Are there any dealers of the drums in the Rhode Island area? Thanks, Rob
  5. I am a disabled drummer. My range of motion, hand strength and speed has been severely impacted by a near fatal motorcycle accident. I have been playing on a used Roland TD 6 KW that I love. The reason for my post is, I am thinking about purchasing an acoustic kit to try an make the transition back to the acoustic world! The electronic world is Great but I still crave that feeling that can only be achieved in the acoustic world! I just can't get that feeling and sound out of my system! I went to a Ludwig dealer hoping play a Vistalite kit but they didn't have one in stock. The owner told me he doesn't stock them because they are pricey and don't move. I am still looking for a Pearl Crystal Beats kit to try.Oh! I forgot to mention, I'm looking for a drum kit made from an alternate material! All I've ever owned has been kits made from different types of wood. Back to my question to the experts! Keeping my limitations in mind. What is the preference of this group on these drums? How do they sound? How do they resonate? How's the projection of sound! How much adjustability in the tuning on these drums? How do they sound when recorded? The type of music I like to play is basically Rock ( old + new ) and dabble a bit in Dance, Jazz , Big Band and some country. I'm looking for a higher end kit, not an entry level kit. I value this communities opinion! I will need the whole shebang! Cymbals, Stands and Hardware. I am also thinking of selling my Roland kit and adopting the NFUSD system for this kit to have the best of both worlds! Any thoughts on that will also be appreciated! Thanks and keep the beat strong!
  6. Man! That was impressive! Love how he's out there in front of the music! Attacking it instead of letting it come to him! The phrasing that he uses in these pieces are second to none. His playing determines the feel of that particular passage. I don't listen to Metal much but man, I really enjoyed those performances! Watching him is very inspiring not to mention some real cool patterns to learn! Well done Alex! Thanks SpeedNinja for turning us on to his music!
  7. What a beautiful snare drum! I was never into Frank Zappa so, I never heard about "Black Page". I knew of Terry Bozzio, mostly from Missing Person. I am blown away by the intricate patterns! In my opinion this composition is right up there with Rush's "Villa"! I love this Drum Site! It's members and moderator's turning me on to material I've never heard or explored! I've been learning so much! Every time I scan this site my eyes are open to something new! I wish I learned of this Drummers oasis sooner!
  8. Creative and unique! Job well done! Really enjoyed it! Love this forum! So many talented drummers who love to share their approach and stories! Total awesome!
  9. Strong, solid, driving performance! I Like the over head camera angle. That perspective picks up every move! The kit sounds great!
  10. DIY'er, started running my Rolands through Reaper as well as Superior Drummer 2.0 through reaper. Man, so much to learn! That DAW is incredible for the price! I've been playing around with it and this program has so many functions! That sucks about your batteries dying! I don't know how big of a sample library and custom kits you had but I sure do know that you had some time invested. I hope to get back to the acoustic sets again but I'm physically just not there yet. Yeah, Woony has changed a lot in recent years but it's still ok! Man, the beaches here in Rhode Island are beautiful and in the summer, what a great place to be! Yeah, the waves can mess you up pretty bad! When a super storm like a hurricane coming in really stirs them up! Great memory and cool story to tell! Not many can say they were body surfing in a super storm! That's an elite group! I'll keep moving forward and let God and my friends pick me up when I fall! Great talking with you and thanks for the story!
  11. Well Speed, thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm still learning the kits operation! There are so many possibilities with it! You have to be a computer/sound engineer to figure out mapping, pad assignment, adding pads, how MIDI works. It's a lot to learn but I'm learning, slow but learning. I have thought of using more pedals to compensate for my limitations and I am determined! The equipment, just like drum hardware is expensive. I picked up a couple keyboard sustain pedals (because of price) and I am trying to use them as bass and hi-hat pedals to trigger sounds, toms, samples ect. but they don't actuate like real pedals do. They have latency issues. I'm keeping my eyes open for some used gear that I can repair and customize to fit my needs. There aren't a lot of experts around locally for this type of thing. I went to Guitar Center in my area and the drum guy there didn't have a world of knowledge in E-Drums. I picked up Superior Drummer 2.0 and this helps me fill in the things I can't physically do fast enough. I can add and take away notes, mix sounds. It's a great program and I think I really like the aspect of recording, playing, mixing and arranging! As far as bikes, I still love bikes! My family doesn't even like the mention of word! They made me sell all of them. I had a beautiful chromed out customized Harley Davidson, a Honda 954 RR, and a YZ 250! All history now but I still love them! Thanks for taking the time to help me out and give me a few ideas
  12. Thanks for the welcome Logogogue! I used to play a 10 pc. Rogers double bass kit in my hay day. I know! That shows my age a bit but I really loved that kit! As an adult I inherited my son's Pearl kit. Three years ago I was in a near fatal motorcycle crash. After more than thirty surgeries they rebuilt my right arm (about 30% of what it used to be) I am fused at the elbow and the plastic surgeons were able to make my left arm about 40% of capacity (only one bone connecting the hand to the arm and the wrist doesn't actuate that well. So, I'm now trying to resume with a Roland TD-6WK electronic kit. I've fitted the sticks with pipe insulation so that I can hold them. I've had to jump to the electronic kit because my lack of striking power and limited range of motion. It has been a real challenge starting from the very beginning again but has been good therapy for my arms and hands! Not to mention the mind! Joining this forum I hope will be encouraging and good for my head, as well as keeping the fire burning through the boring but challenging times! Thanks again for saying hi!
  13. Hello to all the fellow drummers of the world! I'm Rob, a disabled former drummer from Rhode Island trying to rekindle the drumming spark and meeting new people! And fellow drummers, I've found, are the best people to have as friends! Just found this site and I'm looking forward to some good conversation, sharing stories and learning a few things! Keep the beat driving!