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    Drums, Golf, Politics, Motorcycles, History, Resistance Training, my grand children.
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    I am a disabled drummer with serious injuries to my arms and hands due to a near fatal motorcycle accident. After 30 + surgeries and modified drum sticks I am attempting play the drums again! My doctor's thought it would be great therapy and what a challenge it is! Painful but I'm loving it! Again!
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    Roland TD 6WK with added Alesis Samplepad Pro, running Superior Drummer 2.0 through Reaper version 5.33 DAW, C & C Custom Kit 22", 14", 13", 16", 18" DW Hardware, Paiste, Zildjian A's + K's

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    Neil Peart
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    Ludwig Vistalites, North
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    Regal, Vic Firth
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    Aquarian, Evans
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    Aquarian SK I
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    Ludwig Supra
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    Zildjian, Paiste
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    Gibraltar, DW
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  1. Ideas for disabled or handicaped drummer's

    Bippy, I am a disabled drummer also. My disability is not with my legs but resides in my arms and hands. This affects my striking power and range of motion. I've also had to get creative in order to play again. I know that your looking for a partnership with someone with your similar disability. I am replying to offer support and words of encouragement. Good luck in your quest in developing equipment to make your playing excel into the stratosphere! It can be frustrating but every obstacle that gets you down, just pick yourself up and keep moving forward! We can do everything that "normal" drummers can do! We just have to do things a little bit different! God Bless you and good luck! This bad thing that happened to you, might just be one of the best things to happen in your life! It may create infinite opportunities in your life! Be well my friend!
  2. Head Selection

    Thanks Logogogue, Speedninja and Dieharder really helped me out with direction! I am still going to experiment with the Attack heads but for now I am so happy with drum sound! You are correct! Wet and fat is a very accurate description! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Rock on my friends!
  3. Head Selection

    Well Speedninja and Dieharder, the winner was Evans G2 on the batter and Evans G1 on the reso side! They sounded just so good, I ran out and fitted the rest of my kit! Don't want to offend anyone that uses the Hydraulics but for my taste, they really make my drums sound like a cardboard box even with the acoustics of my (work in process) drum studio. I am finally pumped about the sound being projected out of this fantastic instrument! I have a double bass set of Zicko's that I plan on doing the Attach head experiment on! Thank you both for your guidance and opinions to my questions! Rock on boy's and Speedninja, be safe during this impending catastrophe! Please let us know when it is over with! God Bless!
  4. Head Selection

    Dieharder, I did what both of you suggested. I bought a Evans Hydraulic and an Evans G2 double ply yesterday. I'm going to experiment on the thirteen inch tom today. I'll report my findings when I put them on today. I'm going to pick up an Attack next week (a bit short on cash this week) i'll run the same experiment on those too. This will give me a myriad of paths to chose from seeing I have three different types of drum heads from three different manufactures. Thanks for the direction and be safe!
  5. Anyone want free drum gear?

    Good luck buddy! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless
  6. Head Selection

    Thank Speed! This return to the acoustic world has been exhausting! Between finding a kit, then hardware , then cymbal selection it's been a big project! I'm now coming to the end of my equipment journey and now more time for the enjoyment of playing an acoustic kit again! Do you have any experience or opinion on Attack Drum Heads? I've heard positive comments but I have no experience with them. Their price is a big draw and they every size and head make up known to man. I like Aquarian, although, I've never played them. They seem like a good company with a good product. I've read a lot about them and it seems everyone has good experiences with them! Finding that sound is so important! Thanks for your feed back once again! I'll let you know which way I go! When I'm finished I'll post a couple of pic's of my set up!
  7. Head Selection

    Ok, I'm sure this topic has been beat to death but I'm looking for direction! I know this is totally based on one's particular taste. I just purchased a C & C Acrylic Drum kit sizes are 22", 14" 13", 16" 18". I have Remo single ply heads all around except for the snare and bass drums. I replaced the snare batter with an Evans 360 coated level reverse dot. It arrived with a Remo clear black dot. It sounded horrible! Sounds pretty good now! Still tweaking it, not totally happy with it yet! The bass drum has a Remo clear black dot Powerstroke P4. I put in a Remo muffle ring, it sounds better but still not to my liking. All the reso's are Remo weather king single ply. There's also evidence that they had an EQ pad in the bass drum. The Velcro strips are still present. The acoustics of the room are also reeking havoc with the sound as well. But this is my drum studio in the making! All the existing heads are pretty much brand new. I've taken them apart three different times, experimented with the tension rods batter side and reso side but still can't achieve the sound in my head! My son says I'm too picky and the word I think he used was "anal" about the sound of my drums. He maybe right but I have a beautiful looking kit so I also want them to sound the best they can! I am thinking of changing them to 2 ply heads to cut down on the over tones. I like my drums to resonate not to be choked out! I've been an Evans guy in the past but I'm open to any discussion about any other company that manufactures a quality head. I also have physical limitations and tend to use double strokes more often than most so I need that rebound off the batter. Let me know what heads rock your world! Thanks!
  8. Anyone want free drum gear?

    Hey Speedninja, Good luck! I hope she blows out to sea! My prayers are with you and your family! Be safe! Gear can be replaced and I'm sure plenty of us on here are willing to help you out in the event you lose some stuff! We'll talk with you soon! God Bless!
  9. C & C Drums

    Thanks Diehard, I knew I asked the right guy! You brought up factors I never considered. I will go universal! I have sever range of motion limitations so being able to adjust to change even at slight angles will definitely benefit my playing! Buying this new kit has been exhausting. With the advance in technology since I last purchased a new kit has given me a lot to think about. Good problem to have. I agree Bill Cardwell's kits are more than a musical instrument! They are truly a work of art! Thanks for your input! Really appreciate it!
  10. C & C Drums

    Thanks Diehard on the kit comment! I'm thinking of doing an unboxing video when they arrive. I will not sleep well till they arrive here safe and sound! Really excited! This kit is some of the best drum porn I've ever seen! I was just using Dream as an example. Their website has a function that you can hear what they sound like. I was unaware that they have an issue with repeatability! I've only ever owned Zildjians but I've had the opportunity to play the Paiste 2002's ride and crash. They sound amazing! I'm looking new or mint condition used cymbals. I need hi-hats, crash and ride to start. I'm open minded and not exclusive to any one manufacturer. Although, I am looking for higher end cymbals! I'll give Sabians a good look! Love getting input from you guys! I value experience over popularity! Thanks for your comments! I also will be needing hardware too! Snare stand, tom stand, cymbal stands and hi-hat any thoughts? Manufacturers? Individual vs. bundles? New vs. used?
  11. C & C Drums

    Does anyone out there own a C & C Drum Kit? I just bought a C & C Drum kit! The Acrylic Coke bottle green 22/13/14/16/18! I've listened to YouTube videos and they sound and look awesome! I would like to hear from someone in this drum forum that personally owns one. I've looked for an acoustic kit for 6 months. I was going to purchase a new Pearl Crystal Beats kit but I really wanted something made in America! The Acrylic Pearls are made in Japan so that was a bit of a turn off although, they sound and look great! I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive! My cymbal selection is more that likely going to be Zildjians but it is up for discussions! I wouldn't mind some other opinions on other cymbal manufactures. There are so many wonderful companies that I would consider does anybody know about Dream Cymbals? Thanks for your input! Rock on!
  12. 26" - Unbelievable

    Wholly crap! That thing looks like a Spartan's shield! It sounds good for it's size. I expected a more gongy type sound. It's a 500 dollar cymbal? That's a hefty price tag! I like the sound! Not so much the price!
  13. Looking for a New or Used Acoustic Kit

    It's going to be cool!
  14. Looking for a New or Used Acoustic Kit

    Thanks Guys! The feed back you guys have given me is AMAZING! This post saved me so much research time and run around! I'm glad to announce that I found an old Zicko's Double Bass Kit on Craigslist that I purchased! This is definitely a restore project! A couple drums are cracked but the owner told me that, he is the second owner and that they were cracked when he bought them. He told me that the cracks have not traveled since he has owned them and he's had them since the late 70's. He said they cracked because the first owner stored them with weight on them and that caused the cracks! He also told me that the first owner was the nephew of guy that designed them. That's pretty cool if it is true! I guess I'll find out about the cracking soon enough! I'll take photo's before, After and during my restoration. I'm still going for something new and more than likely going to update my electronic electronic equipment! I've saved up the money and got the Zicko's for almost nothing! Couldn't pass them up! The guy was remodeling his home and wifey wanted them gone! My gain! Till later! Keep the beat strong and rocking! Happy Independence Day my friends!
  15. Dealers

    Thanks Diehard, I've been there. I actually traded a Yamaha Dragonfly bass pedal and a PDP side snare for a double bass pedal. Great guy that owns that place! You're right! Small place but he fits a lot of gear in that small place! He has some new and used drums but no Crush Drums. I'll just have to keep looking. Thanks Man!