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  1. Since Photobucket is being stupid...
  2. Thanks! I dig the kit, for sure. I'm just not big on 24" bass drums. I mean, it's nice to have in case a gig/session ever calls for it, but I'm typically a 22" guy myself. And I love 15" "floor" toms (I hang mine). My usual go-to setup is one up (12"), one down. The interval, to me, between a 12 and 14 is just too small for rock settings, being the only two toms, and 14" toms always seem to lack the cajones I'm looking for in a floor tom. And I feel like going from 12 to 16 is a little too drastic. Most "big rock" kits you see have a 13" tom, and a 16" floor tom. Been the standard for a long time. Dave Grohl even used a 15" and an 18" in Nirvana. There's just something about that 3" interval.
  3. And here's some pics, just for fun...
  4. Much appreciated! I've been scouring eBay, Reverb, Music-Go-Round, Guitar Center used gear, Sam Ash used gear, and Craigslist (ALL Craigslists across the US), without much luck on these. I may end up just getting Saturn 3 bass drums, but that 15" Orion tom is probably gonna be a pain to find. I'm holding off on going the Saturn route for now, just in case I can find an Orion kit with the 15" and one (or both?) of the bass drums I need. However, if I find the 15" Orion separately, I'll likely just buy Saturn kicks since they're pretty easy to find. It all started on Craigslist actually... Stumbled across an endorser-owned Orion (not Orbiter), with a well-toured red sparkle custom paint job. The chrome hardware is all excellent though - 10x8, 12x8, 13x10, 14x14, 16x16, 18x16, 24x16, 24x16, 14x5.5 snare, and three heavy duty Mapex tom stands with four tom arms... $750. Then I recently found a green 8x8 on Reverb for $100. I plan to refinish the whole lot once I get these last few drums, so color doesn't matter. I had originally intended to split the kit into two, and sell them separately. Probably could've made a couple/few hundred bucks. Then I started thinking about just rounding out the bunch so no matter what the gig, I will have the ability to put together the perfect kit... Which brings us here.
  5. Hey all! I'm trying to put together a shell bank of Mapex Orions, and all I need now are a 15" tom or floor tom, and a 22" (and possibly a 20") bass drum. Any finish/finish condition is fine, so long as the shell is still good structurally, and the hardware (chrome) isn't jacked up (I'd actually prefer a bad finish, so I could save some cash, haha). Looking for the version with the silver badge that says "Mapex Orion Series". Thank you.