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  1. Thanks for the input. As far as "Heritage series" goes... as I was researching the specs of my drum "Heritage Series" kept coming up. And then I found the video below.. He mentions that there are only a few made... which kinda goes along with what you said about them dumping parts into a limted run. And it also goes along with my serial number being 000042. Everything I have researched on the Heritage Series has all my same specs. Finish, hoops, lugs, double throwoff adjustment, 42 strand snare. This is my first Mapex snare so I am not familiar with them to know if any of those specs are pretty standard throughout the series or if these are a bit special. mainly the double throwoff adjustment and 42 strand wires.
  2. Hey all! Here is my current kit. Kick is a 24x14 70's Tama Imperial shell star that I salvaged. 10" Rack and 16" Floor I made from Keller shells. 14" x 5.5" Stave Red Oak snare I made myself from a red oak plank. Beavertail lugs, 2.3 mm tiple flange hoops. The 2nd pic (brown kick drum) is with a 70's 26x14 Imperialstar kick that I also salvaged. 2nd snare is a 14x10 stage snare also made from a red oak plank.
  3. Hey guys just picked this up today. I'm wondering if it is a Heritage series? 14x5ish, Dual tension adjustment, 42 strand snare. serial number is LC000042. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you! RobJ
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