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  1. Should I order my drum shell with veneer or do it myself?

    I'll ask about the video, I think is possible.
  2. Should I order my drum shell with veneer or do it myself?

    Thank so for your reply! That doesn't sound complex at all. Maybe I should indeed do it myself.... foe the holes and such, I am putting the shell straight to a multi-axis CNC. This machine is super precise and will make all holes exactly where they should be, all equal and nicely finished. I also think the same as you. That's why I am doubting. As there is risk always something goes wrong, am I taking an overdone risk on thinking to add my own veneer? I am just doubting...
  3. Hey drummers! Well... I'm at the moment to order my awaited snare from a drum builder. I asked to add a veneer layer with macassar ebony but I am wondering if I shouldn't be doing this myself for less money or is it really so much worth to let somebody else do it? Seems anybody can replace wraps and veneers with not so much effort. What concerns me is the wood supply for this and precision (can't put the veneer on a CNC). They charge me quite expensive for this add. The shell without any drilling will cost me around 200 euro. It's a 14x8 maple shell. Without would be around 100. I'd like some intelligent input here. I can describe myself handy at hobby projects and eventually can ask help. I understand about drum shells, bla bla. Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Who has animals?

    I have to cats.. they are super weird, love them as if they would be my children. One is an European short hair and the other one... well I don't know. I rescued them from somebody that didn't want them anymore. They are often in my videos as sneaky criminals and many times i have to re record some parts b3cause they miauw in between. LoL Besides, I rescued my dog, a mix between a german shepperd and probably a dalgo.. but she is now living with my mother.
  5. Are click tracks overused?

    I totally agree that the times change and to add to what you said about let it breathe, I think we have to, until a certain limit obviously when it starts to sound non-musical then we have a problem lol. I record guitars without a click. I get confused... however I prefer to follow a click when drumming. I have had times in a gig (the first gigs) I would just turn off the click if we would play a too slow song because I am not good at slow tempos (something to improve he) Interesting opinion. It's indeed nowadays underdeveloped, and that's what I talk on my vlog.. in a track you can have as multiple time signatures as slow down or hurry up the song as you want. Depends how you make a track, but you can really do anything you want if you know how. That's the great thing of Ableton for example.. you split your songs in parts, normally by sections of a certain song like chorus, interlude, instrumental, bridge, verse, etc. and you can even change the pitch separately. Ableton is really super advanced on such things, and I got really surprised by it. I have seen Anika Nilles at drumeo triggering her songs from Ableton and I'm sure Dream Theater has some kind of tracks like that. Playing such prog I hardly believe they are so perfect and knowing Petrucci is a metronome geek. David Gilmour doesn't use click/metronome. Hear live in Gdanks (sorry is written wrong) and you will notice on the first song (clastellorizon) he doesn't use anything at all, still sounds awesome and gives me goose bumps everytime I hear it.
  6. Ply shells glue vs paperglue curiosity

    lolol. Well.. apparently that kind of papermill is very common.. the only not common part is that is normally not used for drums... I guess it has a logical reason. I would think of strength and tone. But.. I have heard that SONOR and some other brands "glue" shells without any use of glue. So I'm now wondering.. did I discover the trick?
  7. Hey drummers, I really want to know your thoughts. This question normally makes up a fight but I hope everybody can behave here and I'm curious about your opinion about click tracks being overused. I have seen this topic in another forum and there were some interesting answers. I made a video instead.. so I can visually show what I mean with my opinion... Remember is just opinion by the way... no hard feelings.
  8. Ply shells glue vs paperglue curiosity

    I'm sorry I am confusing... I contacted a bunch of luthiers and carpenters and selected one guy to work along with me. Yea.. a drum luthier.. specialized in making drums, yea. The carpenter wants to use the "paper glue" that comes very often with veneers and make the shell in two pieces... two pieces of 180° each (a semi circle) yea the luthier would be building this in the traditional way This is what I wanted to hear. I also found it weird and stupid to split the shell in half. Glad I get some opinion about it! On how the "drum luthier" is going to make the shells, he will make them in the traditional way, for ply shells.
  9. Ply shells glue vs paperglue curiosity

    Hello drummers, I hope you don't missunderstand me. I am building my own kit, together with a drum luthier, however I recently went to a carpenter and asked him a quote for the job and I found out he was going to make the shells split in 2 parts and glued via a papermill glue instead of "woodglue". I selected the drum luthier just because he builds drums the whole day, but my question here is: How does this papermill affect the sound instead of the typical glues used for drum building? Also, I wonder what people thinks of a shell made out of two parts glued together? I can't resist the curiosity lol. thanks in advance
  10. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Thank you! Yes I actually spreak 6 but I don't like to talk about it because it makes people jalous and I don't want them to feel that way.. thank you so much for the kind words I honestly can't wait too, for the kit. It's a year I have been wishing for it and had to always delay it.... I'm so happy I could finally commit to it!
  11. wow that's original!! I would love to hear how it sounds!
  12. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Hello everybody! This is obviously my first post here, and I'm hoping to meet a lot of great people ! I'm drumming for 10 years this year.. gone through a lot which I hope to share in this forum in order to help others and I also try to persue music quite serious besides my job. I passed through two very important changing times for my music "carrer": the first one was an arm injury caused by a gymn class fall and the second one was early this year, a burn out, which I'm still recovering from... Through these two times I have learned more than every, even if I'm still young, many people don't experience this so early... I love drumming, and I'm happy to share it here! If you want to know more about me, I leave you my Youtube link here (my Istagram,Facebook and Twitter are also linked to be able to connect) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuX6Is_FRcYAFzm-sI5ISQ

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