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    Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada
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    Vengeance, Labyrinth of the Dead

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    Saturn V in Red/Blue Hybrid Sparkle

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    John Bonham, Mike Portnoy,Chad Smith, Neil Peart
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    Mapex Saturn
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    Vater 5B Nylon Tipped
  • Favorite Drum Heads
    Remo Emperors on toms, Evans Emad 2 on kick, Evans Dry on snare
  • Favorite Bass drum heads
    Evan's EMad2
  • Favorite Snare
    Mapex Black Panther SE Maple
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    Tama Iron Cobra Double
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  1. Mapex Christmas Tree.

    Hahaha! That's awesome!
  2. Sons of Appollo -Psychotic Symphony

    Sorry this is a bit late. I went to see Dream Theater in Detroit a couple of weeks ago. Everything was great, except for LaBrie. He just can't hit the notes anymore. I felt bad for him. Musically, the band sounded amazing! Mangini was on fire.
  3. Greta Van Fleet

    For all you Zeppelin and classic rock fans, this band is from Michigan. Great classic sound. The singer, guitar player and bass player, are brothers. Here's another from their EP.
  4. Sons of Appollo -Psychotic Symphony

    It's funny, Portnoy's vocals sound better than LaBrie's! I'm going to see Dream Theater in a couple of weeks in Detroit. I'm curious to hear how he sounds now. Looking forward to seeing Mangini.
  5. Jared Dines

    Hahaha! This guy is awesome! I laughed my ass off. I like the sound of his band too.
  6. What Series Is This Kit?

    He's was regretting having to take everything down at 1am though.
  7. What Series Is This Kit?

    Just refreshing an older post. I went to see these guys last weekend. They played at the Molson Canadian Hockey House, when the Memorial Cup was here in Windsor. BTW, our home team, The Windsor Spitfires won the cup! I introduced myself to the drummer, Alex. What a great guy, and an incredible musician. He's added a nice rack and a few other toys, since the original post. Here's a short video clip. Singer has a great range. IMG_2183.mov
  8. What's in your stickbag?

    Sticks, lots of sticks
  9. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    Hahahaha! LMAO!!
  10. 21 Piece Mapex Saturn Arctic Monster!

    That is insane! I think I just had pre-mature ejaculation....
  11. I love Nick's reviews. Awesome.
  12. Highway Star by street musicians

    And the guy playing the keyboard solo on guitar! Amazing!
  13. 14 Piece Mapex Saturn III/Simon Phillips edition.

    I don't know what I like more, your kits or the barn!
  14. It's your It's your colour!

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