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  1. Jaslow Drum Sheets - prog drum transcriptions

    If it helps you at all, you might want to look at the selection of free sheets I have for download. Both of the Goo Goo Dolls tracks as well as the Swallow the Sun track (most of it, anyway) are very simple and might be good starting points. Mix that with an online guide to notation basics (or have a friend help you) and you can probably find out if it works for you or not. I've found there's a surprising number of musicians who understand everything other than reading notation and can play by ear extremely well. If that's you, rock it out!
  2. Jaslow Drum Sheets - prog drum transcriptions

    Well, regardless, I appreciate you checking this out. Out of curiously, do you know how to read drum tabs? Sheet music for drums is surprisingly similar. No matter how I word that, it probably sounds like I'm trying to make you buy stuff DX
  3. Hey all, My name is Evan Jaslow and I'm the former Prog Guru of OnlineDrummer. Nowadays I have my own website where I sell my drum transcriptions. Naturally, I specialize in progressive rock, with my most notable product being a full transcription of Dream Theater's Images and Words. As a whole my selection isn't huge, but what I do have is top-quality as I spend a lot of time (possibly too much) proofreading and re-uploading new versions. There's a selection of free material for download as well, and I do take requests for a fee. As thanks for reading this, use the promo code OFFICIAL for 10% off anything until November 1. Thanks for checking me out! Jaslow Drum Sheets