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  1. Hello, can someone tell me what "splitter" cable I would require to expand my electronic kit? I tried a stereo (male) to mono, mono (female) did not work. I purchase the Roland BT-1 trigger pad and would like to add it to an existing drum pad. Yes the Roland TD10 outputs are dual rim/pad. Thanks!!
  2. Me and my two band mates - Myself, and I

    Hey thanks SpeedNinja for the reply!! Took me awhile to get back. I will check it out!! Thanks again!!
  3. Me and my two band mates - Myself, and I

    Since I purchased the monster V-drum kit, (cause the wife and kids hate the acoustic kit). I have really started to enjoy the feel of the V-drums (sorta). I also purchased the 4 channel "Jam Hub" (may now be defunct) and an iPad mini (for the downloaded "drumless" tunes) and mounted them all on the drum rack! Mix all the volumes and budda bing!!! Pretty cool stuff!! I finally found "ONE" edited kit sound that pretty much works for all tunes, cause again I want to play not edit sounds forever! Anyways, having a blast thanks to new technology! I would much rather play with my old band mates but got tired of calling to see if anyone could jam so, I have everything and everyone in the head phones now. At least I don't have to buy chicken wings and beer to get the guys over anymore! One question though?,... has anyone come up with a cymbal sound that kicks? Would you share the sound parameters you use? Module is a Roland TD-10 Thanks!!
  4. What are they worth?

    Hey official drummer staff, naw the kit would be "all in" drums, hardware, cymbals. Thanks DiehardDIYer The kits on eBay are giving them away - sad. I remember paying dearly for them at the time. Go's to show the mark up on "everything" these days. I will keep them till the arthritis kicks in!!
  5. What are they worth?

    Was wondering what my kit was worth, had since new. It is a Premier Genista Series birch kit from the 90's. Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 with a 20" kick drum and brass snare. All Pearl double braced boom stands and 12, 14, 16" A-Custom Zildjian crashes with hammer tuned 20" heavy ride, China, two splashes and 14" Zildjian hi-hats. This kit has never left the studio and sounds great!! Been babied since new and not a flaw on this kit. Not sure of its value? Just thought I would through it out there?
  6. I'am a drummer not a sound guy

    Got the TD10 module. Love the setup. Rack mount PD100 and PD120's. Just picked up the Vdrum Library and expansion kits - cool. But again, gotta make the time to get the sound. Big difference though
  7. So now that the family is letting me play drums again, (acoustic kit was a no go) I am new to the electronic world of drums. Took the plunge and purchased the "monster kit" Set up was great and straight forward. Now going through the module and the owners manual and WOW!! Do I have to take night classes on how to run this thing?? I am impressed with all there is to offer, but it is endless editing to get "that sound". I don't even know what I'm hearing anymore! Just when I figure I have "that sound", I will take a break, put on the head phones and go,.... what the,.... So, welcome to the electronic age i guess. Right now I am so intimidated by this kit I wonder if the relationship is going to last? I just want to play drums not engineer the endless sounds that is offered. There must be a "baseline" that works for all the forced drumming "sound engineers"?? Someone please help, I want this relationship to last!!!!
  8. No drum for family man

    STICKS!!!! Are you F%$#@#$% kidding me!!! That is like walking into the Playboy Mansion!!! Better!! No attitude from those babies!! WoW just WoW! If that isn't inspiration then I don't belong. Or when I look at my kit that begs me to play,.....it kinda hurts. THANK YOU FOR THAT!! Absolutely Killer!! Thanks for replying guys, my Roland kit will have to do, (the acoustic kit will have to be an ornament or maybe a planter??). I know Im forced into purchasing "that sound" But after all the editing these guys do for you, its worth it. I can spend the time playing and pretend I'm Dave Weckl in my own mind!!! Cheers!!
  9. No drum for family man

    Hey guys THANKS! I knew I wasn't alone. Recently the boss at home let me purchase a Roland kit caused I bitched so much about not being able to play (she did marry a drummer right?). But now I find that these Roland kits require so much time to get "that sound"!! I JUST WANT TO PLAY DRUMS!!! I am totally new to the electronic age so, .... is there any sounds that I can purchase that is a plug and play? Load the sounds of a particular kit and budda bing??!! It is a "new to you" TD10 dinosaur and the kit feels okay but sounds like a toy. I recently purchased the Series 2 and the Expressions with the Vdrum LIbrary. Kits are better but I find Im still editing sounds FOREVER!!!! Guess I better read beyond the manual.
  10. No drum for family man

    Yup! I am one of many. I have the killer drum room with all the inspirations from my favourite drummers, cool lighting, great sound and of course the "KIT". But,.....if your like me and you have struggled with every person known to man since you started kicking these things, you can't play cause its either the wrong time of day, someone is home, the neighbours baby is sleeping or your forced to get your ass out of bed to make someone else their fortune. YES! I am one of those guys. So, you finally get the chance to play, you payed your family off to go away just for that one hour and then you find that its been so long you can't play a groove if you tried. Then after struggling with your technique, your grip, the right sticks, tune that drum, adjust that cymbal, fight with the aches and pains you have never felt before and then,..... the garage door opens. To all of you that can play and perfect the craft we all desire, I bow to you. But, ....family does come first.