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    Building motors, drums, gaming, building computers, playing with my 2 girls, guitar, bass guitar, adult cartoons,

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    Mapex armory. Ludwig,Tama,pearl hardware. Sabian xsr cymbals. Evans heads - batters uv1,g2,emad2. Reso’s Remo stock heads. Puresound snare wires. Promark 7a oak sticks.

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    Travis Barker
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    Evans emad2
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    Ludwig black beauty
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    Axis x long board
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  1. Hello from AZ

    You know it!!!!!
  2. Hello from AZ

    i was wanting to upgrade lugs and hoops and with the butt plate and throw off. If it wasn’t some Vintage brass piccolo. So looks like it’s a go. Thx guys
  3. Hello from AZ

    ah, I’ve always had issues will steering wheel covers they are ether too tight or loose but saw some wraps that looked like it would be alittle nicer just to put on. Well lugs look like a match, just more lugs and different throw off, the butt plate looks similar also, all I know when it’s cranked up, it will kick ass and take names. Thx speedninja.
  4. Hello from AZ

    Turning wrenches and busting knuckles are always fun. If you get your memory back let me know it will be much appreciated speedninja, thx bro.
  5. Hello from AZ

    Anyone have an idea on the snare strainer and lug
  6. Hello from AZ

    Thanks everyone. The guitar thing is new just because can not find no one to jam with. Everybody is into metal, country, or Chicano music, and well me, folk,ska, punk, and a tad metal. But that’s a small town for ya. So I figured I’ll just play every thing. But I do have some pics of the lugs and strainer, and no badge plates at all on it. Here ya guys go, would be nice to figure whose it is. And 12 lug on batter and 12 on reso. Also will do a e kit experience and get into everything I’ve done so far in another thread.
  7. Hello from AZ

    Hello from Arizona. Been playing for 17 years ( also play bass for 10 years, guitar for a year, spoons for 16 years, bongos for 3 years.) I play on a Mapex Armory 6 piece (walnut finish, just got them, had a Ludwig combo set) with tomahawk snare. Evans g2 coated on batters for Toms (reso’s stock right now but will be putting G1 coated on soon), Evans Emad 2 clear bass drum batter with stock reso but will put Evans eq 3 on soon, Evans UV1 coated on batter for snare and stock snare reso but going to put on Evans hazy300, snare wire puresound 20 blaster series, but I have a unknown brand brass piccolo 14x3 1/2 snare with 24 lugs ( the drum gods have blessed this snare). Also have a super set of sabian xsr’s Headed my way as of tonight. Double pearl pedals P122tw. Mix of different hardware from Tama to ludwig. Love promark oak 7a sticks. Also have a Yamaha dtx400 electric set with it connected to Cpu with addictive drums 2, and reaper software playing through soundblaster audigy platnium ex system. Sorry if long intro, but I figured what the hell I had time.