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    The Dead Beats. Pacific Blue. The Harry Calahan Band. Kill Switch. Bands no one knows! LOL

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    Kit 1: PDP CX Maple Silver Sparkle. 8"/10"/14"/5X14". Toca 6"/8"Mini-Timbales. Cymbals: Zildjian 13" K/Z hat's / 21" Sabian AADry ride / 16" Stagg DH Exo med-thin crash / Wuhan 16" traditional med-thin crash I 'O-Zoned' / 14" Western crash / 18" Traditional Crash-Ride / 8" Traditional splash / 16" China I 'O-Zoned' Evan's. Mapex Double pedal w/Damar Wood beaters. Evans G2 clear on Timbales / G2 coated on toms / G1 snare / Remo Powerstroke 3 & Remo resonant on kick.
    DW 9000 Double pedal with Titanium board's.(Not the 500 numbered)
    Kit 2: Tama RockStar Custom 12"/16"/22"/PDP 14"X5" maple snare.

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    Power stroke lll & Emad
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  1. This post rings a few bell's for me. In 93 I got a job that injured my hands pretty good.[Industrial sandblasting for hours...A hard to operate hand control that injured both my hand's. Ok here is what helps me. 1.Always stretch the wrist's like in illustration. 2.Learn to 'Guide' your stick's and use natural rebound instead of a 'death grip'. I barely hold them! You can also wrap your stick's, which will isolate the shock transferred to your hand's. Drummer's glove's further isolate shock. 3.A lighter stick will help also.Along with 'thin' cymbal's. 4.My hand's respond very well to ibuprofen.[But be care full how much and how often. 5.And finally. If your hands are sore, here is a pre-play pain reducer that feels great. Put Mineral oil all over your hands, then put them in the warmest water that is comfortable. Let them stay in the water at least 5 minute's. It washes off easily. TRY THIS! Doin all this really helped me.At the time of the injury I was in a trio playing out, doin pretty good. [Starting to slowly get over 'NPS' lol] I up and sold my drum's without even tellin my band mate's......They were not too happy. At 58 I just do drum covers on youtube [martin vaccaro] now, and I just got a new digital 8 track recorder for hopefully some cool originals.[I record all the tracks] You did the right thing and did not sell your kit.
  2. Mcfly

    DW 9000 HELP!

    l SOLD THEM FOR $700. [paid $390]
  3. Diehardiyer...................... Ultra hype.LOL So true. That is a intelligent post sir.
  4. Logogoue, I would also like to hear a load of 12" toms with like head's, tuned perfectly too. I thought the Peavey Radial drums were the next intelligent step, if you want the shell to vibrate freely that is.Peavey should have NEVER put their name on them! [Bad marketing] Like when Toyota wanted a 'upscale' car....Lexus. Just for the record, exotic wood is not a bad thing! Just dont try to tell me it is neccessary for good sounding drums. Here is a test of different wood shell's.Best at the ending.
  5. bippy58 What about a provisional patent? Here is what it is: Under United States patent law, a provisional application is a legal document filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), that establishes an early filing date, but does not mature into an issued patent unless the applicant files a regular non-provisional patent application within one year. There is no such thing as a "provisional patent".[1] A provisional application includes a specification, i.e. a description, and drawing(s) of an invention (drawings are required where necessary for the understanding of the subject matter sought to be patented[2]), but does not require formal patent claims, inventors' oaths or declarations, or any information disclosure statement (IDS). Furthermore, because no examination of the patentability of the application in view of the prior art is performed, the USPTO fee for filing a provisional patent application is significantly lower ($65 - $260 as of March 1, 2017[3]) than the fee required to file a standard non-provisional patent application. A provisional application can establish an early effective filing date in one or more continuing patent applications later claiming the priority date of an invention disclosed in earlier provisional applications by one or more of the same inventors.
  6. Tempo Surfing! Or floating. I am a little late to this but....One thing, if you play cover's, have your drummer 'listen' to the songs before he plays/learns them. That helps cement the tempo in his mind, along with what is played. You could also play along with the tune at rehearsal the first couple times, everyone might benefit.And everyone can benefit from a metronome.
  7. SpeedNinja. I redid these old Tama'a about 6 years ago.Obviously a wrap.Took off some of the outer ply and I had to fix that before I could put the veneer on them. I went to a wood supply place and bought a 4' X 8' 1/64th (I think) sheet. They did not have what I wanted and instead of waiting I purchased something else. I did not like the result at all.I wrapped the shells with a piece of the same stuff but not stained 'so much' to try to break up the 'turd' brown.lol.'. My point is make sure you get exactly what you want! And test your finish on small piece's before you do your kit.It is WAY too much work to not get the result you want.
  8. On a new shell it would be pretty straightforward. Its way hard on old drums that have the wrap 'glued' or just plain stuck on.....Unless it is a lacquer finish. Getting the finish correct is the hard part.
  9. SpeedNinja. The speaker/speaker cab I got online. I wish I thought of that. But when I heard it I was like Yeah! And I would rather be a bit disappointed and learn the truth about something than blindly follow and believe what ever I'm told.
  10. Hi everybody. I have been thinking alot about TONE WOOD, apparently many other people have too. On a Acoustic guitar. A spruce top and a Cedar top sound VERY different.Here I believe absolutely wood make's a substantial difference. Now drum's. Every manufacturer touts the wood the drums are made of. Like you HAVE to have it! Now I would like to tell you what I think about wood and drum construction. I believe the wood make's a difference, but I believe it is a very SMALL part of the equation, more like TINY. We can probably all agree that drum head's are the biggest factor of all. Some suggest that it is 75%-85% of what we hear. Have you ever seen anyone put a mike NEXT to the shell? No. Maybe some of you have listened to DW's comparison of Birch, Maple,Cherry and Oak. All the drums are the same size and are recorded EXACTLY the same way.If you listen very carefully, you may pick up the slightest, and I mean SLIGHTEST difference in sound.But really when you ad a bass, guitar, its all mute. And when did Oak become a Tone wood? Cherry also for that matter?These are more recent thing's. Their is a clue right their!* Think of it this way: The shell is like a speaker cabinet, the head's are like speaker's. Don't yell at me for the next bit, I took it out of Jan 2001 Modern Drummer- "Ludwig's most revered shell's of the 60's were crudely cobbled together.They would spray the insides white to make them match.One inside ply might be mahogany, the other basswood,maple-whatever.Yet those are the drum's people swear by as the best-sounding drums in the world" -Jim Catalano, Ludwig drum's That really tell's a story ha? People always want to proudly say- "My super awesome expensive kit has such n such Magic Mojo wood and I can tell the difference!" If you still think drum wood makes a HUGE difference, listen to this.... Mind blowing ha? But some will never except drum wood is not a HUGE part of the drum's sound. To admit, "I have been bamboozled", is not something people wish to admit. Hey everyone, I HAVE BEEN BAMBOOZLED! Do you want to know why we have been led to believe in MAGIC WOOD MOJO????? Get ready......here it comes......wait for it..... *Marketing! Yep. Think about it. The manufacturer's need things to lure us. Did drum catalog's of the 50's, 60's, state the wood used? They sure did in the 80's and beyond. Marketing. The drum manufacturer's WANT you to believe that Bubinga, Maple, Mahogany, Birch ect ect are what is NEEDED to get great drum tone.Its the MAGIC-MOJO you MUST HAVE!!! But honestly I just love cool wood. I worked in a carpentry shop long ago. I would rather have an exotic wood outer ply to look at any day. The final word? I do think that wood can make a difference.....A TINY difference. ie: Most people can not tell. If I made drum's, I would put ply's/thickness/type ect. But not things like-"The HoginFatty inner ply's dish out the low's, while the Crackleberry knotty Pea-knuckle outer ply's ad a top end sizzle" Tell me what you think.
  11. DW 9000 double pedal with titanium foot boards. This pedal is in incredible condition. See the picture's! I am aware or the 30th anniversary limited to 500 world wide Titanium pedal's DW put out, but this is not one of those.I spent a couple hour's on the internet and only found one other! [Take a look] That really make's this pedal far rarer than those 500 numbered Titanium floor board one's.Check out the condition. Look how clean the felt on the beater's are.The Velcro is even clean on the bottom! I read online the Titanium floor boards weigh only 130 gram's! (Cast is 300 grams)I can only assume this pedal is a prototype? Or some one at DW took a couple Titanium floor board's left over (And NOT numbered) and put them on this beautiful pedal.Do not let this opportunity pass you by. You most likely will never find another!I have it on ebay @ $799.99 + shipping.
  12. Pretty cool....I would think a snare would make a cool 'table lamp'.
  13. Those are cool.The wrap is awesome looking.
  14. I always prefer A/B comparisons that are 'Blind', you can not see what you are hearing.
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