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    EAST 2x22"x18", 16x"16", 14"x14", 13"x10". Late 80's Tama Rockstar 14"x8" Birch-snare.
    Turkish Cymbals 10" & 12" Classic China-splash, 14" Xanthos-Cast Hihat, 4x19" RockBeatRaw Crash, 22" RockBeatRaw Ride, 2x18" Apex China

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    Scott Rockenfield, Vinnie Appice
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    Varus Drums
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    Los Cabos Rock white Hickory
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  • Favorite Bass drum heads
    Aquarian Super Kick II
  • Favorite Snare
    Tama Rockstar Birch 14"x8"
  • Favorite Cymbals
    Turkish Cymbals
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    Double bass
  • Traditional or Matched grip
  1. Hybrid (mixed) kits?

    Don’t know about the uniqueness of it. It’s been done before. Diesel Dahl of Norwegian rockers TNT did it in the mid-eighties and I know that the drummer in one of the bands that played when I graduated had a similar setup aswell (two kicks and ddrum-pads). Those pads in the picture of Diesel are Tama Techstars. I love the 80’s but not all of it...
  2. Hybrid (mixed) kits?

    Awesome kit! Maybe I didn't explain properly what I'm looking for. What I meant was kits where the toms are digital and the kick(s), snare and cymbals are acoustic. Like the one in this picture.
  3. Hybrid (mixed) kits?

  4. Hybrid (mixed) kits?

    Is there anyone here that rocks a hybrid kit? Or a mixed kit to be more specific. Acoustic bassdrums and digital toms. I'd love to see some pics.
  5. 9 questions to get to know you better

    1. Whats your name? Anders 2. Where do you live approximately Molkom, SWEDEN 3. What do you do for a living? and what are your other hobbies? Currently unemployed 4. How long have you been playing drums and any other instruments? Since my 6th birthday. Guitar and bass 5. What drums have you previously and currently own? 80's 5pc Tama Swingstar, 90's 5pc Pearl Export and currently a 6pc doublebass EAST-kit 6. What cymbals do you use? Turkish Cymbals. A mix of Apex, Classic, RockBeatRaw and Xanthos-cast 7. Whats your most preferred brand of hardware(pedals, stands, racks, etc.) I'm using my old Tama Pro-Beat twin doublepedal and EAST stands. Looking to replace both the pedal and the hihat though 8. Do you play in a band or gig? Currently no 9. Whats your most prized music accomplishment When my Dad said that he thought I played, not only well but very well. (Jazz-pianist and big band-leader) feel free to add more