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  1. Brand New Drummer Podcast!!!

    What's up everybody! I'm thrilled to announce the release of my brand new podcast, "The Up-and-Coming Drummer Podcast"!!! Check out the video below to learn how you can listen to 5 brand new shows featuring interviews with some of the hardest working drummers in the world!!
  2. In-Ears for under $20!!!!

    Too good to be true??? That’s what I thought too!!!
  3. Learn How to Play a Trap Beat

    Dude...You should totally go in there and blow his doors down! hahaha
  4. Learn How to Play a Trap Beat

    Hey everyone! This week on my weekly series, "Groove of the Week"...I did a lesson on Trap Beats. For those unfamiliar with Trap Music, it is a form of hip hop that originated in the 90's, and has since made a real comeback as of the last few years. The music has an electronic dance element to it. Heavy bass, 808 drum sounds, and lots of wobbly leads. A dead giveaway is the hi hat pattern. Very 16th -32nd note based, often times followed by some triplets. I hope you enjoy this groove even if the style of music isnt your cup of tea. I'm not a huge fan, but trying to recreate these drum machine bangers is quite fun!
  5. Teach Your 6 Stroke Roll New Tricks

    Hey Mike and Mike! Thanks for checking out the video!! I know everyone always says.."Practice it Slow"...But it's the truth with this one. It took me a while to get it smooth. I really found that locking on to the accents allowed it to flow more for me. the doubles should be very ghosted. You want your arms to kind of go in a wave motion. Like the kind of wave where you would see an audience at a baseball game. Your left goes up and the right follows in that wave like motion. Really exaggerate that motion even if it looks ridiculous. As one hand comes down for the accent, the other follows shortly after. I would also suggest using a metronome app that clicks off 16th note triplets. If you can accent certain clicks...even better. That will be a good guide to follow. Again do it slow and just focus on feeling what you hear.
  6. Teach Your 6 Stroke Roll New Tricks

    Don’t miss this lesson on how to turn a 6 Stroke Roll into a killer lick! Make sure to subscribe to my channel for tons of lessons, and more!
  7. Groove of the Week by Chris Langan

    I'm so glad you stopped by to check it out! It might be a little confusing at first to read. I suggest learning it in chunks. Once you get the feel for it, it should begin to flow a little easier. Thanks again for watching! I'll continue to post them since there is an interest!
  8. Groove of the Week by Chris Langan

    Hey guys!!! Check out my weekly series! Each week I bring you a new groove. We break it down into 3 sections to help you learn it! You guys will definitely enjoy this one! 🥁😁
  9. Brand New Drum Fills EVERY FRIDAY!!!!

    If you click up in the top Left hand side of the thumbnail, it brings you to the entire playlist! I have 17 fills on there as of right now! Feel free to check them out!
  10. Brand New Drum Fills EVERY FRIDAY!!!!

    Here is my "Drum Fill Friday" playlist from my Youtube Channel - "Behind the Beat with Chris Langan". I break all the fills down slow, and provide the sheet music for you to follow along! ENJOY!!!
  11. Fellow Drummers...What is up!!!

    Hey Everyone! Thanks for the warm welcomes!!! I look forward to getting to know everyone!
  12. Fellow Drummers...What is up!!!

    Hey everyone! My name is Chris Langan, and I'm a Professional Drummer & Educator from Northeastern Pennsylvania! I've been searching for some good Drum forums online and I haven't really found anything that stuck out to me. That was until I found this site! I'm hoping there are some pretty active members in here to share their drumming knowledge, experiences, stories, tips, etc! I have been playing for 32 years, and professionally for just over 20. I've been teaching now going on 11 years. The last 3 years I decided to really make it a full time thing, and get rid of the stupid day job that I hated! So I'm just thrilled that I have been able to earn a living doing something I love! I share alot of Lessons, Drum Covers, Gear Reviews, How To's, Song Breakdowns, and Vlog Type content on my Youtube Page! I invite you all to check it out as I think this is the best way for you all to get to know me! I see that there is a dedicated section just for Drum Lessons, so I will make sure to upload new videos to that as often as possible. It's a full time job in itself keeping up with Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube as it is! Lol Anyway...Here is my Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/behindthebeatwithchrislangan If you would like to visit me on Instagram, my handle is @Chris_Langan_Drummer Look Forward to chatting with you all! Chris Langan