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  1. An electric kit for a beginner?

  2. An electric kit for a beginner?

    Thanks gang! I reckon I'll head to a drum shop and annoy the sales guys by bashing on all their kits. I do like the feel of the mesh kits over the rubber ones...
  3. An electric kit for a beginner?

    Hi gang! So Im pretty new to drums. I've had some success as a bassist so I can definitely hear the difference between amazing drummers, and amazing kits etc so now that Im starting to learn the exquisite art of drum myself, Im wondering what kind of kit (if any) that I should consider as a beginner? I've searched all over the interweb and reviews range from over-opiniated to trying to sell me something so I thought I'd see what a forum recommends. Typically I dont have a great practice space and I have a family and neighbours etc so I wonder if an electric kit is a better idea? Someone has recommended an Alesis Crimson II which seems to sound pretty slick on Youtube etc... Would love to hear what the experienced people think :-) Cheers! Funkyjase
  4. 9 questions to get to know you better

    1. Whats your name? Jason 2. Where do you live approximately Melbourne Australia 3. What do you do for a living? and what are your other hobbies? Graphic Designer and a Bass Player :-) 4. How long have you been playing drums and any other instruments? Starting lessons this week but Im not too shabby at "Funky Cold Medina" 5. What drums have you previously and currently own? I think I have a tarabuka somewhere 6. What cymbals do you use? 7. Whats your most preferred brand of hardware(pedals, stands, racks, etc.) 8. Do you play in a band or gig? I do play in a few bands as a bass player but this is all about the skins... 9. Whats your most prized music accomplishment Ive had a few songs get featured in some Hollywood movies and I enjoy a tine bit of notoriety here in Melb as a bassist. I've always loved drums. Even as a bassist. Lets face it - the relationship between drummers and bassists has always been pretty firm. IUm at a point where I love grooving out to drums so much I want to try it from behind the kit rather than in front of the bass rig :-)