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  1. Thanks, SpeedNInja - I figured it would be tough to know for certain without the badges. I think you're right about the mix of drums - I've looked at a bunch of YouTube clips and Danny seems to have played a few different sets over the years. Regardless, they sound great - even with silent strokes on. I saw Biohazard live way back in the day when they opened for my ATF band, Fishbone. Great show.
  2. Hi Official Drummer Crew, My first kit is a vintage Mapex with a really cool history. Its missing badges and has been refinished (original was black) so I'm looking for help confirming the year range, model and materials. With the catalogs here I believe it could be a Mars Pro from 93/94 which I think would make it maple/mahogany. I was told the original finish was black. Now for the cool history…the 4 piece kit, high hats and hardware belonged to Danny Schuler, the drummer for Biohazard. It was used on the band’s Mataleo album and supporting world tour. I bought them directly from Billy Graziadei, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Biohazard – and a super nice guy. His ad called them a "Mapex Pro Custom" which also makes me wonder if they are a Mars Pro set. I got super lucky and a mint Saturn Pro snare appeared on my local Craigslist at the same time. Added in some righteous second hand Sabians and I’m ready to go.
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