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My 11 Piece Premier Black Shadow kit!

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1 minute ago, DiehardDIYer said:

Sir Sticks, what can we do to encourage you to make a video of all your kits in action? You can just keep viewers to a select few who know a password, or just disable comments if you are concerned about negativity. You really should make something to show what your literal, historical musuem sounds like. 

If I have a very brave day, some time in the future, I might put something together.  I have thought of it in the past, but the longer I am on the net, the more I realize it is a very dangerous place to share your playing.  That and I have had a lot of run ins with people around the world so they would just love to have some ammunition against me.  This has already bitten me once on the net, so once bitten...

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